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Body Scrub & Exfoliants Reviews

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L'Oreal Smooth Sugar Kiwi Face Scrub

1 review

I found this product to be very nice overall. The smell is terrific and it made my skin feel nice and soft after each use. It can also be used on your lips to make them soft as well. You apply to dry skin and the heat of your skin makes it easily spreadable. It can then be...
Saavy Naturals coconut lemongrass brown sugar body scrub

1 review

This is my first body scrub, as most of the all natural ones are pretty expensive i waited for a bit. I got this one on boxing day for a freat deal. At first upon opening it, its really oily, you have to mix it all together but it smells delishious. Because its brown surgar? The...
C Booth Sea Salt Scrub

3 reviews

This is a must buy for the shower, leaves your skin smooth and shiny, and of course moist. Awesome product for the price. Honestly I wasn't expecting to be this good.
Bath and Body Works really refreshing foaming scrub cocumber

1 review

J'aime beaucoup ce produit, car il est polyvalent. En effet, il nettoie et exfolie en même temps! Il faut noter, qu'il n'est pas extrêmement exfoliant, mais puisqu'il sert de nettoyant pour le corps en même temps, je trouve cela juste bien. De plus, il sent vraiment très...
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub

2 reviews

This scrub works great at targeting dry skin, skin imperfections & stretch marks. I love how it hydrates my skin and how soft my skin feels after using them. The scrub is tough enough to improve skin imperfections, but is all-natural & organic so it also nourishes your skin and...
The Candle & Stamp House Coffee Sugar Scrub

1 review

This is an all natural, locally made body scrub. It is made with infused organic avacado oil & coffee bean essential oil. It comes in a very large jar so lasts a very long time. Great to help get rid of the dry dead skin in these harsh winter conditions.
Purple Duchess Dirty Boy Bath Bar Soap

1 review

The Purple Duchess Dirty Boy Bath Bar Soap is a medium sized square piece of soap that comes plastic wrapped like you find when purchasing soap at a soap bar. It's not too big and is a nice size for holding onto when using. The Purple Duchess Dirty Boy Bath Bar Soap has a grainy...
Rub, Rub, Rub

1 review

This is an amazing product from Lush Cosmetics. It is an exfoliator that I use on my face and body twice a week. Its amazing after you have just shaved your legs. Your skin will feel amazing after you have used it.