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Crackers Reviews

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Sensible Portions Samosa Crackers with lentil flour

1 review

I am always on the search for health snacks that my family can enjoy in place of chips or other unhealthy snacks. I haven't seen these before, but on my trip to Costco I spotted these for app. $5.99 CDN ( a pack of two bags in each box). I will say we love these crackers! I...
Dare Breton Gluten Free Black Bean with Onion & Garlic Crackers

5 reviews

My daughter has a mild wheat allergy so tried this since it’s gluten free. Crackers delicious. It’s so addictive with a great flavour. Always on sale at lob laws so currently the price is great. Only complaint is it breaks apart really easily. Wish it was more hearty, but I...
Triscuit Rye with Caraway Seeds

1 review

This flavour is the very best of all the Triscuit crackers. Wonderful with a cheese ball or meat spread. The flavour does not overpower the toppings. Super crunchy.
Christie Original Rice Thins

9 reviews

Christie rice thins are very yummy and very addictive, super crunchy and lightly salted. I love eating them on their own and have polished off a whole box. Let's just say, the box replaced my supper. Lol.
no name crackers (ritz kind)

1 review

These no name crackers look and taste the same as the more expensive Ritz cackers. Because of the price difference, i tend to by a lot of them because I love to snack on them.
Christie Triscuits regular

1 review

I love these crackers with cheeze whiz or peanut butter.They also go good in soups and I sometimes buy a veggie one. They make a really nice snack when I feel the need.
Christie Sesame Rice Thins

2 reviews

I love these crackers. They have a great texture and just the right amount of salt. I have them with hummus and other dips. They are great with peanut butter too:) Yum!
rw garcia 3 seed sweet beet crackers

1 review

I have loved this brand of healthy snacks! We are definitely a fan of these in our home. I purchased the sweet potato at first and we loved them! On my next trip to Costco, I saw this version and hand to give to give it a go and I am glad I did. I will say although delicious...
Ritz Crackers

29 reviews

Great snack!!! Love these and buy them from time to time for that purpose. I’m not sure if they are healthy or not, but I enjoy them. Usually not too expensive for an occasional snack for sure.
Dare Breton Bites Original

7 reviews

These are my favorite crackers! I find them a fantastic alternative for potato chips! They take care of that craving for salt and crunch and are much better for you than chips! My favorite bedtime snack is to have them with cheese or dip them in peanut butter. They are so tender...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Flavour Blasted Explosive Pizza Snacks

13 reviews

It's an awesome quick snack my 3 year old and 6 year old love it. They carry it as their car time snack and its full of flavour. I buy for 2 CAD and it's worth the money
Christie Foods Triscuit Sea Salt and Black Pepper

10 reviews

Christie Foods Triscuit Sea Salt and Black Pepper; jheathier alternative to those with gluten sensititivies or want a healthier ingriedients diet great tasting good amount of salt and black pepper gives it that salty taste we enjoy along with the kick of the black pepper that...
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams Crackers

24 reviews

Great for making smores. Delicious combination reminds me of those summer camping nights. Honey Maid is definitely the OG of graham crackers. Great for anything from snacking to baking.
Ritz Breadsticks and Cheese

2 reviews

I bought these at Costco. They are great little snacks and even my 4 year old has them. I always keep one in my purse to have on hand if my daughter is looking for a snack. Just the right ratio of crackers to cheese spread.
Premium Plus Rounds Salted

2 reviews

These premium plus salted rounds were great, I had them with soup, peanut butter, or with some cheese. I keep a box at work and basically have them with everything
Beet crackers.

2 reviews

Beet crackers are amazing. They are quite expensive though. I wish that just because “Gluten free” has become a fad that it didn’t make the good stuff more expensive for those of us who actually can’t eat it.
Triscuit Crackers Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil

6 reviews

They put wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much seasoning that you cant even enjoy the cracker anymore like what am I supposed to do, buy plain and make my own seasoning or invest in a knife and scrape it off???
Biskwi Sandwich Crackers with Cheese

1 review

These Crackers are a nice quick snack or a good add to a lunch. Not to salty. Nice Cheese flavor. 190 Calories so not to bad in that regard. I like to keep them on hand for a snack or in my desk when I have no time to get lunch. I got them at the Dollar store, 6 packages...
Ritz Bits sandwiches pizza

8 reviews

If you like pizza then this snack is just for you! It's flaky with a smooth filling and the combination of cracker and filling is great! It's easy to go through the box quickly!
Christie French Onion Crackers

5 reviews

I have been making my salmon dip for years, any potluck or just having company over. I have never served it without 3 or more people asking me for the recipe? The dip is something I made up myself however without Christie french onion crackers it is just not the same. I...