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Crackers Reviews

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Goldfish Cheese Trio

10 reviews

I love goldfish, but I love this flavour even more. For me I find the white cheddar crackers so sharp and flavourful. They are nostalgic, and great to dip in laughing cow cheese. Highly recommend this flavour if you like goldfish!
Dare Breton Gluten Free Herb & Garlic Crackers

34 reviews

Although not celiac myself, two members of my household are! These are wonderful gluten free crackers and are a definite staple in our home. They are very reasonably priced and do not have the rice cracker flavour so many GF crackers do. I would 100% recommend these crackers!
Goldfish Flavor Blast xtra chedar

10 reviews

I was not a fan of these. The extra powdered "cheese" feels cheap and artificial. The bag size is smaller than the ones without this powder. I wish the bag was re-sealable.
Ritz baked chips original

4 reviews

These Ritz crackers are really good. They are very crispy and have the perfect amount of salt. I feel that they should give you more for the amount of money they cost.
Goldfish in blasted screamin' salt & vinegar

18 reviews

The vinegar is definitely the strongest part of the taste for me. I personally don't mind it however if you don't enjoy super strong "screamin" flavours this isn't for you. This is a great alternative to salt and vinegar chips!
Dare Breton Minis Vegetable Crackers

21 reviews

I love Breton vegetable crackers because they not only taste amazing with just the right amount of saltiness but they taste good with all types of processed meats, and cheeses. The minis are awesome to play around with and top them with ham and cheese as finger foods at house...
Wheat Thins Multigrain Crackers

29 reviews

Wheat Thins are a healthy option for a snack. I would much rather reach for these than potato chips or another item that has far more calories and is much more unhealthy. My children also enjoy it with their lunch at school. I would definitely recommend these!
Pepperridge farm goldfish

1 review

I bought the pizza flavour goldfish because I wanted crackers but instead I bought the gold fish Because I read on the label that they were backed and I love them. They became an household item
Vitavigor sesame breadsticks

1 review

I bought some of these Vitavigor sesame breadsticks to add to gourmet food basket gifts this Christmas. They packaging allows you to look inside at the breadsticks to make sure they are not broken.
Breton Minis Bite-Size Crackers Garden Vegetables

2 reviews

I decided to try these to have with cheese. They are bite-sized, don't leave crumbs and have a tasty zing about them. I recommend these. They are great by themselves or with some cheese. If you haven't tried them you should
Saltin Noel Crackers

1 review

I bought these at a local Asian grocery store. It was hard to know what kind of saltines these were (salted tops or not). But for the cheap prices and the huge amount in the package, I figured I might as well try. They are perferated crackers that you can break apart to have...
Cheez-It Italian Four Cheese Baked Snack Crackers

2 reviews

I love the good old crackers and tomato soup, so when I noticed I didn’t have any around, I reached for the cheez-it’s Italian flavour and *chefs kiss* delicious! Alone as well is tasty if you just want a nice cheezy crunch :)
sweet potato wheat thins

3 reviews

I enjoy sweet potatoes now and then...and I love Wheat Thins as a go to cracker...so decided to give these a whirl...they smelled good, but not quite what I had expected and a bit of a let down to other Wheat Thin flavors...will still buy this brand but perhaps to stick to some...
Nabisco Triscuit Crackers in Rosemary & Olive Oil

26 reviews

I’m a huge fan of the original Triscuits and was so excited when they started introducing new flavours and variations. This is one of my favourite flavour combos and it’s a classic. These crackers are great on their own, but made even better with additional toppings...
Ritz Crisp Thins - Bacon flavour

1 review

Interesting flavour but they quickly become addicting! The ingredients state nothing related to bacon but they have done a good job of getting it right!
Triscuit Roasted Garlic

13 reviews

This Triscuit are so tasty and work well for so many things. on their own, or served with cheeses and cold cuts. Also use them to make canapes such as mini pizzas or just add pieces of Brie...
Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Squares

1 review

These are very tasty cheese crackers that we enjoy in our household. They have a very nice cheddar taste too them with some salt added on top of these crackers. These are probably one of the healthier cheese crackers I have found on the shelves that don't contain ingredients...
Ritz low sodium

2 reviews

These are the good old ritz crackers flavour, but a bit less salty. I prefer them over the original because they don't dry out my mouth as much. It's still a good amount of salt though... They taste a bit sweeter though than the original, probably because the sugar now has an...
Cheese Nibs Crackers

7 reviews

This is a classic snack that feel like childhood! Not the most organic ingredients but tastes good! I recommend eating it with a glass of cold water! :)
Ritz Crackers

29 reviews

Great snack!!! Love these and buy them from time to time for that purpose. I’m not sure if they are healthy or not, but I enjoy them. Usually not too expensive for an occasional snack for sure.