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Shampoo Bars Reviews

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Garnier Whole Blends Argan & Camellia Nourishing Shampoo Bar

227 reviews

It smells absolutely amazing and leaves your hair even more beautiful. If you use it with the conditioner your hair will feel weightless and smooth. It doesn't leave behind all that garbage that weighs down your hair like others because it is more natural. 94% plant based I...
Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo Bar

218 reviews

It is alright, not the best, not the worst. Cleans hair well, smells pleasant. Will probably buy again cuz it is a good deal for the price BUT there is a reason for it since the product is made by the same company which littered and still keeps littering the world with plastic...
Garnier Whole Blends Oat Delicacy Softening Shampoo Bar

217 reviews

This bar shampoo is good it amazing and smells great. I would recommend to friends and family. It leaves your hair soft and shiny. I would buy it once this one is done.
Garnier Whole Blends Coconut And Aloe Vera Hydrating Shampoo Bar

215 reviews

This smells nice and cleans well without making my scalp itchy or dry, but after a couple uses the small bar just broke into 10 small pieces. It's not worth it. It's not formulated to stay together and if you don't try hard to use up all the little pieces (which can't be stuck...
John Frieda Volumising Shampoo Bar

108 reviews

Smells beautiful, long lasting and made my hair feel soft, the scent lasted until my next wash, i think it has made me reconsider giving up shampoo bottles for this product much better for the environment
John Frieda Moisturising Shampoo Bar

104 reviews

Hair felt soft and very clean after use. Nice smell and easy to use. My hair is soft and easy to manage only after 2 washes I notice a difference . Will defiantly purchase agai.

1 review

This shampoo bar is hands down the absolute best I have ever used! It suds up incredibly well and easily and doesn’t leave your hair dry and brittle! Smells absolutely amazing and has lasted me such a long time! All of my friends and family are getting them for Christmas this...
Shampoing solide Carrefour soft green

1 review

Le shampoing solide Carrefour Soft Green existe pour chaque type de cheveux. Son prix de 3,15€ est bien en dessous des prix habituels du marché. L'emballage est constitué d'une boîte en carton que l'on peut jeter au recyclage. A l'utilisation, ce produit pour cheveux secs...
Gruum Coconut Shampoo Bar

1 review

I was unsure about trying a shampoo bar, ive always struggled to find a shampoo that continues to work for my hair. I was truly gobsmacked at how awesome it was, not only does it last so much longer than bottles. But it makes my hair feel great! I am definitely converted, i will...
Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bar Coconut & Aloe Vera

2 reviews

Wow I was very impressed with how good this was. I have long curly hair and usually use a lot of shampoo on my hair. Rubbed the bar gently on my hair and it produced a good lather. My hair was soft, shiny and smelled live and fresh. I have now been converted to using bars. Less...
Naturally Vain Shampoo Bar Set

1 review

SoI was looking for a no plastic shampoo option and this is a great one. It comes with 3 different varieties in the box all of which are very nice. I like to change up the shampoo I use regularly or my scalp becomes irritated and this does the trick. It lathers well and lasts...
Gruum Cocoa Butter Shampoo Bar

7 reviews

Great product wouldn't use anything else now. Leaves hair super soft and super clean. Great product. Hair stays clean for longer than if I use normal liquid shampoo
Habitat Botanicals Shampoo Bar

3 reviews

The shampoo bar works fine, no issue with it. But I did not like their other products. I also tried their deodorant, chapstick, and conditioner bar, and had issues with each of them. I definitely want to keep buying shampoo bars in the future; I'm just not sure I would buy from...
Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo Bar

1 review

After hearing a lot of positive reviews about shampoo bars, I bought one on sale. It smelled great in the box, just like the other products by this brand. However, seems to leave a residue on my hair that makes it gritty and heavy. Also does not seem to do a good job of cleaning...
Unwrapped Life Shampoo Bar

8 reviews

I love this. The packaging is cardboard and there is no plastic. The bars feel exactly like using bottled product in your hair. I was so surprised as I assumed it would feel like using soap bars in my hair. They last for a long time and are a change worth making.
Love Beauty & Planet Muru Muru Shampoo Bar

1 review

I really, really wanted to like this shampoo bar. It's cheap, it's a large size, it smells good and is easily accessible at Target. However, every time I use it, it leaves a film in my hair. I must use additional products to remove the oil use as an ACV rinse. I'd rather have...
Bath Bubble and Beyond Citrus Paradisi Shampoo Bar

1 review

Shampoo bar perfect for greasy hair. I don’t have to wash mine every day with this and it smells amazing. Comes in a little box so there is no wasteful packaging.
LUSH Shampoo Bar

14 reviews

This smells so good and I love that it is a naked product meaning there is no waste in bottling or wrapping it. It is effective with cleaning my hair and leaving it soft.
LUSH Shampoo Bar Panoramix

1 review

Ce shampoing convient parfaitement aux cheveux colorés par glossing. La couleur reste plus longtemps qu'avec certains autres produits. De plus, comme j'ai la peau très sèche, ce produit est non irritant pour le cuir chevelu. Un produit de qualité.
LUSH Shampoo Bar Coconut Rice Cake

1 review

This shampoo bar smells so good and is so moisturizing, the only downside is its super creamy and doesn't stay as solid as the other bars and is a creamy pink mess, I have a lush tin so its not a huge deal to me but I wouldn't buy again because I don't think you get as many as...