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Crackers Reviews

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Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers

16 reviews

I used to eat the fish ones all the time until I discovered this one. It tastes less artificial and salty. I feel better about eating this one compared to the other one.
Pepperidge Farm Organic Goldfish, Cheddar

9 reviews

The best thing about these organic goldfish (besides from the ingredients) is that they taste exactly like the original! They are a lot more expensive than the non organic ones but worth the price if you really want organic ingredients. I would buy these again for my kids...
Quaker Crispy Minis Rice Cakes Orignal

3 reviews

We always have a package or two or three of these in the pantry.great in school lunches instead of bread. Grab and go on your way to the kids swimming lessons.
Goldfish Grahams Chocolate Brownie

3 reviews

These were a tasty surprise! Reminded me a lot of old school chocolate teddy graham cookies. I did find them a tad dry, but I mean, it’s a cookie/cracker thing so that’s to be expected. I did find the chocolate flavour to be nice, sweet but not overly so. I’d buy them...
Christie Triscuit Made with Brown Rice

21 reviews

These are hands down the best crackers Triscuit have come out with. Too bad I cannot find them in any grocery store now not sure if they are discontinued but there are a sweet potato option just not made with brown rice.
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Flavour Blasted Kick It Up A Nacho Snacks

5 reviews

This is such a tasty snack .I like the original cheese goldfish but this one is WAY better as it has way more flavor and is more enjoyable ! Mmm I want some as I'm writing this lol.If you have kids as I do they will sure love them!!
Dare Breton Caramelized Onion crackers

4 reviews

I read a review on these and ran out to the store to get a box. These crackers are amazing. They taste so good, you can eat them plain with no toppings. Made with sprouted grains, they are only 20 calories each.
Ritz Handi-Snacks Crackers n' Cheese

2 reviews

Handi-snacks that are great for all occasions especially after work or school. I carry some on me for a quick snack. My nieces love these as well. Great for all ages. Easy transport anywhere. The flavours are classic.
Dare Breton Crackers in Original

9 reviews

Great value great taste worth going out my way to buy on a bi weekly bases. I would definitely them again. I will definitely let friends know about this product and let family know as well. My family loves the selection and the taste of them no ordener crackers a special treat.
Christie Original Rice Thins

9 reviews

Christie rice thins are very yummy and very addictive, super crunchy and lightly salted. I love eating them on their own and have polished off a whole box. Let's just say, the box replaced my supper. Lol.
Christie Sesame Rice Thins

2 reviews

I love these crackers. They have a great texture and just the right amount of salt. I have them with hummus and other dips. They are great with peanut butter too:) Yum!
Ritz Original Crackers

3 reviews

Very tasty and yummy. I always add it on my cheese board and just enjoying with it. my favorite snack when i was at work and aswell at home. always have a stock of it. I will buy this product for sure.
Triscuit Thin Crisps Sweet Chili

3 reviews

Love the little bit of spiciness in these crackers! I eat them with cheese and many kinds of dips. I cannot get enough of these! Highly recommend to anyone who likes a bit of a kick.
Ritz Holiday Crackers

3 reviews

Their light buttery flavour is what got me hooked. And of course their cute shapes for Christmas gatherings. They pair well with dips and cheese and crackers. My kids love them too.
Triscuit Crackers - Brown Rice and Sweet Potato, Caramelized Onion

12 reviews

I have been a Triscuit lover for may years I have tried several of the newer flavours which are ok but this was not that great Still think the original dis the best
Mum-Mum Apple Cinnamon Rice Crackers

3 reviews

I love that hot kids have so much options in flavours for snacks both my baby and toddler loves it
Triscuit Crackers

252 reviews

To eat by itself or with anything else! I love eating them with cream cheese and smoked salmon, these crackers are so delicious! they are so far, my favorite!
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Cheddar

158 reviews

These are really good but also not healthy at all. I wish to rate them higher but again, not healthy. They do taste like cheddar though which is nice and they also have a nice crunch to them!
Christie Vegetable Thins

50 reviews

I purchased a box this past summer and when I went to use them thought that maybe they had gone stale as they were almost soft and did not look like they had been baked long enough. The taste was off so was the texture. I purchased another box recently and it was the same thing...
PC Pita Crackers, Sea Salt

1 review

Tried these pita crackers attracted by the "pita" in the name, what a pleasurable surprise, this is the more similar cracker to the salt crackers back home. The crunchiness of the cracker combined with the salty flavor make them the perfect mid day snack.