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Laundry Care Reviews

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Fleecy liquid fabric softener - Calm

4 reviews

This fabric softener is absolutely lovely. I really enjoy this product. The scent is subtle and quite pleasant and keeps my clothing and fabrics fresh smelling for a very long time. I highly recommend this scent to everyone.
Dreft baby detergent

16 reviews

My 9 month old is just about as sensitive as a bumblebee. Everything irritated his skin till dreft!! I use coupons whenever I can of course because it’s so expensive but we’ve had no problems with this detergent !
buncha farmers all natural laundry detergent

1 review

I knew about buncha farmers stain remover and the amazing reviews it had so I decided to buy some. While searching online for it I stumbled across this laundry detergent and loved that it was all natural and Canadian made so decided to try it. First of all the price is great...
Gain Febreze Fabric Softener - Moonlight Breeze

3 reviews

I buy this fabric softener in bulk at Costco and it lasts me a really long time. It smells good, it's affordable and it does a good job at what it's supposed to do. It's also affordable...highly recommend purchasing it. Your clothes will smell good and soft!
Perisil laundry detergent

1 review

I use Perisil detergent bc my clothes smell good until I wer them again. I always have someone comment about how good my clothes smell when I'm outside the home. Not only does the smell linger longer than other detergents, the quality of this product is just as great. It washes...
Cascade Platinum ActionPacs™ Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent

10 reviews

I've had problems with my dishwasher not cleaning everything properly, as I'm sure most people do. I thought it was my dishwasher that was the issue. Tried these pods and I have yet to have an issue since. Gets everything nice and clean. Mind you I do still rinse things off my...
Snuggle blue iris and ocean breeze fabric softener

6 reviews

What an amazing smelling softener! Favourite thing about this stuff is the great smell it leaves! Always wash bedding and curtains with it! Have. Been through lots!
Downy Unstoppables In-Wash Tide Scent

7 reviews

I don't have a lot of words to describe it. The product makes my laundry feel fresher. It enhances the smell when I use it along with fabric softeners. It has become a staple in my household.
Assouplissant Snuggle plus super fresh original

1 review

J'ai acheté ce produit par curiosité,en me demandant :"Comment Snuggle pourrait être encore mieux ?". Hé bien, voici la réponse... En tout points ! ! ! Je suis sérieuse ! La senteur est encore meilleure et j'adore la senteur originale !En plus,le parfum dur vraiment...
Downy Unstoppables In wash scent Booster

1 review

When I do laundry especially my husband's ( whose clothes smell after a singles days work in a warehouse) other scent boosters I've used haven't been as effective as this one. It gets rid of those horrible smelling body odors and transforms clothes into lovely smelling, want to...
Dylon colour catcher

1 review

Love to use these for my brightly coloured washing, I just put them all in together and it seems to do the trick. They can be a tad expensive so I look around to see who has them on offer and go for those .
Lidl Fabric Softener

2 reviews

I purchased this as it looks like another brand but a lot cheaper, its a thick consistency and smells lovely. My laundry has never smelt so fresh and clean
Downy Infusions Lavender Serenity Fabric Conditioner

6 reviews

I stumbled upon this fabric conditioner in the clearance cart at the grocery store. I only paid $2 for it and it's lasted months!! A little bit goes such a long way. It smells amazing and lasts so long!
Arm & Hammer Essentials Laundry Detergent

26 reviews

Arm and Hammer has a few different sensitive skin laundry soaps, but I find this one to be the best. While my skin can handle small amounts of perfume/scents at a time, I prefer not to wash all my clothes in soap that is 90% perfume/scent chemicals. This laundry soap does not...
Purex baby soft

1 review

We've been using Purex Baby Soft laundry detergent for the past years and although we started using it just for baby clothes, we now use it for the whole family because it is so gentle, yet works well and smells absolutely amazing. It's definitely my favorite laundry detergent...
Gain Island Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent

8 reviews

I didn't use this detergent until I moved in with my in laws. It smells pretty good and washes better than my old detergent did, but it doesn't last very long in our house. The only downside is that they don't make bigger bottles and it can be pretty expensive.
Ultra Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams Liquid Fabric Softener

6 reviews

I love this. Makes my clothes smell so good and leaves the fabric feeling soft instead of stiff. A little goes a long way with this product which is part of why I like it so much.
la totally awesome

2 reviews

This is the absolute best cleaner I have ever found first let me just tell you this took out stains out of my friend shirt that she had in it for five years she was able to wear it again S I had a pair of play shoes that was given my daughter I soaked them in awesome they looked...
Tide with Downy

3 reviews

My kids love it when we wash their clothes with this detergent. It smells amazing and removes dirt fully, as well as the clothes smell really nice for a long time. They also feel really soft to the touch.
Tide Free and Gentle Pods

12 reviews

These are perfect for my family. We all have such sensitive skin. Plus these little pods are so handy and quick just to pop in the washer, no measuring and no fuss!!