• L'Oreal Superior Preference Les Noir Fatals Hair Colour in Deepest Indigo
  • L'Oreal Superior Preference Les Noir Fatals Hair Colour in Deepest Indigo
  • L'Oreal Superior Preference Les Noir Fatals Hair Colour in Deepest Indigo
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L'Oreal Superior Preference Les Noir Fatals Hair Colour in Deepest Indigo Reviews

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    December 12, 2011

    I coloured my hair a deep navy blue (Indigo) shade for the first time using L'oreal Superior Preference Hair Colour in Deepest Indigo.
    Judging from the colour chart, my "before" hair colour was the top shade of the three "natural hair colour".
    But the key here is not your actual current hair colour, it is your natural hair colour that determines the colour result. So my natural hair colour is be between the middle and bottom shades on the colour chart (I uploaded a picture of the colour chart)
    This was my first time using hair colour from the L'oreal Superior Preference line.
    I have used a number of shades from the L'oreal Feria line of hair colour, which I like very much.

    I found the L'oreal Superior Preference to be similar to the L'oreal Feria line. What I like about both is that (well, at least I know this with Feria) is that if I stay within 3 shades of my hair colour, the colour results are accurate. There is also a lot of formula with each kit so I have no problem with one box of colour covering all of my long hair.

    The main difference for me between the L'oreal Superior Preference and the L'oreal Feria hair colour is that Feria includes a capsule of scented oil to mix into your hair colouring formula so that the chemical smell is not so bad. But as long as you're in a well ventilated room (as anyone should be when colouring hair) the chemical smell of the L'oreal Superior Preference is manageable.
    The colour results came out accurate.
    The indigo shade within the black is barely noticeable. If I point it out to someone, then they may notice the cool indigo tinge within the black colour. Otherwise, most people would assume my hair is black.

    It's a great colour if you want something a bit more playful than regular dark brown/black hair colour but still want to stay conservative (unless your natural hair colour is blonde in which case I'm sure the indigo will be more evident).

    Personally I hope the shade lightens up in the next few weeks with my regular hair washes so that the indigo shade is more noticeable. But even if it doesn't, I would certainly repurchase this colour again.

    If you'd like to view more pictures of this hair colour and to see my "before" and "after" results (since I can only upload three pictures for my review), please feel free to visit my direct blog link at: http://karen-is-here.blogspot.com/2011/08/loreal-superior-preference-hair-colour.html

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