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NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes
I really like using this product it really helped me remove makeup and it really cleansed my skin beautifully! I liked the light perfume scent it wasn't too strong or overpowering. This is a terrific product for every woman to use.

897 reviews
NIVEA 3-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Wipes
Love these cleansing wipes, they are perfect for when I am just too tired to take my makeup off! The package is easy to open, just lift the top portion where indicated, be careful too not open too much, the tab is sticky so your able to reseal it. Mine always stayed nice and...

678 reviews
Simple Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes
I usually purchase the Simple Cleansing wipes however, upon my trip to Costco, I noticed they were selling a larger 3 pack version of the Simple Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes. i decided to give it a go. It was a good value at Costco for the 3 pack. The wipes did a decent job of...

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Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
Ces lingettes nettoyantes enlèvent bien le maquillage. Elle ne laisse pas l'impression que la peau est huileuse. Puisqu'elles sont spécifiquement pour le visage, elles enlèvent bien le mascara et n'irrite pas les yeux.

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Neutrogena Make Up Removing Cleansing Wipes
This is my go-to makeup remover wipes. I have used it for years and have tried others, and they are nothing compared to these. I always make sure to not run out of these lol. I use these and have tried their night lavender one as well. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and...

259 reviews
Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes
I just tried the exfoliating wipe it get into your skin and cleanses it real deep! Love the feel of my skin and I used it now ready for a moisturizer to put on!

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NIVEA 3-in-1 Refreshing Cleansing Wipes
Very good as all nivea products, so if you dont wanna spend a lot of money and high price brands this will work just as good . I also like the fact that they dont have a lot of perfume on them

144 reviews
Simple Kind to Skin Oil Balancing Wipes
I have combo, acne prone skin and I was looking for a ph balanced wipe to use for lazy nights and as a first cleanse when I have makeup on. These wipes are pretty good. They're soft and a nice size sheet, and I find one is usually enough to do my whole face. They don't make my...

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St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisture Rich Cleansing Cloths
So this wipe from St Ives is my favourite! I've bought a couple packs so far. Love having them in my luggage or purse for non the go. I'll probably continue buying these in the future.

100 reviews
Pond's Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes
Really good cleaning wipes ,gets make up off really well , and my skin feels soft after , and great for travel especially freshing up from being on a plane

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Pond's Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes With Citrus & Cucumber
They smell delicious, and are great at removing your makeup while leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. One side has little exfoliating beads that work to deep clean your pores, the other side is smooth for tender spots like eyelids.

108 reviews
St. Ives Cleanse & Hydrate Aloe Wipes
I absolutely love these wipes! As a makeup artist I'm required to wear a full face of makeup, and these wipes take my foundation off with ease. They are very soothing on my dry skin, especially in these colder months. I love the texture of the wipes - very soft and they don't...

60 reviews
St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish Fighting Cleansing Cloths
J'aime bien ce produit comme nettoyant , mais il faut utiliser un demaquillant avant l'utilisation, car il laisse des traces de maquillage. Par contre il laisse la peau douce et propre

103 reviews
Olay 2 in 1 Daily Facial Cloths
I purchase these on a regular basis. They both clean and moisturizer my face very well. They remove make with ease, and are gentle to my skin. I prefer this product over any other I've tried.

70 reviews
Olay Daily Facials
This is my go to cleanser. I love Olay products and this product doesn't disappoint. It's so easy to use at home and while travelling. It cleans my skin and removes all impurities, even removes mascara effectively. I have tried other cleanser cloths but always come back to...

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Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Makeup Removing Wipes
The scent is so strong that it stings my eyes. I try not to use it to remove my eye makeup because it stings. It smells very nice but the scent it what makes this a bad product

72 reviews
Kirkland Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes
My friend recommended these wipes to me before I was going on vacation and I am glad that she did! I can not live without these wipes. First of all the amount, you get for the price is INCREDIBLE! They are great for any skin type and leave your face feeling so clean afterward...

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Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths
I am very impressed with these wipes. I use them in my face everyday. Since I have started using them I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I do not get as many pimples as I did before I started using them. They do a great job at removing makeup as well. I won recommend...

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Nivea 3-in-1 Sensitive Wipes
doesn't take waterproof mascara off makes my skin break out..........................................................................................

6 reviews
Marcelle Cleansing Cloths
I've been using these for years, I love them, they remove everything easily and softly and have never had an issue with them. I've used some other brands and tried them out but always seem to go back to these

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