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Body Mists & Essences Reviews

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Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist

60 reviews

The fragrance mist is a handbag staple if you're a person on the go with a busy schedule, a light spritz of something that smells nice is an instant pick me up during a long day. While you may come across an abundance of these products in drug stores and discount shops, a lot...
AVON Naturals Body Spray

82 reviews

I'm a big fan of body sprays especially in the summer time. I don't like wearing heavy perfume in the heat so a body spray is refreshing. Avon makes some great body sprays. They're cheap, they last a long time and they smell really good. You can even match them with the body...
Victoria Secret Aqua Kiss Lace Fragrance Mist

1 review

This fragrance mist has a fresh sweet aroma to it. The notes of this come out as it's being worn. There are floral, rainy and freshness to the layers of this fragrance. This does last longer than I had expected, so I don't need to reapply throughout the day.
Victoria Secret Wicked Dreamer Fragrance Mist

1 review

This fragrance mist is very fruity and has underlying subtle musk aroma. It's a very sweet fruity, candylicious and florals mist. This isn't on the scope of mature fragrance for me because it's more of a youth scent. I do wish this lasted longer while wearing it, layering this...
Yves rocher monoi hair & body mist

1 review

This mist has a light tropical scent & is very refreshing. I keep it in the fridge and its wonderfully cooling on a hot day or just when you want a "pick me up". I just wish it came in a bigger bottle.
The body shop - black musk fragrance mist

1 review

Smells amazing and great for both genders. Great for special occasions. I use both the body wash and fragrance mist. The body wash is a little lighter in scent incase you don’t like strong smells.
Dove Go Fresh Energizing Body Mist

74 reviews

Great body spray! It’s a fresh light sent that lasts all day. I love that I isn’t too strong, I don’t like sprays/ perfumes that are over powering. This one is great, I use it daily and I will definitely buy other scents. One of my favourites for sure.
Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Body Spray

14 reviews

It's hard to find a scent that I enjoy that lasts. Victoria's Secret body mist in 250ml comes in a number of scents, one of my favourite is the Amber Romance. I can apply it and can continue to smell it for hours. It doesn't leave a sticky feel in the skin like some body mists...
Ted baked precious peony

1 review

I received the precious peony ted baker gift set from a friend for my birthday, I hadn’t really ever had ted baker so I was looking forward to trying it and although the whole set is amazing my favourite is the body spray.The scent is really nice and the size is perfect.
Impulse body mist

13 reviews

Love this perfume / spray. Super cheap and last most of the day, I normally buy this product from boots. You can get a lot of different scents my favourite scent is tease
Britney Spears private show body spray

1 review

Smells so good I could eat it, girly, fresh, clean, the bottle lasts ages, very affordable, the only thing I would want to change is how long the smell stays on your body, that could be longer.. over all definitely recommend!
Barry M scented shimmer body mist

1 review

This body mist is a must have, it has gold glitter in and leaves skin looking sparkly, the scent I chose was the Peach Crush which smells of summer it’s lovely, it’s lasted me over a year I squirt a spray on each arm every day and leaves me with glittery skin which I love!
Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Mist

1 review

Love the calming and soothing smell on this spray. Can be used on the body also so great for spritzing when you are feeling stressed. Helps you drift off to sleep when sprayed on pillowcases and linen - very relaxing!
The body shop satsuma body mist

23 reviews

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist is one of those rare scents that is never bothersome to me even though I am highly sensitive to most scents. This body mist is fresh, fruity and energizing. I love it!
Victoria Secret Mango Temptation

1 review

I love the smell of this body mist. I'm using it for a couple of years already and will definitely buy it again. It's sweet and fresh, fruity and flowery, at the same time. Not too heavy. Ally friends love it, got a lot of compliments on it.
Bath and body works sugar plum swirl

1 review

The Bath and body works Holiday traditions - Sugar Plum Swirl fine fragrance mist will have you smelling amazing not only during the Christmas holiday but year round
Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Body Spray

1 review

I love this scent, it’s my go to body spray, I mainly use this instead of perfume now. I always get compliments when wearing this scent. Every time B&BW;has their yearly sale, I stock up!’

1 review

It’s a very refreshing spray but didn’t notice any changes to my skin like it said I should have. Definitely nice to take with you if you’re going somewhere really hot and just need something to spray and cool off. A nice rosie scent that’s not too overpowering.
Bath and Body Works CONFETTI CAKE POP Fine Fragrance Mist

1 review

My new favorite scent from bath and body works. It comes in a body spray, body lotion and body wash. It's so yummy, I have been using it for a few months daily and it's still on the go. I also use one as a room spray, it's perfect. I wish they would make a hand soap in this...
warm & cozy Body Mist by Pink

3 reviews

I love this scent and so do my teenage daughters. It's soft and sweet without being overwhelming. However, it can fade quickly. I will only purchase this when it's on sale in order to get the best deals. It pairs well with the lotion of the same scent and helps it to last longer!