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Hair Colour - Root Touch-Up Reviews

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Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara - Dark Brown

283 reviews

If you're looking for a decent temporary root touch up, this product does the job. The coverage is decent for the price; I find you have to go over it a couple times if you have stubborn greys. The colour quality is fair. If you have long hair like me you might find the brush...
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher - Dark Brown

259 reviews

I have decided to stop colouring my hair and currently have 2 inches of grey which doesn’t look great. This is the perfect product for temporarily covering the gray when I want to look my best while my hair grows. It goes on easily, and blends very well. Any colour that...
Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara - Medium Brown

205 reviews

Excellent value for product, high quality, easy to apply, will buy again and recommend to others. Easy to use, colors as advertised, unique texture, excellent results. Will definitley buy again.
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher - Black

194 reviews

Sadly after I had my son my hair started filling out even getting bald spots in some parts this product has given me my confidence again because I’m able to cover up the thinning place is making my hair look Full end it helps that it also covers my little hidden whites here in...
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher - Dark Blonde

203 reviews

Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher! #gotitfree I received my product without instructions , so I figured I could use it with no problems . Wrong,it was a mess from the start,I shook it up to make sure it was blended together. When I applied it to my roots it just went everywhere,it...
Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara - Chocolate Brown

141 reviews

Awesome product Does exactly as it says Great for a colour change statement Or touching up roots Effective and eashes out easy Definitely recommend
Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara - Black

139 reviews

Takes a while to apply because of having such dark hair with bright roots! Gets a bit tangled up due to length of hair . But I will but this product again.it does stay on well , a little tacky feeling but can live with that , it looks good and natural when done.
Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara - Dark Blonde

137 reviews

So i was in the hospital having surgery when this came in and i forgot all about it until i was going through all of my makeup the other day with my daughter! It is the medium blonde Schwarzkopf Hair mascara! I couldn't wait to try it-however i found that i didn't really fancy...
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher - Brown

115 reviews

When I received this product from chick adviser to trial I had just recently coloured my hair so had to wait a little until my very grey roots took over. I have naturally curly hair the I straighten most of the time, because of this I can get away with a little roots showing. I...
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher - Dark Mahogany

94 reviews

I found the color to be a little to dark and it didn't match my hair! The product also dripped on my face! So for me it was ok! It did cover my roots but I could see the difference in colors.
L'Oreal Paris Root Rescue

133 reviews

Not overly impressed with this product. I have dark blonde hair but my grey is starting to really show. I used this but it started to show my grey after only a few washes
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher - Light Blonde

90 reviews

I would have to say this is a hard one. Mainly because "blonde" is a very blanket statement for a hair colour. I personally am and always have been a very white blonde, while my mom is your average mid range dirty blonde. This is waaaay too dark for my hair color, but worked...
L'Oréal Paris Root Cover Up Spray

56 reviews

This product works well between salon visits to cover those few pesky greys. The container is perfect for travel so I take it with me on holidays. Recommended by my hair stylist fro those days that I can’t get in to see her. Has great coverage, little to no smell. Does change...
Clairol Nice 'n Easy Root Touch Up

67 reviews

i am at that stage in my life where I have unwanted wisdom hair growing. I like to maintain my youthful appearance by colouring my hair. Trips to the salon can be expensive so it is such a relief to know that this product is available to use at home to supplement the salon...
Loreal Magin Root Precision

1 review

Loreal Magic Root Precision I have tried a few root touch up kits that are on the shelves and this one by far is the best one that you are able purchase at the drugstore. The touch up pen is very user friendly. I was able to coverup the grey roots around my temples...
Ice Cream Color Mist Root Hair Concealer- Dark Chestnut

1 review

First one to review this but I absolutely love this product. I used to use the Loreal Root spray however I didn't like how thick and sticky the product was. I have fine brown hair and I can't imagine being without it now. This product was found at shoppers drug mart and it is...
L’Oréal Paris Root Rescue

1 review

This root touch up is sooo easy to use. The brush applicator and gel formula make it a piece of cake. The color blends well. The brush allows you to target certain areas. I used it to coat my gray hairs with a little extra color. I am happy with the results. This is perfect for...
Clairol Root Touch Up Permanent Cream

1 review

This product works great to cover my grey roots between salon visits. It's easy to apply and blends in with my salon colour perfectly. I can see no roots at all and can't tell where my salon colour ends and the root touch up begins. It lasts for weeks. I tried the colour blend...
L'oreal magic re touch spray

1 review

As the title states, I simply cannot live without this product now. After becoming allergic to hair dye I thought I was destined for grey but thank god for this product. Instant spray colour which covers my greys 100% & lasts until my next hair wash. It's a little pricey but I'm...
Clairol temporary root touch-up

1 review

This product is not for a person with real grey hair. It is like using an eye shadow. While easy to apply and no mess, it lacks real coverage. If you have slightly grey hair and wish to touch up roots it may work. I have grey roots and very dark brown hair. I tried the dark...