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Baby Bathing - Shampoo Reviews

Newborn and very young infants do not require anything more than warm water for their daily baths if the diaper area is cleaned well after every change.  For those messier cleanups and for toddlers and older children, chemical intervention may be required.  Tots are second only to cats in their love of being shampooed, so a tear-free formula is not only a good idea - it's an inevitable lifesaver. 

Our Tip: Baby shampoos are ideal for cleaning your makeup brushes!

Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo is the product Mom probably used when bathing you back in the day and is the best known; however, many other options including natural-ingredient products are also available.

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Kiss My Face Orange U Smart Bubble Wash

4 reviews

Love the citrus smell. The fact that it's natural and paraben free also caught my attention.
Live Clean Baby Tearless Shampoo and Wash

293 reviews

I love how I can buy this in most grocery stores. My go to kid bath products are online, this is my back up shampoo and wash option. It smells great, bubbles well and doesn’t dry out baby skin. No issues even for sensitive skin. Great value for the price.
Johnson's® Baby Shampoo

2731 reviews

I've used this in all the kids leaves their skin so soft and clean also smells so lovely it's always a product you ways go back to and defo gives you good memories of having fun with the kids at bath time every time I smell it even now reminds me of the bath time with kids
Suave for Kids Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo in Citrus Squirt

5 reviews

I bought this for the citrus smell. It does exactly what it should. Leaves them feeling clean and smelling great. I use this product on not only my three year old but my six year old also. Never hear them complain about it getting in their eyes or a burning feeling.
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash

95 reviews

Will not purchase again. This shampoo doesn’t lather up. Toddlers loves a little bubbles and this doesn’t lather up at all. It’s weird to used and I feel I need to use more than other brands to wash my child’s hair
L'Oreal Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo In Watermelon

135 reviews

This product is amazing. I used this when I was a kid, and now I get it for our daughter. This product smells amazing. I love all the great choices. The price point is also a great seller. It’s so reasonable. Our daughter loves the shape of the bottle, too!
Suave for Kids 2 In 1 Shampoo

10 reviews

If you have a child or maybe someone who doesn’t like shampoo in their eyes. This gentle body wash is the way to go! It’s soft & gentle and can work as body wash & shampoo for you little one.
Johnson's Natural Head-To-Toe Foaming Baby Wash

49 reviews

I have been using this product in my son since he was a new Bourne, he is now 2.5 years old. I like this product because a little bit can wash everything, from his hair to his toes. it leaves home clean and doesn't hurt if it gets in his eyes!
L'Oreal Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo in Burst of Orange-Mango

29 reviews

Oh the days when my kids used this shampoo. Worked great and left their hair clean and soft. I loved the smell and the fact it is tear free. The price is also fantastic as you can usually find these bottles on sale two for $5! The orange mango was for sure a favourite.
Jafra Tender Moments Toddler Shampoo

3 reviews

JAFRA TENDER MOMENTS TODDLER SHAMPOO is excellant for the kiddos, it smells great and leaves them smelling clean and fresh, I like that it is very gentle for their skin and hair and that it doesn't burn the eyes.
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo

454 reviews

This is a great gentle wash for little ones. It has a soft fresh scent. Good Hydration for body and hair. Rinses clean. Great for a bubble bath too. Highly recommend for tear free wash.
Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo

12 reviews

I did not like this product at all! When i think of babies I think of lightly scented products, and i think of that freshly washed baby scent. This made my child literally smell like vomit. I took her out of the bath and smelled her and its all i could smell. I had to rewash her.
Avon Kids  2 in 1 Super Gentle Shampoo

5 reviews

it has a lovely smell to it. seemed to wash good. like the fact that it is natural.
JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

28 reviews

I used all the J&J;kids shampoo but this one is the best.My 3 years old son also love it.He want to use this all the time during his bath.It smell so good,refreshing and relaxing.But on the top of that, my son's hair was so soft and easy to brush everytime we use this.No...
Bug & Pickle Bath Wash

1 review

This SMELLS amazing! It has lavender which is a very sooth smell! IT cleaned really well and my babies skin was not irritated with it at all! I love this wash :)
L'Oreal Kids 2-in-1 Orange

4 reviews

Love the scents first of all. But this shampoo leaves the hair so soft that we use it to shave!! It's easy to rinse out (unlike straight conditioner) but leaves the hair just as soft!
Aden   Anais Mum and Bub Hair and Body Wash

1 review

This hair body wash makes bath time quick and easy. It rinses off easily and is gentle on my baby's skin. It is mildly scented (which I am not opposed to). I love smelling his cleanly washed head. So heavenly!
Mustela Bebe Shamoo

8 reviews

I have been using Mustela shampoo with all my kids. I really like it. It's really gentle, smells amazing!!! I like their packaging, easy to open and to get the shampoo.
Paul Mitchell Baby Dont Cry Shampoo

11 reviews

This was the only shampoo I used on my daughter when she was younger, it works great for kids and has good lather with a clean scent. I’ll only use professional brand products on my daughter since I do hair myself and Paul Mitchell is a good trusted brand because it is only...
Mustela Bebe 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash

47 reviews

I used this product for my 2 kids from when they were newborn up until my 1st son was 3 years old, and still using for my 2nd son. I always loved the scent it leaves my kid's skins. i love that we only needed to use a small amount and it lathers well to body part. It's also...