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Crackers Reviews

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Ritz Fudge-Covered Crackers

9 reviews

We bought these and there were mixed reviews.. they are yummy but they don’t have a true Ritz flavour. I like sweet and salty but this just wasn’t quite right. They are not cheap and hard to find but worth trying!
Mary's Gone Organic Crackers

7 reviews

gluten free and delicious. great flavour. crunchy but not sandy-like taste. i love these with any side, cheese, spread, etc. definitely buying again and again!
Triscuit Crackers

252 reviews

To eat by itself or with anything else! I love eating them with cream cheese and smoked salmon, these crackers are so delicious! they are so far, my favorite!
Ritz Crackers

29 reviews

Great snack!!! Love these and buy them from time to time for that purpose. I’m not sure if they are healthy or not, but I enjoy them. Usually not too expensive for an occasional snack for sure.
Dare Breton Minis Vegetable Crackers

21 reviews

I love Breton vegetable crackers because they not only taste amazing with just the right amount of saltiness but they taste good with all types of processed meats, and cheeses. The minis are awesome to play around with and top them with ham and cheese as finger foods at house...
Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips

107 reviews

I love the sour cream and onion flavour. The only downside is when you chew them they turn a little mushy and I feel like they leave a film on my tongue. But they are healthier than chips!
Kashi Snack Crackers Original 7 grains

5 reviews

Tried these crackers for the first time and fell in love. They taste healthy and yet delicious. I would highly recommend giving them a try. So much better than what I expected.
Ritz Chips

10 reviews

I love these cracker chips. They are amazing with some cream cheese spread on top. They are priced well however they are difficult to find around me. Every now and then Walmart will get some in. I like the crunch to them. I'm sure they are healthier than an actual chip but I...
Ritz Munchables in Sour Cream And Onion

4 reviews

What a delicious and addictive cracker. The added goodness of the pretzel gives these crackers added flavor and texture. A perfect crunch with a generous sprinkling of cheesy sour cream makes them a fan favourite in our home.
Triscuit Crackers with 61% Less Sodium

7 reviews

I like triscuits and like the lower salt option. These can be a bit pricey if you don't get them on sale (usually less than $2 on sale). They are great warmed in the microwave with a slice of melted cheese.
Christie Premium Plus Crackers

151 reviews

I had enjoyed the Premium Plus crackers for over 50 years but not anymore. They changed the recipie and they are awful. I Thought the first time I got a bad box but that proved to not be the case. What a disappointment. They are tasteless. I will have to look for an...
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams Crackers

24 reviews

Great for making smores. Delicious combination reminds me of those summer camping nights. Honey Maid is definitely the OG of graham crackers. Great for anything from snacking to baking.
Christie Vegetable Thins

50 reviews

I purchased a box this past summer and when I went to use them thought that maybe they had gone stale as they were almost soft and did not look like they had been baked long enough. The taste was off so was the texture. I purchased another box recently and it was the same thing...
Mum-Mum White Cheddar Rice Crackers

2 reviews

Nice to have something that's portable to give to baby. Fun flavor. We used while camping and we were eating chips, gave the little one some of these so he was snacking along side with us but I know he was eating something not bad for him.
Mum-Mum Apple Cinnamon Rice Crackers

3 reviews

I love that hot kids have so much options in flavours for snacks both my baby and toddler loves it
Pepperidge Farm Baked Cracker Chips

33 reviews

Bought those for the first time in ketchup flavour and I have to say I liked them...I bought them on sale so the price wasn't to high....they are a really tasty snack....
Cheez-It Baked Snack Cracker Hot & Spicy

9 reviews

I literally ate the entire box in one sitting. Please make a bigger box for those of us who are true snackers . Addicting little things these are especially with spinach dip
Ritz Garlic & Butter Crackers

8 reviews

I mean i shouldn’t have been surprised as regular ritz crackers are the bomb.com but i had never tried these. the garlic butter flavour adds a WONDERFUL hint to the cracker. i used them as a base for a snack tray!
Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips in Sour Cream and Onion

22 reviews

Would recommend. I love these the flavor is great and they are my go to snack for when I'm on the go! It really is worth it! Also the price is even better.
Breton Vinta 8 Grain & Seeds

3 reviews

J'aime toutes les sortes de Craquelins Breton. Vraiment bien pour accompagner une soupe ou bien des crudités. J'achète l'original mais j'aime cette sorte.