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Hair Removal Reviews

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Parissa Wax Warmer

1 review

I recently purchased one of theese because I'm a big user of at home wax, and anyone who waxes there legs at home knows how much of a pain it is to go back and forth, back and forth to the microwave to re heat the wax. This solved my problem! I just keep what ever jar of waxs...
BIC Soleil Twilight Disposable Razors

24 reviews

These disposable razors are great. I use them at home and then in my trailer during the summer. The colours are great especially if you have more than one woman in the house.
Schick Hydro 5 Men's Disposable Razor's

5 reviews

My husband loves these razors. Alot of the time he doesn't like how a razor shaves and creates pimples and razor burn this product he didn't have to worry clean shave silky and smooth with no irritation!
Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel

4 reviews

Is really nice to use, makes my legs feel smooth after shaving, I have less cuts when using it.. the sent is very light and fades, not harsh and lingering.
veet legs and body wax strip kit

7 reviews

I had no problem at all using this product. It worked well for me and it is a moderate value without denting your pocket. No kind of excessive rubbing trying to heat it up with your hands and it pulls out the hair really well
Dr. Bronner's Organic Shaving Soap - Lavender

1 review

I purchased this shaving soap because it was organic and for the quality lavender scent. When I began to use it it found it to also be non-drying and so effective at allowing a razor to glide that I could go over areas again without care, knowing there would still be plenty of...
Nair Hair Removal Cream Face & Upper Lip with Sweet Almond Oil

15 reviews

It does work but for courser hair make sure you soften the hair by using hot water on a wash cloth and holding it on the hair for a little bit other wise it will not remove thei hair.
Hello Legs Shaving Lotion

6 reviews

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!!! And same problem....got in my FabFitFun box and am almost out. jumped online to order some and can't find it anywhere!! One result was the FabFitFun website for $9.00 but when I logged in, buying it thru them was available during that box sale...
Jack Black Authentic Beard Lube

5 reviews

I bought this for my partner for Christmas one year. When he tried it he said it was awesome and that it really provided a smooth shave and no irritation to his sensitive skin. Fast forward a few months and I decided to give it a try for my legs when I ran out of my own shave...
SWEETEASE face waxing kit

8 reviews

Youll be lucky if the double sided strips both have wax on them, and the ones that do have wax don't do anything. I am not sure what this is used for but it definitely isn't hair removal.
Remington Facial Pen Trimmer

1 review

This product works very well, especially for the price. One of the latest trends in beauty is shaving your face to prevent wrinkles. I don't know if it prevents wrinkles, but it surely makes your skin soft and smooth. The product itself is roughly what you'd expect from it's...
BIC® Soleil® Colour Collection Sensitive Skin Razors

2 reviews

BIC Soleil are my favorite razors. I don't like less or more blades or extra stuff around the blades. These are my Goldilocks of razors. The handle is easy to grip and doesn't slip out of my hand in the shower, yet is also easy to man-oeuvre. The blade take care of business...
Cire divine Nair Monoï des îles Cire de résine sans bande

2 reviews

j emploie cette cire jaime les ingredient qu il contient elle est pas trop epaisse facile d application elle fait des jambes exceptionelle douce tendre ...
Philips Wet & Dry All-in-1

1 review

I bought this primarily to use on my legs and it does an mediocre job. The hair on my left and right legs were different lengths after trimming despite using the same setting on the trimmer for both although after going over it several times I was able to get them even. Maybe my...
Remington Reveal Lash & Brow Kit

1 review

I was really excited to try this, but I just didn't like it at all and found it to be pretty sub-par. Let's start with the Tweezers. Tweezers - Wow, tweezers with a light, the idea seemed genius (especially for getting those awkward single dark hairs that grow in on places you...
Surgi wax facial wax strips

2 reviews

This stuffs amazing, even with my super sensitive skin. I thought I would break out after using this but I was wrong. It’s helped me a lot. Not only do I not look like a hairy monkey anymore, but it allows my makeup to apply smoothly. I love it. Can’t stop touching my face
Gigi Accu Edge Small Applicators

1 review

These applicators are the perfect size for any type of facial waxing. I have fingers that are a big larger and huge knuckles, so doing precise eyebrow work, for example, is often a pain. Since these are small and angled, they eliminate the risk of having normal size sticks in...
Nair Cire Divine No Strip Wax Tahitian Gardenia

13 reviews

This product is fantastic and gets the job done. This is by far the best at home wax I have ever used. Do not get the cherry blossom one, it does not work as fantastic as this one.
Veet Perfect Finish Wipes

2 reviews

Bon produit riche et hydratant pour la peau du corps. Laisse la peau lisse très limineuse et rayonnante . Super effet sur la peau. Odeur vraiment agréable.
exact women razors

1 review

I recommend these razors. They are half the cost of other razors and work just as well, shaving close. I feel their value is worth their price. I have not bought name brand razors any more.