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Packaged Side Dishes Reviews

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Knorr Sidekicks Singapore Curry Noodles

12 reviews

I found it had a weird taste.I like curry but this had a strange after taste.I also thought texture was not appealing.I have other favors but did not like this one.
Clover Leaf Flaked Light Tuna Sundried Tomato &Basil;

7 reviews

We tried this product and neither my husband and I liked this prodùct. We are unsure if it was the flavour that we didnt like or that we made sandwiches out of it instead of using it in one of the recipes for a meal. Either way I dont think I will purchase flavoured tuna...
Knorr Creamy Garlic Pasta Sauce Mix

9 reviews

J'ai adorer le knorr a l'ail crémeuse! au debut j'avait peur d'avoir mauvaise haleine, mais non !!!!!! c'est tout simplement delicieux, rapide, facile, parfait pour les soir de semaine ou nous sommes presser
Knorr Sidekicks White Cheddar & Broccoli

6 reviews

This has got to be the favourite flavour for my family!!! Super quick and easy to make when you want a quick side to any main dish! Very affordable as they go on sale quite often.
Knorr Sidekicks Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta

137 reviews

I use Knorr sids anytime I in too much of a hurry and don’t want to start from scratch. So far we all see to like all the flavours with no complaints so far.
Knorr Pasta Sides Chipotle Rosa Meal

2 reviews

I love all the Knorr pasta sides, pretty much, but this one is in my top 3. It's cheesy but also a little spicy, and it's filling but not insanely bad for you. I mean, it's not health food, but compared to this amount of mac and cheese from a restaurant or something, it's...
Knorr Sidekicks cheddar chipotle

4 reviews

Im a Chipotle flavor fan... But I can not be a fan of this side dish... I'm sorry but no. I bought this and follow the directions... But right away I didn't like the taste and felt it was lacking. I decided that on the back of the package, they included a recipe of their own...
Knorr Pasta Sides Cheddar Chipotle

2 reviews

Really good tasty noodles. Nice different flavour, creamy and has a kick to it. Great side dish, quick and not too much chemicals in it. Price is really good when on sale
Knorr Sidekicks Creamy Bacon Carbonara

43 reviews

This is another one of my favorites and i love the creamy texture. It is not to bland and i personally add a lot butter. Goes well with shredded mozzarella cheese as well :) . You should for sure give this product a try.
Knorr Sidekicks Asian Teriyaki Noodles

8 reviews

I found it to taste very off and have slight metallic/ watery flavor. Was very disapointed in this product and will not buy again. I was really excited purchasing this product but in the end i was not satisfied.
Knorr Sidekicks Garlic Butter with Lemon Pasta

1 review

I normally cook from scratch, but it's not possible every day. Knor Sidekicks help make life a little simpler when it's just too busy. Although the ingredients are processed, it is low in calories & fat, and the sodium content is less than 20% of my daily limit. It cooks in...
Knorr Sidekicks Three Cheese Pasta

1 review

When you get Sidekicks on sale, they're a great deal. I love having them on hand for a side for a meal, and I also love using them as a base for a casserole type meal. They're tasty, filling and mix well with a variety of other ingredients and foods. I will buy them again for...
Knorr Sidekicks White Cheddar & Broccoli Pasta

7 reviews

I have tried this pasta like 3 years ago and it's my go to ever since. It's a quick ready to eat meal and it does not take long to cook. Sometimes I will eat this as a side dish or maybe just by itself depending on my mood. This sells really cheap here and normally I buy a whole...
knorr sidekicks creamy parmesan

7 reviews

Knorr sidekicks creamy Parmesan is one of my favourites . It's rich and creamy and has a mild Parmesan flavour . It takes approximately 20 minutes to make . It makes a great side dish , so the possibilities are endless on what to have with it. Sometimes I don't cook it down as...
Knorr Selects Spinach & Artichoke Rice

60 reviews

I purchased a pack of this from Walmart for $2. This can be more pricey at other stores like Loblaws or Metro. I love how quick and easy this is to make. It comes together in about 15 or 20 minutes. The rice is soft and tender without being too sauce. There is the perfect...
Knorr Sidekicks Creamy Bacon Carbanara

2 reviews

Love the taste super easy to make oafter a long day st work simple ingredients the only think bad about is the noodles sometimes stay crunchy no matter how long you cook or how much liquid is used thickens to fast
Knorr Sidecicks Parmesan Pesto

2 reviews

I'd say the pastor Pastor was pretty delicious I'd like pesto pasta is overall really delicious I just wanted to eat more even though I was full I definitely recommended even my children which are normally picky eaters found it quite delicious
Knorr cheese spinach dip sidekicks

4 reviews

I really like this flavour of Sidekicks, definitely one of favourites! Delicious alfredo and spinach sauce! The only thing I kind of dislike about it is the pasta, it's thinner than most Sidekicks and they tend to overcook too quickly. But otherwise, tasty & affordable!
Knorr three cheese sidekicks

3 reviews

I love all of the Knorr Sidekicks,they are very fast and very convenient to cook, if you are wanting something different to serve on any Meat dish.I have tried and love them all especially the Scallop Potatoes.The Knorr three Cheese Sidekicks is my Husbands Favorite. When it's...
Knorr Selects White Cheddar & Broccoli Rice

70 reviews

I do love Knorr Selects Sidekicks, whether it is the rice or noodles. They are very yummy. This White Cheddar and Broccoli rice is quick and easy to make, yummy with rich, creamy cheddar cheese sauce and brocolli pieces but personally its not my Favourite to stock my shelves...