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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Rockstar Energy Drink

56 reviews

Ce nest pas la meiller energy drink elle est bcp trop sucrée de plus elle donne pas vraiment d’énergie mise a part des palpitations cardiaques cela dit jaime plus les boisson naturelle
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

540 reviews

When i crack open a cold one of Canada Dry my taste buds start to dance on their toes in anticipation. i hear the oxygen unlocking and start to bubble. i bring my lips to the cold silver can and I tilt my head back as I let the ale flow into my mouth chamber. i feel the pep! oh...
Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey

63 reviews

I started to drink this instead of my coffee, i love the flavor of it and its such a good value for the price. You can really taste the flavor of the ginseng and honey.
Zevia Cola Beverages

54 reviews

My husband was on Keto Diet for most of the past year and loves Zevia. It's a great soda replacement for those looking for no sugar. He really likes the Zevia Cola and also likes the Zevia Root Beer!
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

63 reviews

I love Coke Zero, and I love cherry Coke! I'm trying to lose my covid weight, and this drink really hits the spot. No sugar, with that delish cherry Coke taste. I wish I could buy this year round!!
Dr. Pepper Cherry

28 reviews

For some reason this drink hits different then others, it’s so addicting and probably the best I’ve ever had! I thought the Cherry Coke was good, but mixed with Dr.Pepper is 100% way better. Highly recommend buying a single can before purchasing a full case but totally worth...
Good Host Iced Tea

18 reviews

The absolute best powdered iced tea on the market. Great value and great taste! Have been using this for years and will continue to for years. Never change this stuff it’s great!
Coca-Cola Zero

180 reviews

I really like the taste of Coca-cola zero. I love the design image so much. It good to consume with meal or even with snack . I served to guest and gift to friends too. Its very affordable price to buy too. I would highly recommend others and my friends to buy too.
Grace Ginger Beer

4 reviews

if you like the spiciness of ginger , this one is for you. the taste is very spicy and refreshing. it is good or somewhat similar to the Jamaican ginger beer you may get on the Islands.
Pepsi Cola

374 reviews

Nice flavor love to drink with pizza and pasta 😋. So I can easily digest my food. Easily available everywhere and affordable. Easy to consume and very light soft drink
A & W Rootbeer

332 reviews

A&W;Root Beer is a caffeine free soda. It has the perfect sweetness. I use this soda to make root beer floats with vanilla ice cream. It is the original root beer. I also drink the root beer with burgers and fries. I would recommend the root beer to anyone who wants a caffeine...
Nestea Zero

31 reviews

So good! It tastes good on the go and I like to have mine room temperature so my teeth dont freeze. It's not that expensive and I like that it's in a can. I would definitely buy it again and I'd suggest you pick some up the next time you see some.
Diet Dr. Pepper

23 reviews

This is my favorite drink to order out of a fountain machine and if it’s an option I always pick it over something else. It has a great flavor to be a diet drink and I don’t feel as guilty drinking a soda whenever I have a diet one
Arizona Iced Tea

40 reviews

I love Arizona green tea it's weirdly very.. flavorful, it's less sweet than nestea which is exactly what I'm looking for, feels a lot healthier also tastes amazing!! It's just so relaxing sipping this it's like the feeling your on the beach alone and under the umbrella...
Canada Dry Ginger Ale Green Tea

17 reviews

This was my absolutely favorite ginger ale drink. Now it is no longer sold in canada. It is sadly missed. If it came back, I would be the first to buy it.
Amp Energy Drink

7 reviews

Much better tasting than NOS and doesn't leave you too jittery. If you like mountain dew, you'll love this. I hate Mountain Dew and still like it. Find it on sale 2for3 and its a great value
Crystal Light Mocktails

9 reviews

I tried the sugar free margarita mix. It was pretty tasty... But I didn't like how much coloring was obviously in there. I just find it unnecessary as I don't need my drink to be pretty. The good news is that most artificial lime mixes I have an allergic reaction to , and this...
PC Blood Orange Sparkling Soda

4 reviews

I really enjoy this beverage. The blood orange is not overly sweet and acidic enough to pair with any meal.
7 UP Soda

22 reviews

Love the taste! Such a fresh, light drink, it’s great mixed with almost anything..!! Love it with a lemon wedge and even better with peppermint vodka lol it’s a great drink!
Gatorade G2

32 reviews

Gatorade G2 was a little too sweet to my preference and left me more thirsty than anything. Would mostly recommend for very active children instead of adults due to the high sugar content