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Reusable Water Bottle Reviews

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EZ-Freeze Pure water bottle

1 review

I bought this bottle when I found that I was running out of filtered water for my stainless steel water bottle while I was out and about. This bottle is not only refillable anywhere you have tap water but I bought the 32oz bottle so it takes me longer to run out. I like that...
Kor Delta water bottle

1 review

The design of this bottle is what really impressed me! I liked the handle on the lid, its efficiency on how easy it is to open with just one hand and its secure safety latch to make sure spills don't occur accidently. It's BPA free and comes in two sizes, 500ml and 750ml...
Contigo Water Bottle

105 reviews

These bottles are great! Over time the steal does before to leak and it would be nice if they kept liquids cool longer, but they do fairly well for a plastic water bottle. I how easy it is to clean the new ones, but wish the ones that came with straws could easily be used with...
Purehydration Waterbottle

1 review

The purehydration waterbottle can be found both online and a specialty health food stores such as fiddleheads. It is a staneless steal, double walled water bottle that can be used for both hot or cold beverages. It comes with an ice screen and a loose leaf tea screen. It also...
Nalgene Water Bottle

31 reviews

This is hands down the best water bottle ever! The size is great and they come in tons of different colours. They also last forever, I am on my second bottle and would never get a different brand. 100% recommended to all water drinkers.
Lululemon Athletica Water Bottle

5 reviews

It’s not worth the 40$ like it’s a nice water bottle but I find myself constantly filling it up and it cracked today. Save your money and get a better bigger one especially for 40$
Namaka Insulated Water Bottle

1 review

Keeps my water nice and cool when doing Bikram Yoga. No taste change to the water inside, even in the extreme heat.
Thermos Intak Water Bottle

1 review

I cannot say enough good things about the Intak water bottle. Thermos hit a home run with this product. I first discovered it almost a decade ago when my old beloved water bottle shattered on the concrete, and I embarked on a long search for a water bottle that met a very...
Gaiam Aluminum Water Bottle

4 reviews

nice designs on bottles, easy to use, does the job perfectly
S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

51 reviews

I recently got my very own Swell for my birthday . I never knew I needed this in my life ! So far I've only used it for cold water but it works amazing. I dont like when my water gets warm 30 mins after I've filled it . I am a bit scared to use it for hot liquids as I feel it...
Brita Water Bottle

7 reviews

I’ve been using this water bottle for years now and it’s easy to use but I find that it always leaks if I don’t put it upright in my bag. I like that it’s big and can store a lot of water though
Rubbermaid Hydration Water Bottle

6 reviews

I love this. I use it everyday at work. It's easy to tell how much water you've been consuming because of the measurements on the side of the bottle. Perfect for someone who works in an office setting.
Hydro Flask

4 reviews

I cannot fully get behind these. I know they're "in" right now and my husband and I each spent a ridiculous amount of money on one for each of us. It absolutely does what it says it does, but they're SO cumbersome. I've literally injured myself when it's bumped into my knee, or...
Zing infuser bottle

1 review

I bought one of these bottles at a store at kensington market in Toronto. I was so happy with it...but for a short time. It infused well but the seal ruined within a couple of months. It had only been washed by hand.
s'well water bottle

2 reviews

I love my Swell water bottle so much. It is slightly expensive, but so worth it because it keeps your water cold all day. Unfortunately, it does dent and scratch pretty easily but it you're careful then it's no big deal (I went 2 years without a dent). Definitely recommend if...
Selma Sipper Ultra Triton Infuser Bottle

1 review

I received this free in a Flex Delivery promotional package from Canada Post, It's nice and sturdy but the mouthpiece is horrible. It is made with one of those screw-in infusers for fruit but this means they have also put in a filter so you don't choke on a blueberry. The...
Rubbermaid Leak Proof Sip Water Bottle

1 review

My son received this water bottle as a gift and as cute as it is, it's not quite leak proof. The water tends to collect on the top of the lid and often when you pull the spout to open it, water shoots out at you. Also, I don't like how you have to pull the spout up, I like the...
Nalgene Everyday 32 ounce Wide Mouth Bottle

4 reviews

J'ai acheter cette bouteille car je fais beaucoup de plein air. Cette bouteille est parfaite pour moi. Elle est assez grosse pour avoir un litre d'eau et assez résistante pour durer longtemps J ai la mienne depuis plus d'un an et je l'utilise a presque tout les jours.
Contigo Autoseal Chill

1 review

This is the best water bottle I have ever used! I have had it for over a year and a half and it is amazing! Keeps my ice in the bottle for hours and the water itself stays cold all day! The product says it will keep it cold for up to 18 hours and it’s not lying. It holds up to...
Mana Stainless Steel Water Bottle

1 review

I was looking for a BPA-free water bottle for use at work and during my workouts. I love the S'well bottles but at around $50 I couldn't rationalize the cost. Very happy I found this bottle by Mana for $25. Not only does it keep my water cold it also can double as a tea mug and...