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Laundry Care Reviews

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Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

261 reviews

I have tried it a few times, doesn't remove stains as well as just rubbing with soap. Convenient to carry around but beware - I used it on a white tank top that was overlying my jeans and the color from my jeans transferred on it!

1 review

Campsuds is a multipurpose cleanser that can be used to wash anything when camping or traveling. It washes clothes, skin, hair, dishes... anything you can think of! It is a natural, biodegradable product that will not harm the environment. It is also concentrated, so you only...
Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover

5 reviews

Works great on yucky stains like from mud, grass, chocolate milk, & spaghetti sauce! Very sudsy & thicker than most other stain remover sprays! Found Zout at wal-Mart & now use it all the time!
Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

98 reviews

I used these back when I was in college. I think the idea is brilliant and it's perfect for people who just want to do laundry quickly. These sheets are effective and leave your clothes smelling nice. My only complaint would be that they're priced higher than other Purex...
Eco Store laundry soap and hair shampoo

2 reviews

This is the most amazing oroduc ‘ it smells so nice and lovely and it’s very gentle to the skin and it harsh with chemical and my kids like the pleasant smell as well as my husband
Sunlight Green Clean Laundry Detergent

14 reviews

Clothes smell awesome.... We have a busy house so I do lots of laundry..... This is really great stuff.... My clothes always smell good coming out of the wash and it's our go to for laundry.
Sunlight Deep Clean Laundry Detergent

74 reviews

This detergent ended up making my whole family itchy, I’m not sure why. I’m thinking it was because of the strong scent. I think it did a great job cleaning but won’t buy because of that
Bounce Dryer Bar

36 reviews

I was tired of having static cling in my cloths and hated the fact that was constantly using disposable dryer sheets which are expensive and, dont last very long in my house. Some times i was forgetting to even put them in the dryer or they were getting stuck in my lint trap...
Gain Original Laundry Detergent

368 reviews

I recently used Gains Fresh Scent Beads on a load of whites. I added soap & beads before adding laundry. I also had load on delicate. I wore a top which cost me 120.00 and had only earn a few times the top was white and had sort of a two type of fabric. After removing from...
Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent

6 reviews

I’m a huge fan of this brand. safe for pets and children with sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals or strong smells. Leaves my clothes soft and smelling awesome. Tough on stains and great value given its a natural product. Love that it’s natural!
Tide Original Acti-Lift Liquid Laundry Detergent

137 reviews

I got a deal so I purchased Tide. I dont normally because I find its expensive. It smells good but I didnt see a difference compared to what I normally use. Unless I get a good deal, I can't afford to purchase it all the time.
Ultra Downy Mountain Spring Liquid Fabric Softener

11 reviews

I used to use no name or whatever-is-on-sale fabric softener until my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to Ultra Downy. There was definitely a huge difference between my before and after laundry clothes experience. A few months ago I noticed a change in my laundered clothes...
Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Liquid Detergent

112 reviews

Great for stains removalls no more pre treated liquid to use before washing.Great quality price for 70 loads.My clothes smell fresh and clean!!!!Love it and I recommended to familly and friend and for you too!!!Great product to have in your washing room!|!!!
Bounce Dryer Sheets

193 reviews

Oui cela donne du corps aux vêtements en leurs permettant de garder une bonne souplesse , une bonne tenue. J'ai adoré le doux parfum de linge frais. Oui je le recommanderais sans faute même si votre linge est sec vous pouvez juste faire tournez votre sécheuse en y ajoutant...
Purex Complete Crystals Softener

22 reviews

Love love love the Purex crystals. Everything is so soft and smells wonderful for at least two weeks after being washed. I look for these whenever I'm running low on laundry detergent.
OxiClean Max Force Liquid Gel

16 reviews

I really like this oxiclean for a superb stain removing capacity. I like to use it when my kids get the clothes dirty after playing outside. This removes stains on the first try.
Purex Complete with Zout - Fresh Morning Burst

10 reviews

I love the smell of Purex Mountain burst. The scent really lasts. As a mom if 4 boys, it really attacks the stains on their clothes. This detergent is an amazing product for a great price!
Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent

128 reviews

I love this detergent because of the smell. We originally first bought it for our first born and continued to use it even though he’s school age now. I think we will continue to wash our kids clothes in this detergent til they move out of the house because it just smells so...
Downy Unstopables In Wash Scent Boosters FRESH

5692 reviews

I love Downey unstoppables, they are a bit pricey so I don’t use a a full lid. I usually a couple different scents in my laundry as love the smells on my clothes
Rockin Green Magnetic Laundry Scoop Assorted Colors

1 review

I would recommend because of the quality NOT the price. You could find a very similar measuring spoon for a way way way better price!!! I got this free with the purchase of some Rockin Green detergent, I would never spend $8 on this very unneeded added item.