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Weehuggers Laundry Bags - Dot Matrix Reviews


Announcing The ALL NEW wee-be-gone" laundry bag from weehuggers! Say goodbye to unsightly diaper pails and eliminate that ammonia smell in your nursery with this revolutionary, deodorizing hobo-style diaper laundry bag. Waterproof PUL and quality designer cotton prints keep your bag dry and looking super cute. Plus, once your little ones are out of diapers, reuse the bag as a stylish multi-purpose pool bag, gym bag, grocery bag, or carry-all. Simply zip it up and hang it from a convenient doorknob or hook. Breathe easy thanks to our innovative new weehuggers wee-be-gone" patch. This little miracle worker is odor-absorbing, washable and in nitely reusable. Stop "masking" the funk with perfumed sprays, powders or oils; eliminate them with wee-be-gone". Versatile wee-be-gone" laundry bags can hold up to 24 diapers and is designed to make cloth diapering even easier. Try hanging your bag in a handy spot, for instance to avoid trips up the stairs to the nursery, or placing it nearby on laundry day when your large bag is being washed. It's also perfect for those overnight trips when you don't want to offend your host with a stinky diaper pail. Extra wide zippered openings make loading diapers in the bag a breeze. Washable and in nitely reusable, this embroidered patch will absorb the organic compound Trimethylamine" - an ammonia-like gas present in soiled diapers. The patches will also help to eliminate stink from gym clothes (perspiration), wet bathing suits (fungi), or even decomposing garbage (for those "oh, did I forget to take that out of the bag?" moments) . Wash your bags along with your diaper load to renew the patch's odor neutralizing properties. The patch works best with ammonia odors and is not recommended for heavy duty doodie smells. For best results, remove the solids from your soiled diapers. More about the wee-be-gone" patch Patches are MADE IN JAPAN. Bags are MADE IN the USA.

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