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    February 22, 2013

    We bought our Whirlpool gas dryer the same day we bought our Whirlpool washer. They were being sold as a set, but the dryer they were showing us was hydro and we preferred to use gas. So we had to special order it and wait a week for the dryer to come in. The set we were shown was white with gray around the controls and we were told the gas dryer would still look the same. How ever when we did finally get both home only the washer has the gray color around the controls and the dryer is all white. I wasn’t to happy about this because I wanted them to match and I also really want my new set to be all black to match the rest of my appliances. Unfortunately this set only came in white, so I have to live with it. This dryer is called a smart dryer because it as an Auto-Dry option that will sense when your clothing is dry and turn off on its own witch is supposed to save energy and money. Its drum is 7.0 cu ft so it can hold a king size comforter with room to spare and there’s a light inside of the dryer so you can see inside of it clearly even if your dryer is in a dark basement. I love this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been doing my folding only to find out I’m missing a sock. It also has thirteen automatic cycles and four temperature settings that give you better control over your drying. The wrinkle shield option helps prevent your clothing from wrinkling after the load has finished because it will start back up on its own five minutes after your set time has finished. This saves you from all that ironing, or at least some of it. You can set the timer for as long as seventy minutes to as low as thirty minutes, you can have it just dry your load to a damp dry, or to a heavy dry. The fluff cycle has no heat just air and can be set from as long as thirty minutes down to only ten minutes. This Whirlpool gas dryer has an energy preferred cycle witch is also supposed to save you money. If you happen to have someone working the night shift it also gives you the option of leaving the end of cycle signal turned off. I really like this because I have my dry on the main floor and I don’t have to worry about waking anyone when the dryer is done. One thing that I don’t like about my new dryer is that when I use the energy preferred cycle it will turn off and restart several times before it will completely turn off. So if I don’t feel like getting up to fold the load when it turns off the first time I have to listen to it starting and stopping over an over again. Other then that and it only having a one year warranty, I love my Whirlpool Gas Dryer and would recommend it to anyone that’s looking to buy a new gas dryer.

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