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Baby Bathing - Soaps & Body Washes Reviews

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Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bath

554 reviews

I got this last year as a baby shower gift and I love it. I have since went out to buy more. I use it in the evening before bedtime. It smells good and relaxes my baby.
Johnson's® Cottontouch™ Newborn Wash and Shampoo

352 reviews

Johnson's cotton-touch shampoo is pure magic. It smells so good. And it leaves your babies skin so soft. My older kids even love to use it because it smells so good. And it leave you feeling all fresh and clean.
Babyganics Bubble Bath - Fragrance Free

330 reviews

I just got this about a month ago and it's great! My toddler loves all the bubbles and I don't worry about all the fake fragrances and stuff most brands use! We will definitely continue to use this!
Babyganics Shampoo + Body Wash, Chamomile Verbena

326 reviews

I've been using this shampoo plus body wash since my daughter was a newborn. I continue to use it a year later because I love how gentle it is on her skin and leaves it moisturized. After bath time she is fresh and clean. It is also a great shampoo which washes off easily and...
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash

323 reviews

I live dove baby body wash it smells great and leaves my babies skin feeling soft and smelling wonderful. We use it for her hair and leaves her hair smelling great.
Johnson's® Head-to-Toe® Baby Wash

340 reviews

I love this product and so does my son, product is affordable and smells great. I would definitely buy this product again and again! It is worth the money
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin Bar

236 reviews

This product was recommended by a friend. Due to the sensitive nature of my Baby's skin, i decided to try it out . It was Very gentle and mild on his skin and def keeps the skin moisturized. Repeat purchase guaranteed
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash

176 reviews

When my son was born , my spouse and i both have very sensitive skin and we knew our child would also , we use dove adult soap so i got this one and its been great , you also dont use much on babies so product last very long . Baby had eczema and this product never irritates him...
Dove Baby Fresh Scent Bar

169 reviews

I love this beauty baby bar❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..its scebt is so fresh i would like to use it for every baby of mine..i just love it.. it keep my baby skin so soft and scented.. i also like it to use it for myslef..i love all the...
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar

170 reviews

Love this soap for my infant and toddler. It’s gentle but still cleans great. Plus the bar lasts forever and is a fraction of the price. Never disappointed when I purchase this.
Live Clean (baby) Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash

133 reviews

I love the smell of this brand . Not only does it smell nice it calms my baby before bed or even when he his teething. I've used this on 2 out of 3 children
Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bubble Bath

104 reviews

I find that the bubbles fade away very quickly, even when using 10 pumps in a small baby bath. I don't smell any of the apparent lavender scent, and it doesn't really do anything to calm my son before bedtime. I won't be buying it again.
Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Baby Bath

119 reviews

We are definitely a live clean family. First off its safe to use on the kiddos skin which gives me huge piece of mind. Next its smells amazing. I am super picky on the smells and this one is my fav. Next it cleans and is gentle. I use it on both my kiddos skin and their hair and...
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar

69 reviews

This soap is great for sensitive skin of all ages, This soap lathers you nicely, and it doesn’t dry out skin and it’s a great moisturizing soap. Great for those much needed self care moments.
Baby Dove Night Time Tip to Toe Wash

52 reviews

I use it for my son who is 2 years old I love the smell of it .It helps for his dry skin it is more softer and smell very nice .I love this product so much
AVEENO Baby Eczema Care Body Wash

81 reviews

When my daughter was almost a year old she started showing signs of extreme eczema. This is the only body wash we can use without causing severe dry skin and redness and was really itchy. She still has some dryness, but I think that is due more to her than the product and our...
JOHNSON’S® Skin Nourish Vanilla Oat Wash

50 reviews

This baby body wash is my go to for our daughter who has sensitive skin. The scent is subtle and not overwhelming. Her skin is soft and moisturized after bath, no noticeable dryness at all. Works great as a bubble bath too when a few pumps are pumped into the running water as...
Johnson's® Soothing Vapour Bath

82 reviews

When I was pregnant and had a cold I used this in my bath to help my congestion, it truly worked and was safe! Once my daughter was born I kept purchasing it in case we had got a cold and needed some help with congestion! To this day we have a bottle in house and my daughter is...
Johnson & Johnson baby soothing vapour bath

20 reviews

My baby loves this and I love how well it smells and how soothing it is for him I highly recommend this to anyone who has a baby. I buy this on a regular base. It’s a great company
Johnson's® Baby Moisture Wash

29 reviews

L’incontournable des produits pour bébé ! Quel beau moment privilégié après le bain d’appliquer la crème et masser bébé . Un temps de détente entre maman et bébé juste avant le dodo.