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Cereal Reviews

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Special K Chocolatey Delight Cereal

32 reviews

Never thought that a chocolate would be good with cereals. O am glad I tried this coz I am hesitant and I thought the chocolate wouldn’t be a good combination in a cereal. but it is so good.
Chocolate Chex Cereal

13 reviews

We love chocolate Chex. It’s a light great snack any time of the day. A perfect hint of chocolate with every bite but not too sweet like some kids cereal. School lunch snack dry or with milk at home works both ways love it.
Yogurt Burst Cheerios

6 reviews

So very tasty. Was unexpected as I did not have high hopes that it would be good. It is now my favorite cereal which I eat daily. I love that it doesn't get soggy and there is no need to add sugar
Kashi GoLean Cereal

80 reviews

Most cereals tend to have a lot of sugar in them, but this is the first cereal I've encountered with minimal sweetness. I find the taste perfect. Not too sweet and has crunch texture to it. Great with yogurt.
KASHI TLC Soft-Baked Cereal Bars

5 reviews

Absolutely delicious and very filling, these bars make for great breakfast, snack or dessert. I purchased these in three different flavors, Mocha Almond, Dark chocolate and coconuts, and a black cherry chocolate and was not disappointed by any of them.The best part is that my...
Special K Red Berries Cereal

374 reviews

Kellogg's Red Berries cereal has been a favorite of mine for many years. I love the taste of berries and crunchy cereal with milk. No need to add sugar. The berries add just enough sweetness. I also find this cereal convenient when fresh berries are unavailable. I would...
Fibre 1 Cereal

9 reviews

I really enjoy Fibre1 cereal. It tastes great and has over half of my daily fibre. It helps keep me full and helps keep me on my nutrional goals of the day. A great way to start the morning.
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

198 reviews

The first time I tried this with my kids they were in LOVE!! After I bought it they asked to try it right away and now it's their absolute FAVORITE cereal.
Crunch Berries

2 reviews

This is my favourite cereal ever! Every time my family and I go shopping in the U.S we pick up a couple of boxes. For some reason the Crunch Berry version is not available in Ontario, which is disappointing as plain Captain Crunch doesn't have the same allure.
Kashi Organic Promise Cinnamon Harvest Cereal

26 reviews

We love Kashi cereal in my household so I knew these were going to be amazing, the flavor is perfect no too sweer. They make breakfast much better and are my go to every time.
fibre one with raisins

2 reviews

This tasted really good when i tried it. plus it is healthy and gives you a full serving of fibre.
Special K Blueberry Cereal

24 reviews

This cereal is delicious and I really like it because it leaves me full for hours. Some cereals you eat and then you're hungry an hour later. This cereal leaves me full until lunch time (sometimes more!)
Total Blueberry Pomegranate

1 review

I got this with their new promotion going on. It was amazing at how well the taste is. I am not a cereal fan, but I would highly recommend this to anyone. They also give you a 75 cents off coupon on a future purchase. Definitely worth me going to the supermarket just to buy this.
Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal

6 reviews

The Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal is one of Kashi's lighter varieties. While they make a lot of healthier cereals, this one has a lower calorie content than many of their other varieties. The taste is semi-sweet, which is great if you are looking for flavor, but do not want to to...
Nature Path Mesa Sunrise Cereal

6 reviews

I love cereal but it seems to me that they always are too sweet, that there's always too much added sugar in them. But this brand seems like the only one I can find (and it's organic too !!) that satisfies me, because they're just sweet enough. Plus you can buy large bags so...
Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites Chocolate

12 reviews

I love chocolate mini wheats and used to buy them ALL the time. Now i cant find them anywhere!? Where did they go? They were so delicious and i miss them!!! :(
President's Choice Multigrain Oatmeal

1 review

This product is a multi grain no sugar added cinnamon instant oatmeal. I have purchased similar products before but found this one to be very gross. I found it salty without any flavour. It is good for you but I would rather buy instant oats and add my own spices.
Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal

576 reviews

I love cereal, but I want to know that when I'm eating them, they are beneficial, healthy and not loaded with ingredients I can barely read. Raisin bran is my go-to for a healthy breakfast, mid-day or late-night snack. Loaded with fibre, this is a wonderful product to ensure you...
Kashi GOLEAN Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble Cereal

12 reviews

It was delicious and it made me feel full right until lunch time. It really sticks to your ribs and was a pleasure to eat. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to anyone who’s like to to eat healthy but still be full!
Natures Choice Multigrain Cereal Bars

2 reviews

Love healthy organic cereals when it comes to eating, also are easy snacks to take everywhere. I Have try 2 different flavours not sure how many it have but the butter peanut with chocolate and the corn puffs and great my kids love it