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Bathroom Cleaning Products Reviews

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Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner

411 reviews

I love Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaners. They are very effective and I often find that I don’t have to scrub as hard when using the products. They always have a pleasant smell and are very easy to use.
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Action Gel

193 reviews

I used this product in my toilet and left it on for about 15 minutes and when i came back it was so easy to scrub clean and removed all the dirt and buildup. The gel formula stays in place to get to work right away on lifting the dirt. I will definitely purchase again.
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer

856 reviews

I had soap scum build up in my bathroom I tried all types of cleanser Clorox clean up orange clean and nothing worked expert this I was pleasantly surprised and pleasingly happy at the outcome!
Cottonelle Jonathan Adler Toilet Paper Roll Cover

5 reviews

Jonathan Adler Toilet Paper Roll Cover by Cottonelle .. This looks like awesome item have in washroom placed extra roll toilet paper in .wondering if you could purchase them at stores .
Just A Drop Personal Bathroom Odor Eliminator

34 reviews

Just'a Drop or 2 will do, before you pooh.... not a lot to say about this product because it's simplicity is effective! The product Creators are to be commended!! I do not understand how this little product masks such a huge stench!! The cost is the only thing that does stink...
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Complete Clean

60 reviews

I love the way it smells and it cleans the toilet without all the extra scrubbing.I don't have to use this but one a week to keep my toilet smelling and looking clean.
Lysol Toilet Bleach Puck

5 reviews

I love the Lysol Toilet Bleach Puck for its effectiveness and easiness... No need to break your back trying to get under the rim, or scrubbing till your arms hurt. Just throw in the puck and boom!!!! A cleaner, fresher toilet.
Lysol Bathroom Cleaning Foam

17 reviews

Un excellent produit presque miraculeux qui évite d’avoir à frotter sans bon sens pour tout faire disparaître dans le bain et sur le carrelage! En prime une superbe odeur de fraîcheur!
Poo Pourri

18 reviews

With a family of five we definitely need this in our lives. This citrus essential oil blend smells great and honestly truly covers up the scent of stink in the potty. Simply spray the toilet water before you go and bam. You smell like roses. It also works if you forget to spray...
Tide stick to go

3 reviews

I love the Tide stick to go. I am slob and constantly spill my lunch on me at work, and now I can just pull out the Tide stick to go and clean up my shirt to look presentable in the afternoon. If you constantly drop stuff this is the stick for you.
Aspen cleaning products

3 reviews

Awful! I wanted to love this product because of its natural ingredients but it does not work at all! Not to mention the spray handle broke after just a few uses.
presidents choice bathroom cream cleaner

3 reviews

If you like the quality of Vim but not the price, this is your product . It cleans superb and works as well as competitors products. For stubborn stains, just let it sit on it longer, excellent for cutting boards. I use the one with bleach in it so you'll have to be careful not...
Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Trigger Summer Fresh

10 reviews

I mainly use this in my washroom to clean as it leaves a very nice fresh scent behind. I also use it on my laminated wood floor because of the scent. It doesn't harm the laminate flooring at all. My apartment smells so clean after using this.
Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

23 reviews

First I like the fact that u don't have to touch the inside of the toilet. Place it click it and forget about it. Cleans the toilet with every flush and smells good too. Lysol is always my go to for cleaning.
Kaboom Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner

10 reviews

This cleaner is awesome!! I love the color changing indicator so you know when its time to wipe or mop away, if its not white then its not time!! I used this not only in my bathroom but on my concrete tile floor when I had a pet accident and it worked like a champ. Way to go...
Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Cleaner

93 reviews

This product is efficient and also clean up the toilet in lighting speed I also would like to say this product leaves a nice scent behind I would like to recommend this product to family and friends
Javex Bleach

7 reviews

This is a wonderful bleaching product, can't imagine not being able to use it just they need to bring down the price a bit so that we can all enjoy clean whites.
Ceramic Cat toilet brush holder

1 review

I don't have any pets so I decided to adopt a kitty. Haha. I love this adorable toilet brush holder. It looks like a piece of art but it's hiding those dreaded toilet brushes (eye sore). I picked up this kitty at bed bath and beyond. I found the items there can be pricey but I...
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Action Gel Spring Waterfall 710 ml

4 reviews

I use this cleaner regularly as I find that it works well and all I have to do is do a quick scrub and the toilet is clean. It also smells great and after I use it the bathroom smells nice for a little bit
Scot Tuff Crystal Shower cleaner

1 review

I like this product it takes the work out of cleaning, you spray, leave for a few minutes then wipe ,so simple,no having to scrub and scrub, really good product