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Micellar Water Reviews

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Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water

1260 reviews

Cette eau micellaire est parfaite et son prix est très raisonnable. Il fait le même travail que d'autres produits beaucoup plus dispendieux. Plusieurs variations sont proposées. Personnellement je préfère ceux sans huile et pour la peau sensible (ils sont roses). On peut...
Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

556 reviews

I have been using this product for years now and I love it! It removes all my makeup without leaving my skin feeling too oily or too dry. Definitely worth it!
NIVEA 3-in-1 Micellar Water

345 reviews

Ce produit est très efficace, il est très adapté pour ma peau fin il est super. Il n'hésite pas la peau et il démaquille très bien. Je vous le conseille à toutes.
Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleansing Micellar Solution

331 reviews

When I first bought this product my hopes were very high that it would be effective, after my first use I knew it would work great with my skin and i felt very refreshed.
La Roche-Posay Ultra Micellar Water for Dry/Reactive Skin

264 reviews

This thing is amazing and from the first time I used it I foud my skin is more refreshed and my cream penetrates better after I use this particular micellar water. I mean of course there are plenty . micellar waters out there some as low as 2,99$ but please....do not put...
La Roche-Posay Ultra Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin

34 reviews

I recently moved from a small town to a big city and within a couple of weeks I noticed my skin was awful. I was breaking out more, I felt oily, but dry at the same time and I knew it was due to the air quality and change in water. This product was recommended to me to use...
La Roche-Posay Ultra Micellar Water for Oily Skin

28 reviews

I love La Roche and Posay because it is very light and absorbs fast. with continued use it helped my dry and acne prone skin. It is also made in France and has a light scent.
L'Oreal Paris Skin Expert Micellar Cleansing Water

17 reviews

First time I’ve used any kind of micellar water and I think overall it works well. Trust the L’Oréal brand to create a great product for a great price
Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water all-in-1 Mattifying, Oily, Sensitive Formula

2 reviews

Great quality mucellar water. Remove all kinds of makeup. Skin feels great and not dry like from other make up removers. Would recomend to anybody with combination to oily skin type.
Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Hydrating Micelle Solution

8 reviews

I was kind of hesitant to try this but I kept on being recommended this cleanser so I grabbed the hydrating version when it was on sale. I fell in love immediately! It goes on just like water, yet it removes all the gunk from my skin. I often need more than one cotton pads to...
Garnier SkinActive All-In-1 Cleansing Water Waterproof Make-Up

3 reviews

This product definitely works if you’re looking for something to effectively remove your makeup. Even the most stubborn/waterproof ones to remove. The only downside is it leaves an oily residue and gets into my eyes whenever I try to remove my eye makeup.
garnier skinactive micellar water all-in-1 mattifying

4 reviews

C'est la première eau micellaire que j'ai achetée et testée. Ma peau est à tendance grasse et c'est pour ça que j'ai choisis la matifiante tout en un. J'ai vraiment l'impression que ma peau est nettoyée et rafraîchit après en avoir appliqué. J'en applique avant de me...
Eau Micellaire Bioderma Sensibio H2O

7 reviews

Please if you are looking for a makeup remover solution, please look no further, This is hands down the best makeup / cleansing remover i have used. It's so good that after i clean my face with this (twice) and use my clarisonic brush to do some double cleansing, the brush comes...
La Roche-Posay Cleansing Micellar Foaming Water

1 review

I have sensitive skin and have tried effortlessly products that could help my skin, I recently tried this out and have to say this does not hurt my skin, very hydrating and gentle. sometimes when removing makeup I use this instead just how gentle it is.
L'Oreal Hydra Total 5 Micellar Water

1 review

It does a great job at hydrating and cleaning leftover makeup, but it's not thorough enough and sometimes I have to go in with another makeup remover. Overall, it does leave my face soft and dewy the next morning so I still think it's decent for what I paid for.
Sonoma Naturals Moroccan Rose Micellar Cleansing Water

1 review

I've tried many micellar waters over the past year and a half or so and I've always had the issue of it either not working, leaving my skin with a greasy feeling, or having a burning sensation. I wouldn't say my skin is overly sensitive but I do have to keep away from products...
Garnier Skinactive Biphase Micellar Cleansing Water

4 reviews

This magic water works miracles totally enjoy it . I always buy a new one every time I run out . This product leaves my skin silly and smooth and doesn't dry out my skin . I had no reaction to this product. It actually helped clear my skin and made it have a natural glow. It...
Pacifica kale water micellar cleansing tonic

1 review

I tried this line of skin care after switching to cruelty free products and hearing a lot of good things about Pacifica. I have very oily skin that is prone to breakouts easily. But I am too lazy and busy to do a scrubbing, rinsing regiment twice a day. So I generally prefer...

6 reviews

J'ai acheté cette eau micellaire parce que je ne trouvais pas dans mon quartier celle que je préfère. J'ai été agréablement surprise! Je pense que je me suis découvert un nouveau favori!
Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleaninging  Micellaire.

2 reviews

j'adore ce produit je vois réellement la différence lorsque je l'utilise et lorsque je ne l'utilise pas. il nétoye tres bien la peau en profondeur . Il est tres abordable et on peut le trouver dans toute les pharmacie.