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Men's Bar Soap Reviews

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Dove Men+Care Elements Charcoal+Clay Body + Face Bar

418 reviews

I have used this product a few times now. The charcoal and a little grit in the bar of soap, it self really makes a different on how clean I feel after. Just enough grit to feel clean. I Will buy it again.
Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh Invigorating Formula Body & Face Bar

159 reviews

My Husband tried this new product and he loves it. Great scent that lasts long and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. Definitely a great new product to add to your daily routine!
Dove Men +Care Deep Clean Purifying Grains Body & Face Bar

86 reviews

Great soap from Dove family. On a hot day, this bar cleanses and leaves a refreshing feeling. Purifying grains are the best part in it. Highly recommended !
Dove Charcoal Bar Soap

5 reviews

Bought this for my mechanic husband and it does a good job at scrubbing off the dirt. Smells good which is a bonus. It scrubbed well, smelled good - win win!
Irish Spring Aloe Soap Bar

50 reviews

Love this soap! Hydrates the skin and keeps it looking fresh. Really cleans the skin. Does not dry out skin. Would recommend this soap to others. My husband loves it as well
oil of olay ultra moisture bar soap

1 review

I have this thing with bars of soap, I love them. In the kitchen, in the shower, in the bathroom. I prefer bars over liquid soap and body wash. I really like this particular kind as it's moisturizing and doesn't smell too girly. Also the 8 pack was on sale for $5.99.
dove men + care extra fresh body and face bar

1 review

This soap bar even works for me because my skin is dry and has a super creamy shape, creating good moisture and moisture on my skin. My wife liked it so much that she used it too; especially for body skin and differs from liquid soap for dry skin.
Dove Men+Care Charcoal Soap

2 reviews

It has little beads in the soap which really do help clean better. It is like a scrub soap; you can scrub yourself all over and you have that clean feeling.
Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Revitalizing Formula Body & Face Bar

2 reviews

Bought this for the man in my life and he really liked it. Nice fresh scent but not to overpowering which he and I both like. Also very moisturising with no residue. Highly recommend.
Irish Spring Signature for Men Exfoliating Bar Soap

8 reviews

It’s soap on the other hand makes me feel gross by the end of my shower. I’d improve this product by making the after feel smooth and airy not dry and caked. It has a great sent and feel, I’d recommend for someone other than myself.
Hermes Paris Eau D'orange Verte

1 review

I absolutely love the scent of this soap. It is the best smelling soap I have ever used as well as the most expensive. I personally would never pay so much for a bar of soap but since it was a gift from my wife I was very fortunate to give it a go. This soap had a classic, manly...
Old Spice Wolfthorn Bar Soap

12 reviews

It has a great smell. I was afraid it would be too strong, but it actually strikes the right balance. One bar of soap also lasts very long and is good quality.
Irish Spring Gear Advanced Performance Skin Hydration Soap

5 reviews

I just recently started using this soap as I got a great deal on it. I really liked it as it has a very nice smell and colour. The scent stays on you for a while, but not all day long. One bar is pretty thick and lasts for quite a while. Can be pricey, but if its on sale, I'd...