KidCo PlayDen Reviews

Average Price:  $184.95


KidCo's Play Den provides an enclosed, free standing functional and versatile play area. The basic set includes six 24" interlocking sections that connect and adjust to form almost any layout of choice. ConfigureGate Extensions (sold separately) can be added to create a larger play space.

Each PlayDen has a walk- through gate section that opens in either direction with a simple, one hand adult release. Constructed of durable steel, the 29 1/2" high vertical design resists climbing, while the non-toxic finish makes the PlayDen easy to care for. Great for children and pets.


  • Creates an enclosed, free standing play area
  • Includes six 24" interlocking sections
  • Perfect for larger and irregular areas
  • Features a walk-thru door that opens in either direction
  • Stands 29 1/2" high
  • Approximately 9 1/2 square feet of space inside
  • Picture shown with 4 optional extensions (sold separately)

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