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Cereal Reviews

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Nature Valley Crunchy Bar Granola - Oats and Honey

5 reviews

I enjoy this cereal bar from Nature Valley . The bars aren't too sweet and they're not too hard on the teeth so you have to really crunch on them. I find the two bars per package to be enough to tide me over until my next meal, so I keep this in my bag, at my desk and at home!
Special K Nourish Cereal ( coconut, cranberry)

12 reviews

This Special K cereal is my favourite one of all. It has the perfect balance of sweetness, and the coconut and cranberry just ties the almond cereal together. It tastes very nice with milk, and I would reccommend this cereal product to others.
Cinnamon Toast Blasted Shreds

1 review

This stuff is awesome! You don't even have to add milk you can eat it straight out of the box as a snack. Be warned though once your kids try it you won't get anymore so keep it hidden. I made the mistake one day of accidentally leaving it out and the kids got a hold of it...
Kellogs birthday cake fruitloops

2 reviews

This cereal tastes really good, also it comes with a great amount of it in the family size. Not my number one choice, but definitely, it is worth a try.
Chex Gluten Free in Honey Nut Flavour

6 reviews

After being recently diagnosed with celiac disease ..finding this cereal was amazing ..I now have a new go to comfort food ..I also enjoy all flavors of this cereal.
Jordan's morning crisp cereal dark chocolate

2 reviews

Mon fils adore ces céréales. Malheureusement, je trouve qu'elles ne viennent pas souvent en spécial, comparée à d'autres marques sur lesquelles on retrouve des rabais assez régulièrement. Et les épiceries ne semblent pas s'entendre sur l'emplacement dans les étagères:...
Natures Path Flax plus Waffles

1 review

My whole family loves these froze waffles. They are super convenient and fact in the morning while offering more nutrition then the standard frozen waffle. I like that they have wholesome organic ingredients and the extra protein and fiber from the flax seeds. Great product.
Kix cereal Honey

2 reviews

Honey Kix is a household favorite. It's a wonderful alternative to the sugary cereals. I have a 3, 4, & 5 year old and they always ask for sugar in their cereal, but not with the hiney flavored Kix. Great value and quality.
kellogg's special k protein cereal

7 reviews

I bought this cereal because it was recommended by my dietician. I am not a big fan of breakfast. I am surprised that I like this cereal. It is not too sweet, nice and crunchy. I should also say that I eat cereal without milk. This was perfect. I added fruit for a little...
All Bran Cranberry Almond Granola

14 reviews

It’s usually a chore for me to get more fibre in my diet so I look for more exciting ways to do it lol! Like this granola for instance. It’s very unique in the sense that it has a wide range of stuff happening here - there’s wheat puffs, bran flakes along with the...
Pumpkin Spiced Cheerios

4 reviews

I’m not normally a pumpkin spice person, but I saw these and thought I would try them and they are delicious! I mix them with special k to cut down on the sweetness and really enjoy them! I will be on the lookout next year when they are out again.
Post shredded wheat dark chocolate

2 reviews

I can't say it tasted really "bad" per say. But the flavour was rather strange. I felt like I was just eating cocoa powder. Perhaps with chocolate milk, it may taste better, but I didn't find it very appealing taste. It is not sweet at all so if you are one of those that like...
cheerios Very Berry

6 reviews

The Very Berry Cheerios definitely have a strong initial berry taste. I'm not a fan of fruity cereal, so I definitely wasn't too keen on it, but if you like a fruity type of cereal then I'm sure you would like it. I should mention that the fruit flavour doesn't last for very...
Lucky Charms Chocolate Cereal

22 reviews

NEW. FAVE. CEREAL. I will never stop loving this. I am an adult woman. I have children - I AM A MOTHER TO HUMAN CHILDREN... I don’t even care how bad this is for me. I love this s**t and it’s the only thing I covid-horded
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal with Red & Blue

1 review

I love this cereal because it's light weight and easy to eat and the sound it makes when I pour the milk on is charming love it! The simple sweet taste is my favorite can't go wrong with a box pop pop
nature's path organic peanut butter granola

2 reviews

Switched to healthy eating and this was a lifesaver. It tastes amazing - holds flavour well even when in yogurt in my lunch box. Doesn’t get soggy and adds a wonderful crunch without the hard cardboard taste. Is a little expensive but worth it in my opinion.
Cheerios Peanut Butter

37 reviews

A regular purchase as a relatively healthier option to curb late-night sweet tooth cravings! Good balance of chocolate/peanut butter flavours. Would be a good swap for baking treats, or making sweet snack mixes that call for regular Cheerios!
Val Nature granola

9 reviews

J'adore Val Nature sucrées et salées surtt Celui beurre d'arachide c'est mon préféré, sont une excellente collation pour un boost d'énergie en après-midi. Ces barres viennent souvent en spécial et ça vaut vraiment le détour. Ma famille en taille on achete toujours...
Kellogg's Corn Pops

10 reviews

I used to love these as a child and saw them recently so decided to try them again. Still lovely with the sweet glaze and love the crunchy texture wouldn’t have them everyday but fantastic as a treat now and again
Cheerios Very Berry Special Edition

2 reviews

Cheerios use to make a version of these many years ago, and i LOVED them. Then it was with bred berries, then they discontinued them and i was so disappointed! last week at Wal mart i spotted the Very berry and had to try them i was so excited! I'm glad i did, they were pretty...