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Sun Protection - Body Reviews

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Ombrelle Face Cream SPF 60

14 reviews

This sunscream has a creamy texture that absorbs well on the skin, does not leave skin whitish. It has a good protective cover but the skin is slightly shiny and a little oily. I recommend it for dry skin
Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Suncreen Lotion SPF 15

35 reviews

This oil free sunscreen keeps my skin nice and soft without being greesy. It's light enough I use it on my face under my makeup, and all over after my shower. The price point is respectable as well, great sunscreen for my family.
Life Brand Sunthera 3 SPF 30 Sun Protection Lotion

4 reviews

Cette crème solaire à une texture agréable, s'étend très bien et a une odeur parfumé qui est bien meilleure que l'odeur de la crème solaire habituelle. Elle est un peu plus chère que les marques de crème solaire standard, mais en vaut le prix, à mon avis.
Aveeno Natural Protection Mineral Block Sunblock SPF 30

2 reviews

i heard good things about mineral sunblock and decide to give it a try. and Aveeno is a trusted brand. it's really a good product, good SPF level and easy to use. the white cast is not as bad as i expected. works well for me
Lancaster Sunscreen

6 reviews

I feel the protection 100% At the very first time I was unprotected because I was using a cheap sunscreen but after Lancaster I feel more confident than before
Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock SPF 70

7 reviews

This is the best product brand for sunscreen I use this type and their shear and they both work great they don't leave that chalky look and it goes on smooth sheer and smells fabulous.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100

12 reviews

I have been using a bunch of sunblock before I found This! I really love this Neutrogena ultra sheer because it has spf 100 and It is so lightweight and doesn't make me feel sticky.
Kinesys Sun screen

4 reviews

I love this product. Currently waiting for it to come back into production. Before that I was looking for it everywhere! Not greasy and smells very nice. Easy spray application and goes on smoothly.
La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Fluid Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60

38 reviews

I have been searching for a good facial sunscreen for ages and ages and this is the one! My holy grail! It goes on super light and works well under makeup. It doesn’t leave a white cast or leave my skin oily. It also lasts forever - don’t let the small bottle deceive you...
Ombrelle Complete Protection Milk SPF 60

4 reviews

Got this on offer from Marshalls a month back and using it ever since. I have sensitive skin on my face but surprisingly this product did not break out my skin. Absolutely great and I'd recommend for dry skin as it is a bit o the oily side.
Sun Essentials Powder

1 review

I was very hesitant to try a product like this, but once I did I was hooked. The product runs for about $60 a tube, however it is refillable ..... which I think is great! It acts as a sunscreen as well as a finishing powder. You can get it in a variety of shades, including nude...
Vichy Idéal Soleil Sheer Lotion Bare Skin Feel SPF 60

278 reviews

Sunscreen is such a critical part of any skincare regimen and I feel like people really struggle to find a good quality sunscreen with no whitecast. I always trust Vichy products because I know they are made with good ingredients that will help my skin. Their sunscreen is great...
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Suntan Lotion

8 reviews

I use Hawaiian Tropics Suntan lotion during the spring and summer months. It works well to protect my skin and leaves it silky soft and hydrated.
RoC Soleil Protexion Velvet Facial Moisturiser SPF 30

2 reviews

This is great for combination and dry skin because it moisturizes with a velvet soft finish. Its formulated with silica to absorb oil and leaves skin shine-free without being overly matte.
Coppertone Sport Ultra Sweatproof SPF 30 Lotion

10 reviews

J'applique l'écran solaire Coppertone Sport pour me protéger contre le soleil. Il a une très belle texture, s'applique bien et ne laisse pas de résidus gras sur la peau. Je l'applique à tous les deux heures pour avoir une protection maximale. L'écran solaire reste sur la...
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 70

10 reviews

This is one of the brands my Skin Doctor recommended, I was told I had to use a 70+ in the sun, due to the fact I have had a few cancers cut out or burnt out. This cream is not greasy and absorbs right into your skin with no residue.
L’Oreal Ombrelle SPF60 Complete Lotion

3 reviews

Great frafrange free sunscreen. I'd recommend it for overall body use but it's much too thick to apply on face. Lotion goes on smoothly, but it's never quite a smooth as regular non-spf lotion. It tends to be goopy and if you put too much, there is white pasty residue.
Fancl Sunguard Nuance Pearl SPF 30 PA

1 review

I have super sensitive skin and am very careful when trying out new products especially when it's sunscreen. This product has been my favourite sunscreen for the past 2 years. Fancl is a brand that offers skincare and makeup products that has no preservatives, additives, or...
Neutrogena Age Shield Face Repair Sunblock

2 reviews

I love the feel of this sunblock which is like a cream. After applying this I swear my face looks better somehow?!
Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray

3 reviews

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray I really love this spray on sunscreen for my family, it is awesome you can use on wet or dry skin because in the water is were you get the full rays of the sun and lead to sunburn. I really like its no greasy at all, it has a pleasent smell...