John Sterling 3 Bar Fixed Window Guard 15x14-24",WHITE Reviews


NYC Approved Guards for Narrow Windows Looking for a fixed window guard for a narrow double hung style window? Choose this John Sterling model 1123-S if you have a window that needs a 15 inch to 19 inch high windowguard that can protect a space 14 inches to 24 inches wide. Install only in non-sleeping areas to provide security and child safety. The 1120 Series child safety window guards for non-sleeping areas are New York City Approved #HDWG 05-87-86 and HDWG-04-93-09 for Installation in Double Hung Style Windows Only. he New York City Department of Health approves these non-opening window guards for installation in non-sleeping rooms. Each year in the USA, over 15,000 children fall from open windows. Many die or suffer serious injuries from landing on concrete or other hard surfaces. Baby safety, child safety and home safety experts agree with New York City officials: protect children from falls from windows. John Sterling window guards are designed for safety and provide home security, too. NOTE: For sleeping area window guard installations in New York City, check with your local borough for code requirements. Childproofing windows with 1120 or 1130 series John Sterling window guards is a must for multi-level homes or homes where windows are close to the floor. John Sterling window guards have solid steel bars to add security to any window. For baby and child safety, install window guards on any window more than 12 feet above ground level, windows 2nd through 6th story, or at any level where a child could fall or climb through an open window. Window screens are not strong enough to keep children safe from window falls. Check local city codes prior to help you select the proper type of window guards to protect your children. Non-Opening Window Guards.1120 Series. 4.5 inch spacing between the bars. These can be ordered in White or Brown (DB). These are secured with 2.5 inch #10 One Way Screws. To remove the guards, you must break off the screw head and drill out th

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