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Grocery Reviews

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High Liner Signature Cuts Crispy Breaded Fillets: Wild Caught Haddock

3 reviews

I don't normally eat frozen food, but this is the exception. I love that I only need to shove these into my oven for 19 mins and it's ready to eat. It's not over-breaded and the fish flakes nicely. They taste great with tartar sauce and makes for a quick easy meal ! Got these on...
E.D smith cherry pie filling

7 reviews

I had to make some cherry pies for a fundraiser bake sale. I decided to cut my work in half and use a canned pie filling so I made all my pies and they sold really fast. A few days later a woman I knew that bought one said it tasted just like the ones her grandma made. I will...
Herbamare Sea Salt

13 reviews

C’est du sel de mer vraiment en fine particule , c’est léger et c dur plus longtemps je trouve , c'est sans GMS OU ADDITIF! Il est aux herbes naturel , moi je n’utilise plus de sel de table !
Brunswick Seafood Snacks Tomato & Basil Sauce

1 review

Brunswick Seafood Snacks& Sardines are always so yummy. Childhood, I used to bring them to school for lunch. Very efficient, easy, yummy and good for you but stiinky! These ones are Tomato &Basil;Sauce that is so good, rich, tangy, sweet, saucey. Makes a veery good blend
Brunswick Seafood Snacks Hot Sauce

1 review

I love every kind of Brunswick Seafood snacks& Sardines. So yummmy and flavorful! Childhood I took these to school for lunches. So nutritious and packed with energy but stinky! This specific kind is Hot Sauce. It has a good amount but not too much and its only Franks Red...
Chips Ahoy chunks

15 reviews

These are my favorite cookies since a really long time now. A box of sweetness, which is very easily liked by all. My family love these and cant wait for them to go in deal all the time.
Simply Organic Cinnamon

3 reviews

I love the glass bottles so I'm starting to collect simply organic spices. I think the pricing isn't crazy considering they are organic. The non-organic bottles are also expensive. I'm probably going to refill the bottles rather than buy the spices again though. I love it but...
Uncle Bens Fast & Fancy Rice Dishes

27 reviews

This is a great product. They are quick and easy to make and taste great. I enjoy them with chicken. A nice side with dinner. The kids eat them too so it makes dinner great.
Five Alive Juice

25 reviews

Really enjoy this juice, tasts great, its also great to include in protein shakes and just shakes alone with fruit. The price is also very food, only $2 at walmart
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

15 reviews

I recently started my Christmas baking. I ran out of Eagle brand condensed milk and my corner store had another brand that I purchased. My family noticed the different taste immediately when they tasted the truffles. I will never use any other condensed milk again except Eagle...
Spitz DillPickle Sunflower seeds

17 reviews

One of my favorite Spitz flavors along with Spicy Sweet Chili, they taste great and are super addictive. I have found lately that there are a lot of seedless shells though so a little disappointed about that.
Ocean's Flaked Light Tuna- Lemon & Pepper

1 review

I found this on sale at Loblaws for $1. The container has an easy to open hook. It is a portioned container of tuna, which makes it easy to grab for lunch. I take this, a few crackers, and a fruit for a balanced lunch. The tuna is moist and flakey. It is packed into the...
Piller's Original Pepperoni

2 reviews

I love these pepperoni sticks! can't just have one. They aren't very spicy so even my toddler kid loves to eat them. They make great snacks! They also have them at Costco- and often at a great price as well!
PC Cheddar Smokies

2 reviews

If you never tried Smokies before then you're in for a treat. It's like a hot dog and sausage had a cheese filled baby. They are great over an open fire while in the back yard or camping. Or even just fry them up in the kitchen. If you don't mind a little spice then go ahead and...
Kraft Extra Creamy Peanut Butter

21 reviews

This is the smoothest peanut butter that I have purchased in a long time it has great peanut flavor and is in keeping with the rest of the craft products that we are all used to
Pillsbury ready to bake chocolate chip cookies

10 reviews

Such a simple way to make chocolate chip cookies! These just come out of the package ready to be placed on your baking sheet , than throw in the oven and these come out smelling amazing. .These are such gooey, yummy cookies. They taste great while they are hot , or cooled off...
Kraft dinner spirals

11 reviews

I like the spiral kd way better then the original kd but it doesn't fill me up as much as an original box of kd. Definitely needs more noodles added to the box.
Old el paso Baja Fish Poisson

2 reviews

I am not a lover of anything seafood but we found this taco kid and decided to try it out. It was so delicious and I ate more fish than ever. I was recently looking for the kit and couldn’t find it so I messaged old el passo on Facebook and was advised that they have sadly...
Mina Halal Ground Chicken

3 reviews

The chicken is of nice quality but I have some issues with packaging. The product was good but anything could have been done to it since the packaging had holes in it.
Pam High Temperature Grilling Non-Stick Cooking Spray

3 reviews

J'adore ce produits. Grâce à cela, je n'est pratiquement rien qui colle lors de la cuisson. De plus, sa ne laisse pas la nourriture graisseuse et ça se lave très bien !!!