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Men's Body Wash Reviews

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Dial For Men Recharge 3-in-1 Revitalizing Body Wash

927 reviews

I tried this when my go to brand was out of stock and it dried my skin out to the point I was having to apply lotion twice a day to get it back to normal and stop flaking. It does smell really good and Karter’s nicely but I don’t know what’s in it that is so drying
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh Body + Face Wash

450 reviews

The scents are ok and the body/face wash is great to keep at the office or apartment gym for a quick rinse after a good cardio workout. Does its job and good value, no complaints
AXE Black Body Wash

344 reviews

This is a great body wash. The smell is nice and manly, but not over powering. My wife loves the smell too which is a double bonus. It lathers up nice, both with a lufa and also just with your hands. I use it total body, although I have a shaved head so I can't say how good it...
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Power+Renew Body + Face Wash

226 reviews

Makes you feel cleaner. This product smells amazing. It is Worth trying. Love the clean feeling after use. Long lasting scent. Smell and feel fresh. Definitely would buy this product.
Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Endurance+Comfort Body + Face Wash

193 reviews

This has quickly become my go to body wash after my evening work outs. I like the way it makes my skin feel and I like how clean I feel. I guess it's fragrance is appreciated from the attention I'm receiving when I'm finished my shower. Can't argue with that, I'll keep using it.
Dove Men + Care Clean Comfort Micro Moisture Body + Facewash

209 reviews

Ce produit répond aux besoins. Bonne odeur et texture agréable, laisse la peau douce. La bouteille se vide rapidement, mais sinon bonne valeur........
Irish Spring Original Soap Bar

234 reviews

This has been my go-to for years now. You can rely on the soothing yet strong scent of this classic bath bar. Even the wife loves the smell and sometimes borrows it from me for her use. Also a good value on an everyday, as you can always find the 3 pack for a good price
AXE YOU Body Wash

151 reviews

I normally use other brand's body wash, but they were not satisfying. I was reluctant to move to a Axe. I bought Axe Apollo initially and its been 3 months its amazing, I am in love with it. The scent is amazing and last for longer. It does the job very well. will recommend to...
AXE® Ice Chillin' Body Wash

140 reviews

I have been using this body wash for more than an year. I like the smell. Its so refreshing and cool. As it feels summer time wash sometimes, i try to repurchase always when i run out of my body wash.
AXE Gold Shower Gel

146 reviews

I’ve used plenty of body washes, however, like a razor, I prefer a men’s style. This body wash lathers well and leaves a scent that lasts longer than any other body wash I’ve tried!
Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash

140 reviews

I love this product I buy it for my boyfriend and for the last year it’s the only type he will use! I love the smell of it! It leaves his skin feeling good. It’s great quality for your money aswell!
Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Foaming Body Wash

128 reviews

Would recommend this product to men and women. You can definitely feel the cleansing feeling after using. And it's got such a great fresh smell to it.
Dove Men +Care Elements Minerals+Sage 2-in-1 Body and Face Wash

129 reviews

Sage and minerals scent is phenomenal. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. Great price and great value. I would definetly purchase this again and again.
Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Foaming Body Wash

123 reviews

Dove men care foaming body wash is great and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed, with a great masculine scent. Foams right from the dispenser for a nice lather and coverage
AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge Body Wash

108 reviews

Bought this as a gift for my SO. He did not like it he said the smell was too strong. He didn’t mind the product itself but not the smell. He does like other AXE products just not this one.
AXE Sneakers and Cookies Body Wash

78 reviews

I do not mind any axe products my hubby uses. Most of them smell wonderful except this one. I dont know what smells like sneakers or cookies about this flavour of axe but it just stings my nose. It is super strong and not the best of their scents.
AXE Signature Skin Hydrator Body Wash

85 reviews

I was surprised at how effective this product was with moisturizing my dry skin. Smells great too! I love the use of this product daily, and I keep it in my routine.
AXE Urban Charcoal Clean Body Wash

90 reviews

Bought AXE URBAN CHARCOAL CLEAN BODY WASH after smelling at least a dozen body wash products while I was at the pharmacy. This one had a faint smell of an odor I could remember smelling as a child so I just had to grab it. All in a single bottle? 5 stars for being effective at...
Old Spice Hair and Body Wash

92 reviews

My husband using this stuff since +10 years and it has been great. It’s a gentle soap that clean great.The obvious product is that you need only one bottle for everything you do in the shower as a guy .i recommend this stuff to people all the time.
AXE Phoenix Shower Gel

66 reviews

My husband has been using this brand and scent for around 10 years. This is literally the only Brand and scent my husband will use. He has every product from the Phoenix scent. He always smells amazing :)