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Dandruff Treatment Reviews

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Dove Derma+Care Scalp Dryness & Itch Relief Conditioner

160 reviews

I had very Dry Flacky Itchy Hair after moving to a Dry climate. This really works even with the cost it's so worth it!! I use it only on my scalp area and let the conditioner sit for 3 min I use another shampoo for the hair away from my scalp. I only use this conditioner on my...
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Smoothing Moisture Conditioner

150 reviews

I would recommend this to anyone this not only smells great it works wonders. I love most dove products but this is tight in top. Give it a try the smell with out stand any other dander shampoo
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Clean & Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

129 reviews

I have eczema on my scalp and this product has really help relieve the scaring! Typically my scalp is itchy and I scratch and ultimately, scarring occurs. But since discovering this about 2 weeks ago, I have noticed a difference in how my scalp feels and theres no more itchy...
Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo

133 reviews

my husband use it so why not give it a try. he likes it and i like it too. it smells good and help us in our dandruff problem specially in winter. but it doesn't give us the smooth feeling of the hair after we used it. but still we keep on buying this shampoo.
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Clean & Fresh 2-in-1

118 reviews

This is the best anti dandruff product I've ever used. It doesn't leave my hair dry and brittle. My scalp was clean and there was that nice tingling feeling. After my first wash there was no more flakes. My hair was smooth and manageable after the first use. I love it
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Dryness & Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

117 reviews

I have tried almost every product out there for a dry itchy scalp and decided to try the dove line. I was disappointed that after a few washes my hair was dry and my scalp even dryer.
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Smoothing Moisture Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

106 reviews

I suffer from dry itchy scalp in the winter. I usually use a salon brand shampoo such as matrix in the summer months. Was told by my hair dresser to try this out. Am I ever happy I did. This shampoo leaves my hair and scalp feeling so clean and refreshed and no more dry and...
Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo

120 reviews

The feeling of minty, fresh and clean after shower is the experience you will have with Head n Shoulders. It’s very effective for me and my active family. It’s a must during winter season as your scalp gets dry and flaky (yikes). Don’t forget to leave it for a minute or...
Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

58 reviews

Just before receiving the Vichy Dercos anti-dandruff shampoo I had just purchased a well-known name brand of 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo/conditioner to use. I recently shaved my head, and as my hair grows back I REALLY don't want any flakes as I think they would be even more...
Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair

58 reviews

I have tried a few anti-dandruff shampoos over the year since I am most susceptible to dandruff during the winter months - its itchy, unsightly and leaves white stuff everywhere! Unlike many dandruff shampoos, Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo didn't strip my hair of moisture...
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Dandruff Shampoo

82 reviews

I love this brand for everyday shampoo. It smells great. Leave my hair feeling soft and silky. Also reduces my frizz. Love this product. The whole family uses it.
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Invigorating Mint 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

34 reviews

Shampoo left the hair feeling soft and clean. The scent is amazing. The minty fragrance is refreshing. Will definitely buy it again. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to get rid of dandruff.
Dove Derma+Care Scalp Invigorating Mint Shampoo

28 reviews

I really liked Dove Derma + care scalp invigorating mint shampoo it left my hair feeling very clean there was no weird tingling sensation that you get with other mint anti-dandruff shampoos and I really enjoyed the refreshing mint scent. It's a shampoo that my whole family uses...
Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo - Ocean Lift

23 reviews

This is an inexpensive product to get rid of the winter dandruff. It is readily available at all drugstores. Love it. I will most certainly buy another one and keep it in my shower kit just for those odd times I spot more dandruff in my hair
Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control 2in1 Dandruff Shampoo

2 reviews

This smells so good compared to others products for dandruff. Note it does not work right away, give it a few days before you notice a difference. You get get results if you are patient and let it sit in your hair for a few minutes while showering.
Shea moisture 100% virgin coconut oil daily hydration leave in treatment

1 review

All winter and summer long i struggled with extreme dry scalp. Patchy flakes, itching and all around embarrassing let alone, i could not wear a black shirt for the life of me. I spent years looking for scalp serums and treatments that would get rid of the red patches that...
Head and shoulders instant relief

4 reviews

I was always itching my scalp, and working in a school, that doesn't look good. Then I tried Head and shoulders Instant Relief and my head has never felt more normal!!!
Head & Shoulders Green Apple 2-in-1 Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner

15 reviews

This shampoo works great. I have really oily hair, and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. As well as it has a great smell. I have been using this brsnd for years!
Head & Shoulders Instant Hydration Shampoo

16 reviews

Before using this product my scalp was always itchy and flaky. Not only did this product make these symptoms go away but it also left my hair so moisturized and smooth.
Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength

10 reviews

For me this is the best dandruff shampoo that was ever made. I’ve been sufferring from a dandruff hair last winter and this is the only shampoo that help me.