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Cookies Reviews

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Mint Oreo Fudge Creme Cookies

5 reviews

These are delicious! Not overly sweet and the mint flavour goes perfect with the chocolate.
Golden Oreo Cookies

21 reviews

Like them better than the double stuffed not as sweet. Doesn't dissolve the same in chocolate milk compared to regular milk. Biggest issues lately is the resealable bag doesn't want to stay closed and package seems smaller but price keeps increasing.
Peek Freans LifeStyle Cranberry Citrus Oat Crunch Cookies

24 reviews

This is a little embarrassing but...yes...I have eaten the entire box in a sitting. They are so delicious and really hard to stop eating!!!!! They are thin and light so even if you do end up eating the whole box you don't feel soo bad. It has little chunks of cranberries in it...
Peek Freans Lifestyle Cookies No Sugar Added Fruit Creme

5 reviews

Love these cookies, nice light flavor perfect with tea, I grew up having these with my grandmother and still eat them to this day.
Peek Freans LifeStyle Blueberry Brown Sugar with Flax

22 reviews

This cookie tastes soooo good!! I love having it as a snack while I study. It is not overly sweet so it's so easy to finish one package by myself lol I sometimes end up finishing the whole package when I was going to have just a few. Good thing is that it has 2 separate bags so...
Dare Cookies

9 reviews

These definitely aren't the best tasting cookies on the market, but for the price they're okay for a snack every now and again. I find them overly crunchy and dry, and I'm not a fan of the coconut taste overall.
Peek Freans Life Style Shortbread Cookies

8 reviews

I love these cookies. They are not too heavy but they do have that buttery taste that I want in a shortbread. These cookies are great to have as a snack. The texture is soft but there is a crunch to them. They are great to have with tea. I love the shapes of these cookies...
Peek Frean Ginger Cookies

1 review

i love peek freans, their cookies are the best! i like their ginger snaps/cookies, they taste very good, not too sweet, yet only 140 calories for 3 cookies! how good is that!! (and when it's on sale, it is just $2 a box! and they offer coupons in their facebook page also!)
Lucy's Oatmeal Cookies

2 reviews

they are not the best cookies in the world but they also are not the worst. they do sorta taste like old granny cookies but my kids seem to like them.
Christie Ahoy Extras Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies

5 reviews

We agree with Bumble... It's seldom that we could taste either chocolate or peanut butter. We wondered in which country they were made, but could find NO country of origin anywhere, other than 'Imported by Christie Brown & Co.' which means they were made in a foreign country...
Belvita Breakfast Cookies

46 reviews

I cannot say enough about these delicious breakfast biscuits! Not quite a graham cracker, not quite a granola bar, they are made with whole grains and are just sweet enough to complement my morning coffee or evening tea! My personal fave is the Blueberry flavor, but my kids love...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams S'mores Baked Graham Snacks

8 reviews

My daughter loves S'mores Goldfish. We always have to have them on hand for school snacks so we usually buy a few bags at a time. Especially since we like to snack on them too. They taste so good!
Christie Pirate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

43 reviews

Delicious and tasty! A great snack from Christie brand. I enjoy the good ingredients that have a rich and creamy decadent taste. It is always reliably tasty and fresh. I really enjoy this and have bought this brand for years. I will always love them. Great with a glass of milk.
Mini Oreo Cookies

35 reviews

Pantry staple at all times. We keep several boxes on hand. When Oreos are your favourite cookies, these are good to enjoy an occasional treat without overdoing.
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams, Vanilla Cupcake

45 reviews

This is the perfect vanilla cookie. It’s not too sweet has these little pink sprinkle in it that actually gives off the sweet flavor it’s amazing I love theses goldfish
Christie Fudgee O Cookie

69 reviews

Better than Oreos for sure. The chocolate is real tasting and not artificial. It’s smooth. Cookies on outside are crunchy but not brittle. Perfect combination! I love these cookies and can easily have four in one sitting!
Fudgee-o Double stuff

3 reviews

Fudgeeos are awesome... fudgeeos double stuff are double the awesomeness! Love them!
futura green tea cookies

1 review

They are only found in Japan. But this is one of a kind that is good milk cookies with green tea filling. I would gladly recommend this to milk tea and green tea lovers, because this cookie is quite rich in flavor; also this cookie is crunchy so you could dunk it on a glass of...
speculoos cookies

1 review

Speculoos cookies, are awesome treat all the way from Belgium. It has sort of a bitter and sweet taste that goes well with a glass of milk or coffee; whichever you prefer still it taste good... I personally like it with milk because of its crunchy texture sort of like eating...
Quaker Soft Baked Cookies - Cranberry and Yogurt

5 reviews

These are a good choice for a quick breakfast : pair one soft baked cookie with a yogurt and some fruit juice and you have a balancd start to your day. I like all the flavours (cranberry, blueberry, chocolate) but my 7 year old dosen't like the cranberry one because it's too...