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Laundry Care Reviews

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Tide PurClean HE Liquid Laundry Detergent

22 reviews

I recieved a free sample for this over the weekend at an autumn festival and used it this morning. My clothes smell really nice and it cleaned my stuff perfectly. However, it is more expensive than regular tide. If you don't like the smell of regular tide I recommend.
Asda no bio liquid

2 reviews

Asda own brands are great and this is just another perfect example! I use this along with different brands of detergent and it works well with all. My clothes are fresh and clean.
Tide Febreze Spring & Renewal

28 reviews

I have used Tide before but not the ones with febreeze in it. I got the opportunity to try Tide plus febreeze HE liquid, it has a nice floral scent to my clothes right after washing and drying, getting rid of bad odors. The febreeze scent seems to linger on longer. It does the...
Gain fireworks in was scent booster tropical sunrise

20 reviews

Smells so good. It keeps your clothes smelling great and fresh. The freshness will actually lady until your next wash. It's quite pricey, so whenever it's on sale I stock up
Tide Febreze laundry detergent botanical rain

12 reviews

This detergent smells great and I never have to worry about my clothes not being fully clean. I have kids in sports and I go to the gym. Those tend to be the smelliest clothes and Tide Febreeze gets the job done.
Gain midnight

1 review

This product worked great. It took out stains that i never thought you come out. Plus it smells absolutely amazing. I will be buying this product in the future.
Snuggle Fabric Softener Original

23 reviews

I've ask someone on the train.. What are you using? Your clothes smells so good.. And she told me her secret... It's snuggle baby! I never gonna change it..
Unstoppable in wash scent - Shimmer

8 reviews

a friend of mine gave me her free sample to try, i like the scent, it's refreshing and pleasant, it definitely lasts for quite some time. i only use a little per wash and that's enough for a full load of clothes
Clorox Bleach Pen Gel

2 reviews

So happy with this product. It's always useful to have one on hand, which I always do. Went to a wedding last summer, I had white on but the accident happened to someone else with a white dress on (not bride, thank God), I didn't know her and gave it to her in the bathroom...
Tide laundry soapy

1 review

I used tide with every load of laundry I do because it brings the white the latest and the darks the brightest and not only that the smell is fabulous
Arm & Hammer Coldwater Detergent

10 reviews

Honestly anything and everything Arm & Hammer I love. But this Laundry Detergent is Amazing, it took stains and smell out better then any other kind I have ever used
Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Packs

7 reviews

These dishwasher tabs do the job well and also give me peace of mind I’m not washing our dishes with toxins. They are the only thing I regularly use in our dishwasher.
Snuggle Assouplisseur de tissus exaltante à l'iris bleu et bambou en soie

1 review

Ceci est ma compagnie d'assouplissant textile préférée! Toutes leurs odeurs sont fabuleuse et donne à ma lessive une bouffée d'air frais. Je conseil ce produit à 100%!
Downy Infusions Amber Blossom dryer sheets

4 reviews

THESE ARE AMAZING Y'ALL!! I'm sorry for yelling but I am OBSESSED! These smell so beautiful! They linger on your clothes and sheets for quite a while if you use around 3-4 with an extra large load. I pair these with the Downy Amber Blossom fabric softener (which smells equally...
Downey Free & Gentle Fabric Conditioner

10 reviews

After using so many different softeners I can find ally do my laundry and wear my clothes without itching constantly. I will never go back to any other softener. My clothes smell clean and feel soft.
perisil 2 in 1 power caps

3 reviews

This is probably one of the best detergents that I have used. It works great getting out the stains and leave a great smell. It also keeps your clothes looking new and fresh.
Arm & Hammer 3in1 Power Paks Plus Oxiclean Laundry Detergent

15 reviews

After researching online how to keep my towels from becoming musty I found about using baking soda and thought, why not give this a try. Several loads of towels and throw a few pods in with each load, my towels come out of the dryer smelling fresh and clean. No more musty odors.
Persol laundry detergent

1 review

I had used this detergent and found it to be amazing. I’m not usually a pod user, but this detergent left my clothes smelling amazing, and did a great job cleaning my clothes! Will definitely purchase in the future!
Downy Unstopable In-wash Scent Booster Beadsunsto

4 reviews

I always buy this along with downy fabric softener! Love the smell I use it in my laundry and as well when I make my own homemade “ febreeze “ love the smell been using it for years I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t bother me and leaves clothes and house smelling...

1 review

This product is cheap but so good. My mom initially introduced this to me and I swear by it now. It makes your clothes smell so good and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. I mainly use the blue fresh scent because it seems to be the strongest.