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    February 13, 2012

    Although some of you may recognise the name Lonesome Dove as a television show, or even as a movie, it was a great novel first. Lonesome Dove was written by Larry McMurtry back in the eighties and quickly became one of the most love cowboy, adventure, action, love stories of all time. As you may know most book’s are always much better then any movie that can be made from them and Lonesome Dove the book is no exception. Larry grab’s you right away with his carter Augustus McCrae, an ex-Texas Ranger who’s quick with a joke, but even quicker with his gun. He’s a fierce fighter, loyal friend and a gentle lover. His best friend Woodrow Call, also an ex-Texas Ranger, dreams of opening the first cattle ranch in Montana. He talk’s Augustus into a cattle drive from Texas to Montana, to the free and wild frontier. The trip is hard and friends are lost in shoot outs, battle’s with Indian’s, woman are kidnapped and they even hang a long time friend as they make their way north. This is one of the best cowboy stories I have ever read, it will make you laugh, make you cheer them on and even make you cry, but its all worth ever minute you spend reading it. Lonesome Dove is one of my favourite books of all time and if you like book about the old west and the cowboy’s who were there, then I’m sure you’ll love this book. You can find it on line on amazon.com for $7.99. Give it a look, if you do read it I'm sure you’ll be happy you did instead of just watching the movie. It makes the movie even better then it is now and it was great as well.

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