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Hair Removal Reviews

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Bath & Body Works Shave The Day Silky Smooth Shave Cream

1 review

I love the texture of this shaving cream, and the scent as well as the application. I got a tube on sale and I'm not sure if I would go out of my way to buy this full price, but it was a nice treat for my legs :)
Velvet Touch Depy Face

2 reviews

In theory, it works. Take some extra fine sandpaper and rub an area until the hair is removed. The skin around it is smooth as well due to the exfoliation. However, it did not quite work that way for me. It took a lot of rubbing to remove some hair out (fine, mind you), and it...
Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Wild Berry

1 review

Wild Berry Gillette Shaving gel is smooth & smells good. It moisturizers while shaving & prevents cuts. I prefer the gel over the mouse style shaving cream. The gel seem to be better on dry skin. Watch for the sales, pick up for a $1.99.

1 review

I recently got a nww tattoo. The after care requirements are to apply a thin layer of this Soothing Balm to your Tattoo. I have used other products on previous ink, and I am surprised as to how much better this keeps the area moistened and it assists with the proper healing...
Emjoi eMagine Rechargeable Epilator

2 reviews

This is my first epilator purchase after having talked about it with one of my girl friends - I was intimidated at first but I LOVE it now and have stopped shaving since. Pain is tolerable (similar to waxing and threading) and the hair growth after is definitely lessened. Also...
Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel

22 reviews

This is the only shaving cream I use! My skin is really dry and this provides all over moisture to your skin even after washing it off! Makes your legs silky smooth. Highly recommend
Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips

2 reviews

I don’t know if it was just me or maybe it was the wax? I’ve waxed many times before but when I use this on my bikini line, after I was done I was so badly bruised. I’m talking dark purple bruising on my complete Bikini line. I’ve been waxing for years and this is the...
schick intuition revitalizing moisture razor

7 reviews

I love the self lathering soap bar although a bit tricky to use in the more delicate areas. Prefer it over the disposable razor alternatives... Also, I may have gotten a few more uses out of the Intuition Razor and I have not experienced any moldiness issues with the self...
Nair Hair Remover Naturally Smooth

2 reviews

I found this stuff AWFUL! It was super irritating to my skin and it did not take off all hair on the first use, not even half! It's such a waste of money.
Gillette Foamy Sensitive Shaving Cream

28 reviews

Both my husband and I use this shaving foam as we both have sensitive skin and it doesn’t give us any issue. The smell is super nice and the foam is neither too thin or too thick. It’s also inexpensive and lasts long time. Definitely a product I will keep buying and...
Vichy Homme Anti-Irritations Shaving Foam

2 reviews

A few years ago my husband got a very bad rash on his face a few days in a hotel. It was a good hotel but I think they were using too harsh cleansers or something... anyway, the rash just wasn't going away and long story short he started to use the Vichy Anti-Irritations Shaving...
Nad's Nose Wax

1 review

I absolutely love this product and think it is the best invention ever! This is perfect for home nose hair removal. It is cheaper than going to the salon in the long run as the jar lasts a long time. It is totally pain free, mess free, gets every hair and is totally safe. Love...
Olay Satin Care Shave Gel

4 reviews

I have really dry and sensitive skin. As you can imagine shaving would make it worst until i tried this miracle product. No more dry skin!!! The smell is not overpowering either. A bit on the pricier side but worth it
Gigi Milk Chocolate Creme Wax

1 review

This product smells great and is very soothing when you need to wax and endure the pain. The chocolate sort of makes you forget that you're about to wax your lady bits.
LUSH D'Fluff Shaving Soap

8 reviews

This product smells divine. It is like a thick airy cream. Leave the skin soft and supple. It is pricey and it takes some effort to smooth it on evenly.
Passion parties shave creme

1 review

Feeling guiily at a friends passion party with promises of the most silky smooth skin ever I was excited to try it it might be the worst shaving gel I have ever tried and for close to $30 I get angry at myself every time I use it
Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave Gel

31 reviews

One of the best shaving gels out there!!! Leaves my legs so smooth and moisturized. I have been using it for years and will continue buying it. A little pricier than other shave gels but definitely worth the $$$.
Crave Naturals Precisio Tweezers

3 reviews

i love these tweezers! work great on my eye brows and i love the case it came in! it works great on this little hairs i have a hard time grabbing with other tweezers!
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze

25 reviews

I have very sensitive skin and I usually find that I need to use a man's razor to shave my legs (after I've soaked in the tub for 45 mins first to soften my skin). However, I was pleasantly surprised by this razor. The bar surrounding the blades is soft and smells so pretty...
Sally Hansen Brush-On Hair Remover for Face

1 review

Works great. in 5 minutes I had no more mustache!!! no rash, no pimples and no skin reaction. Better then nair for face. No harsh perfume either.