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Men's Body Wash Reviews

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Dove Men +Care Deep Clean Micro Moisture Body + Face Wash

62 reviews

This body wash is great! It leaves my skin clean and fresh, without any dryness! The smell is light, masculine, and not overpowering. A couple of squeezes go a long way because it’s very foamy and in a good way. I don’t know that the purifying grains do anything but it feels...
Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Micro Moisture Body + Facewash

92 reviews

This is the only shower gel that my boyfriend wants to use. First of all, he is from Senegal and he needs soap that won’t make his skin white and dry. Dove men care shower gel hydrates his skin and he smells really fresh after his shower. C’est le seul gel de douche que mon...
Dove Men + Care Elements Micro Moisture Body + Face Wash

32 reviews

Produit ok, sans plus. Mon conjoint a la peau sensible donc ps l’ideal. Le parfum est prononcé. Pas certaine de racheter ce produit, j’aime mieux les produits naturels.
Axe Apollo Body Wash

29 reviews

This body wash is fresh and a little sporty, with a hint of some cool fresh smell that reminds us of the beach. Often I get people who say you smell wonderful.
AXE Anarchy Body Wash

31 reviews

I love this product, smells so refreshing and smells good for some time after. I would recommend to anyone who would want to try axe. i would like to try other ones but this one is amazing, and i keep buying it time and time again
Irish spring body wash intensify

32 reviews

The Irish Spring body wash is great for every day use or also to use on those days when you need an extra scrub with a sponge. It has a great scent and lathers nicely. The bottle is very affordable and you can often find it on sale. I would definitely repurchase and recommend...
Old spice pure sport body wash

33 reviews

I will prefer this product to any man good for all skin type price isnt bad find in any store Good lather good scent wash alway dirt won’t dry out skin. Bought fir my son
Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shield Body Wash

29 reviews

Feels great in the shower and lathers great on the sponge. I prefed dove men over other brands. Little more expensive than other brands but worth it really.
Dove Men +Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool

21 reviews

Bonjour mon conjoint l'utilise depuis peut mais l'aime bien.. il dit et je le site c'est comme utilisé tes produits qui coute cher pour exfollier ta peau mais la en utilisant l'éponge sa fait la meme chose :)
Old spice body wash "timber"

14 reviews

One of my favorite body wash. I love the smell and the foaming action. Leaves the skin a little bit dry sometimes. I use it everyday and I buy it at Walmart (3,99$ for 473 ml).
degree antiperspirant

5 reviews

I tried this antiperspirant after years of being committed to a different brand. I am so happy I tried it. I love the scents available, and it works way better than my previous brand. Does not stain my shirts and does not clump in my pits. Definitely worth recommending.
Lynx ice body wash

1 review

There are 2 men and 2 boys in my household so keeping them clean and smelling fresh is a plus the lynx ice chill was amazing the scent is wonderful and it cleans without damage or leaving residue on the skin. The boys love it and after a game of rugby they always use it so they...
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash

3 reviews

This smell is a amazing! I love the fragrance it offers and how long it lasts! The product bubbles up nicely to produce a nice lather. Washes off easy and leave that great scent! Great product!
Nivea Men sport shower gel

3 reviews

My husband has been using this shower gel for over a year now. He absolutely loves the smell, the scent and the texture. Works great!! especially after hockey :)
Nivea Men Energy 3 in 1 shower gel

7 reviews

This is my go to as you can use it on your hair, face and body! As a trades man I am constantly covered in coal dust and dirt and this does a fantastic job of cleaning me up! Highly recommended!
dial tripple action shave/shower/and shampoo

1 review

tried out this Dial for men Triple Action which says its for Shave/Shower and shampoo. Definitely helps save time looking for other products when you are in a rush and need to shower and shave in a hurry.Smells great and not strong so not too bad for shaving. Not something I...
XY Stuff

2 reviews

The deodorant spray keeps fresh for quite some time and my boyfriend loved the charcol bar soap. The shampoo smelt really good and a little goes a long way
Axe Sport 2 in 1 Body & Hair Wash

1 review

This body wash is fantastic. I throw it in my hockey bad to take advantage of 2 in 1. I can actually say it kills the hockey stink after a game. Huge fan of this product.
Ocean body wash

1 review

Avec son odeur fraîche et sa formule tout en un, il suffit d’une douche pour adopter ce produit. Son utilisation laisse ma peau propre et douche en plus d’etre Légèrement parfumée. Mes cheveux sont soyeux et brillant. Il est un peu dispendieux, mais il suffit d’atten...
Nivea active clean shower gel

1 review

One of my favourite body washes,and I have one for each day of the week if I feel the need. Nivea is easy on my body,as well as my face ,which other brands I would not put on my face. Pretty much scentless and leaves no film.