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Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    July 09, 2017

    Easy to make, tastes as good as fresh!

    I was really not sure how this lasagna from Mountain House would turn out. I've never eaten freeze dried food and especially not something as complex as lasagne with cheese and meat sauce. Much to my surprise, this lasagna was actually delicious and super easy to make.

    The instructions are clear and the whole thing cooks in under ten minutes. You just add boiling water to the pouch, stir it up, and then seal it for about 8 minutes. The bag does get hot, but not so hot that you couldn't hold it in your hands. Once your 8 minutes are up, open the pouch and the whole meal is cooked with no excess liquid at all. You can even eat it right out of the pouch, which I definitely recommend. Not only was it convenient, the bag also keeps the food warm for a very long time.

    The lasagna was very moist and had tons of flavour. It was honestly as good as the lasagna I make at home, though personally, I would add a dash of hot sauce to this pouch for personal taste. The cheese and meat sauce were plentiful and all of the noodles were properly cooked. The meal ended up being very filling, and could probably feed two people if you need to share. I was extremely pleased with how this meal turned out, and afterwards I just wished I had more!

    It honestly makes me wonder why all food can't be like this and then we'd never have to cook! Can be stored for a long time so would be perfect for survivalists or shelters as well.

    + Very delicious and great texture
    + Easy to make, just add boiling water
    + Can be eaten right out of the pouch
    + Cooks in under 10 minutes
    + Provides a large, filling meal

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    September 12, 2016

    We are avid campers and rustic cottage goers (no electricity or plumbing), and are always looking at ways to both eat nutritious meals without filling up the car with bags upon bags of ingredients. And I am a meal prepper (making 30 meals every Sunday to last us Monday through Friday) who uses natural ingredients to cook with. I am not against eating pre-made foods, but I also want them to be nutritious vs filled with chemicals and extraordinary amounts of fat or sodium.

    We were not sure what to expect with Lasagne in a bag, but gave it a go this past weekend.

    First off, I really enjoyed reading the product labels – I always do this, as so many foods have unpronounceable words and you just wonder what the heck you are eating (or ignore it because it tastes good). The first 5 ingredients are natural ingredients – just freeze dried to provide a healthy meal in a bag.

    When we opened the bag, it smelled like Lasagne. This is weird, because most freeze dried or pre-packaged foods generally do not smell like the food they are trying to replicate.

    To make it, boil 2 cups of water, and pour it in the bag. Stir. Wait 10-15 minutes. Eat!

    The bag feels warm to the touch while it is “cooking,” however, does not burn your hands or the counter top.

    I made ours with Garlic Bread. OMG.

    The product looks like Hamburger Helper, but definitely does not taste like it! It had a rich tomato and meaty taste,

    It made enough for two, but I am sure you could divvy it out to four people if you had a decent side dish along with it.

    For the energy I did not use to cook this meal, the price point, the ingredients, and the price point, I will definitely be back for more meals to add to our camping supplies!

    *** I received this item at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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