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Coolers Reviews

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8 reviews

I love grapefruit flavoured drinks and am always keen to try new ones in my holy grail quest. This one ain't it. "Grapefruit" flavour is acrid and artificial. Sugar content is way too high. I had to dilute 3:1 with carbonated water just to choke it back. Avoid this product...
Smirnoff Blueberry & Lemonade

22 reviews

These are by far some of my favorite drinks made by Smirnoff. I'm not a huge fan of lemonade but this stuff I find didn't taste much like that, it had more of a blueberry taste. Delicious when chilled,
Smirnoff Cranberry & Lime

4 reviews

I was so excited to finally see a low-carb pre-mixed drink from Smirnoff! The taste is good but I was a little disappointed at how subtle the cranberry is. It tastes a lot more like a vodka soda than anything else but it is worth the buy.
Alive Coolers

5 reviews

Love those coolers ! They actually do make you feel ALIVE !
Bacardi Breezer 100 Calorie Tropical Orange Smoothie

2 reviews

I really enjoy this beverage and really love that its low calorie seeing as mixed cocktails can be really high in calories. Its a bit sweet but I like that in a cooler. It's absolutely perfect over ice during the summer months! I highly recommend you try it out.
Coors Light Iced T

9 reviews

I'm still on the fence about this product and am definitely going to have to try it again. I often find I can be biased with some of the flavoured beers as when I find something I like I tend to just stick with that product. Definitely not as sugary tasting as Twisted Tea...
Vex Hard Lemonade

8 reviews

I find vex coolers to be way too sweet and synthetic tasting for my liking.
Naked Grape - Spritzers

6 reviews

Honestly I wasn't a big fan of the spritzer . I saw a sign in my local liquor store advertising the new drinks so I thought I'd try one but seriously I couldn't even take too sips . Way too sugary tasting and I don't even know what to say , except I personally didn't like it
Fuzzy Duck - Margarita

1 review

This is a pre-mixed vodka cooler, made in New Brunswick. It has a nice lime flavour, and is quite sweet. It's very refreshing, and great when served over ice. Perfect drink for summer. Priced great @ $2.99 a bottle!
Fuzzy Duck - Blue Raspberry

1 review

This is a delicious, pre-mixed vodka cooler. It's made in New Brunswick, Canada. Very refreshing taste, and great when served over ice. It's quite sweet in taste, but goes down easily. It's made with natural spring water.
Jose Cuervo - Margarita Mix

4 reviews

Although this mix isn't the best one around, it is certainly worth a try. Not to mention there is absolutely no hassle to make this drink. I find this mixer goes best with Jose Cuervo tequila and it's a really great option to have on hand. One bottle makes several cocktails!...
Mike's Hard Mango Lemonade

4 reviews

If your not I to sweet drinks this may not be for you. Though not as sweet as many coolers can be. After a few the sweetness does get to you. I do enjoy mikes mango though myself most mikes hard actually. The mango is really good of you add a little Malibu rum in it...
REV Drinks

8 reviews

There coolers are Way too sweet that you can't taste anything but sugar as well they need more flavors. Typical alcohol content for a cooler, nothing special.
Smirnoff Twisted Raspberry Coolers

14 reviews

These are a little pricey considering the liquor content but they sure are good especially in the summer. The flavor in these are light and refreshing
Smirnoff Ice Light Vodka Cooler

9 reviews

Eh not bad not good just subtle. Tastes like sprite. It’s aight. A little too fizzy for my liking but, haven’t tried the other flavors but probably just extra added sugar.
Bacardi Breezer Tropical Orange Smoothie

11 reviews

This tropical orange smootie is gorgeous!! Its my new fav flavour. It tastes so smooth! And the tropical orange flavour is just right. I love the design in the bottle also, As it really makes the bottle stand out while looking in the shop! Gorgeous drink!

4 reviews

I think the Aperol spritz is officially the drink of summer 2021! This classic beverage seems to be making its way onto every restaurant and bar menu and for a good reason! If you haven’t yet tried it, it’s a refreshing and sweet summer cocktail and with this Aperol product...
Skinnygirl: Ready To Serve Cocktails

3 reviews

Delicious drinks that are a great price, I usually have these for a girls night before we head to the bar, they're low on calories but not on flavor!!
Skinnygirl Cocktails: SKINNYMINIS

1 review

These are awesome! I'm a huge fan of the Skinnygirl Ready To Serve Cocktails, and this just made my life much easier. The other option is a full size bottle, that you just open and pour into glasses. This is so much more convienient! It's nice sometimes to just let loose, and...
Vex: Bananatini

4 reviews

I love the bananatini it's the best drink I've had in a very long time I can't believe they stopped sending it to our liquor stores in Sudbury I haven't been able to find anything I like since, it's perfect,not to sweet and definitely not sour I really miss it