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Hand Lotions & Creams Reviews

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NIVEA Q10 Anti-Age Hand Cream

1077 reviews

I love this lotion! Its not heavy, but also not too light. The scent is so good, and the lotion absorbs quickly. It doesn't leave my hands greasy, unless I use too much. I also use it on my neck and chest sometimes before bed. It works great for both day and night!
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream

911 reviews

I can’t believe the price is so cheap for this product, the results are insane! I had hand rash/ dry hands and as soon I used this within 2 days my hands were as soft as a baby’s bum! I was shocked as it was so cheap.
Glysomed Hand Cream

345 reviews

I like Glysomed Hand Cream with Chamomile & Glycerine, but I don't love it. It serves its purpose of being a good cream when your hands are desperately dry, but it doesn't absorb quickly. The smell is definitely on the medicinal side as well. It's a workhorse cream not a...
The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

279 reviews

I have the worst, driest hands in the winter and it used to be such a concern for me. There was nothing worse for my confidence than having cracked, painful and bloody hands. Then this product came along and literally saved my life !! My hands are completely smooth and gentle...
Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief Hand Cream

131 reviews

This is probably the best hand cream I have found for severely dry skin. My hands are a mess in the winter and I have the bad habit of washing dishes without gloves so my hands tend to get very dry and also crack. This cream is fantastic and you don't need to constantly reapply...
Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Conditioning Lotion

134 reviews

I stash Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails cream everywhere: bedside table, desk at home and desk at work, my purse, etc. It absorbs nicely without any greasy feeling, leaves your hands feeling moisturized, stops cracking in its spot and helps nails and...
Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair

118 reviews

I absolutely love this hand creme. I work with my hands. I own my own metal recycling shop. So throughout the day I am stripping wire. It's very hard on my hands. Thank god for this creme!
Eucerin Repair Hand Cream 5% Urea

86 reviews

I get really dry skin on the back of my hands and around the knuckles in the winter. It hurts and itches and it's super uncomfortable. I'll slather on tons of hand cream, constantly and it will just sting and not repair it. But i found this hand cream last winter and it took a...
eos Hand Lotion

123 reviews

Needed a small lotion for on the go and the packaging is pretty cute. Looking at it doesn’t really seem like it’s a lotion. The smell is mild and it keeps my hand moisturized. No complaints
O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream

103 reviews

This is the only hand cream that works for me. My hands are dry and cracked and bleed frequently due to frequent hand washing. I am limited in what products I can use because I am allergic to shea butter. Luckily, this has none and it works like magic. Even after just one use, I...
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

95 reviews

During the winter months, I always have super dry skin that gets a bit painful. My doctor recommended this hand cream and I stock up on it when it's on sale all the time now.
Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream

50 reviews

It smells lovely and left my hands after only a couple of applications looking hydrated and plump and feeling soft. I will definitely keep using this product
Vaseline Clinical Care™ Dark Spot Rescue Moisturizing Hand Cream

41 reviews

This is actually my go-to hand cream in my desk at work. I like it because it is not greasy at all and it absorbs quickly into my hands. It also has a pleasant light scent to it. The cream is soft and the tube is the perfect size for my desk or even a purse. To be honest, I...
St Ives Daily Hydration Hand Lotion

58 reviews

This moisturizer is so cheap and comes in such a large quantity. It's great for a general moisturizer and great for sensitive skin. It doesn't leave an oily residue on your skin and absorbs quickly!
AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream

38 reviews

i like this hand cream as it's really hydrating and isn't greasy. it absorbs quickly and leaves my hands so soft and supple. it smells nice and doesn't irritate my allergies.
Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream

47 reviews

bought this mainly for my husband because he started to have dry and itchy skin, eczema like rashes and slight redness; this is mostly on his hands. I do also have moderately dry skin. We’ve always used Aveeno products for the whole family and so we thought this product would...
Okeeffes Workin hands cream

29 reviews

This product does work but we found we could only use it at night as it was way too greasy to use during the daytime. The price is good and as I said it does work.
Aveeno hand cream

14 reviews

The hand cream has very little smell which is a feature I like in all skin products I use. The cream is easy to apply, sinks in without leaving residue. It immediately gives relief to the dry skin on my hands and lasts for most of the day, depending on what I am doing and which...
Garnier Hand Intensive 7 Days

5 reviews

It does the job, but it seems like you have to re-apply every so often. It's for a quick fix. It's handy and it smells good, too! I'd say for the price, it's not bad at all.
Loccitane hand cream

4 reviews

This is really the best hand cream ever. I work with my hands all the time and my hands become really dry and sore and cracked. One application of this on my hands look really nice and it looks like I actually look after them. But the main thing is my hand feels so much better.