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Ten & Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth Juniper Green on White Reviews

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    November 21, 2020
    Ontario, Canada

    NEVER SMELLS BAD! Swedish Zen in a dish cloth. Who knew?!

    I purchased my first Swedish dish cloth or "sponge" from a local Finnish kitchen store several months ago and have since amassed a collection. I have never been so happy with a cloth as I have with this type.

    If you have family members who refuse to wring out the dish cloth and leave it in an ETERNAL SOAKED AND MUSTY STATE then THIS IS FOR YOU.

    Basically it is a cellulose fibre blend that when wet is super soft and highly absorbent. The description online states that it can absorb 15x its weight in water and after cleaning several large spills I can attest that this is true.

    Effectiveness: Simply put, amazing. This cloth never ever holds a smell no matter how long it gets left wet for. We live in the city but have our own well and despite a built-in water softener system our water has hardness which just amplifies any build-up or water stains and smells. My family has a strict "no-wring" policy when it comes to the kitchen dish cloths (grrr) so I am swapping out dish cloths daily to avoid any musty smells. Enter the Swedish dish cloth and now I am so happy to say that these cloths never smell and hold no build-up of hard water. They dry extremely quickly and when dry act as a great paper towel for sopping up any spills.

    Maintenance: The cloths dry quickly and revert back to a hard flat state. For cleaning they can be thrown into the wash machine and left out to dry or you can boil them. I have put them in the wash machine and they come out great.

    Eco-friendliness: I love that these cloths are a cotton-cellulose blend and 100% biodegradable. They last for me about 4-6 months of heavy use and then can be disposed of with compostable materials. How awesome is that?!

    Affordability: I feel the pricing of these cloths can very depending on the brand and the pattern but considering how much use I get out of this brand, the beautiful patterns available, how amazing these cloths work and never smell + how eco-friendly they are make it a very affordable and worthwhile product.

    I have now switched and no longer use any type of cloth for dishes except these type (this brand and others) and the 'World's Best Sponge" for dishes requiring a rougher scrub. I highly recommend you give these and a try. I purchased several brands of Swedish cloths to compare and then stick to my favorites.

    I highly recommend this dish cloth to any serious cleaners who are eco-minded and enjoy lovely patterns!

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