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Laundry Care Reviews

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Comfort summer breeze

2 reviews

I'm a huge fan of most Comfort items but this is definitely my favourite by far. I love the smell it makes my garden have when I've hung clothes on the line to dry. The scent stays for ages. Nothing better then getting into a clean fresh smelling bed
Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent, Tropical Sunrise

10 reviews

××× BENEFITS ××× • For my part, I really think the price is competitive, because at that price we just have a small bottle in store. • Really very good smell, I also use the softener of the same model. • Do not disturb my baby and do not read the skins. •...
Zero dark clothes laundry detergent

1 review

I only use Zero dark clothes laundry detergent for dark clothes as it helps them not to fade and effectively cleans. The product is a little pricy but lasts for ages and works.
Comfort honeysuckle and jasmine

2 reviews

This is my go to fabric conditioner the scent is beautiful and it is long lasting and it makes clothes feel soft compared to other I have tried before and is gentle on my toddlers clothes
Fairy Washing machine detergent

1 review

I bought this as a change and I was presently surprised. It washes in low temperature and makes the house smell lovely especially when having to use radiators to dry in this stinky weather. I will definitely be using Fairy in future
bounce unscented dryer sheets

1 review

I have a lot of scent allergies. I have tried a number of different products for reducing static and find that the Bounce unscented dryer sheet is the best so far. I've also tried dryer balls and not fully impressed, so the Bounce unscented dryer sheet works best for me.
Rookin' Green Laundry Soap

1 review

IT is a powder laundry which dissolves well, when we were using reusable diapers, this was a great product. Effective and great for sensitive skin! Nice smell too!
Downy Unstoppables

23 reviews

Awesome long-lasting freshener. Pretty strong but good fresh scent. Great for towels, blankets and sheets. Good value for the price. Definitely recommend to everyone.
Tide Heavy Duty

1 review

I tested Tide Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent by throwing in tough linen and clothing that had been through a big cleaning and cats. Normally, these would require pre-cleaning before a wash. Tide Heavy Duty did a good job, the laundry came out clean, smelling fresh but not soapy or...
Tide Original Non-HE, Liquid Laundry Detergent

1 review

After trying several different laundry detergents, I finally found the perfect one for our family! Discount detergents we tried caused our skin to break out so we decided to spend a little more on Tide. It was worth every penny! This detergent has not made us break out and...
Downey Unstoppables

8 reviews

Want a awesome smell that lasts for weeks? Then you need this product. My laundry can go for weeks hanging up or in a drawer and still have that same awesome fresh scent off just coming out of the dryer. Clothes and towels are so soft for weeks. Lovethis product.
Gain apple mango tango dryer sheets

15 reviews

I love how soft and fresh scent my clothes are. My husband says he smells really fruity but secretly loves it. These along with the detergent and softener leave you smelling really good.
Gain Moonlight Breeze Laundry Detergent

13 reviews

Works very well in both cold and hot water. Leaves my laundry very clean. I’m obsessed with the scent of this Gain laundry detergent. It doesn't dissipate from your clothes and linen immediately, making climbing into bed with fresh smelling sheets such a joy. My towels and...
Asda tropical fabric conditioner

3 reviews

ASDA TROPICAL FABRIC CONDITIONER amazing product ,was amazed with the smell and the feel of clothes .so soft after washing .on par with well known brands .well worth the price too as can buy two for the price as well known ones /
Philips fast care compact steam generator

1 review

Never have I enjoyed ironing my clothes as much as I do nowadays! Having a steam generator has made light work of something I hated! I will never look back now I have this as I do my ironing regularly & in half the time I used too. I’m proud to say I iron absolutely...
Philips perfect care iron

1 review

No need to keep changing the temperature for different garments so no hanging about waiting for the iron to cool or heat up ,for extra creased garments just press the steam button for an extra burst ,large water tank so no need to keep refilling
Downy Unstopbables In Wash Scent Boosters

39 reviews

I love in wash scent boosters, and I have tried many brands, but I always come back to Downy Unstoppables! They provide the longest lasting scent and when using , and a little goes a long way!
Babyganics Dryer Sheets, Fragrance Free

2 reviews

I absolutely love this brand. We have extremely sensitive skin and this gives us no issues. All of out laundry have to be clear of dyes and perfumes. I am so happy Babyganics makes dryer sheets!
Comfort Creation Cherry Blossom & Sweet Pea

2 reviews

I absolutely love this fabric conditioner. It is light, fresh and floral and really lasts after washing and drying. I only use half a cap and I can smell it days later. It's makes clothes, bedding very soft and you don't have to use very much so a bottle goes a long way. Love...
Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Laundry Detergent Power Pacs

1 review

Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Laundry Detergent Power Pacs are good pods. Pods are the no mess detergent with no measurements which makes these great and convenience! Safe for washers and high efficiency compatible. Dissolves in water super duper easy in all water type! I am...