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Baby Miscellaneous Reviews

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Purex Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

213 reviews

This is my favourite laundry soap my daughter is 4 and I still use it on her clothes I love the smell it lasts long and the clothes come out clean! I would recommend this baby soap over any others!
Munchkin Miracle 360* cups

75 reviews

I got this from Amazon after reading reviews from Amazon. I wanted something that was easy to drink from and replaces the sippy cup. It was so hard to get any liquid into your mouth. My daughter couldn't do it and I couldn't do it. It was disappointing.
munchkin 360 sippy cup

45 reviews

This cup is great in terms of not leaking when it gets tipped over and left on the floor for a while. I've tossed it in my diaper bag and found that it did leak occasionally (thankfully only water). The fact that it has no spout is apparently good for baby's bite and recommended...
OxiClean Baby Stain Remover Spray

70 reviews

Oxi-clean is a must for any new parent! This makes all those blowout, spills, and any kind of mess easy to clean. All you need to do is pre-treat with a bit of oxi-clean prior to tossing the article of clothing into the washing machine and amazing the stain will wash out!
Dr Seuss The Cat in The Hat

46 reviews

My kid LOVES this book. In fact it may be her favorite. It's not repetitive like some of the other dr Seuss books. The story is captivating and she loves having it read to her.
Paw Patrol Bubble Bath

32 reviews

The Paw Patrol bubble bath is something different. Sometimes there is a good smell and sometimes there isn’t. My daughter absolutely loves being able to pick out the different characters that she gets on her bottles
Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack Peach

28 reviews

These are amazing for developing that pincher grasp and learning to self feed. They dissolve quickly so you don’t have to stress about your baby choking (should still always be monitored while eating) and are very mildly flavoured. They also stick to the fingers with the...
Purex Baby Soft Liquid Laundry Detergent

9 reviews

First detergent that hasn’t reacted with my kids skin. We had a difficult time trying to find one that wasnt irritating them and it smells amazing.
Baby Brezza Formula Pro

33 reviews

this product worked fine for me and sometimes even saved time but for the most part it took just as long as it normally would to doup bottles with extra steps of cleaning the brezza machine and etc, because of this i dont think it is worth the time and money to get this machine...
Safety 1st Nail Clippers

37 reviews

I bought this online (cheaper than buying from a store). It works really well for tiny fingers. I was hesitant to cut my newborn's nail but this nail clipper made it easy to use. The rubber grips makes it non-slip.
Crest Baby Training Toothpaste

2 reviews

The Crest Baby Training Toothpaste is whimsical with the Disney tie-in and cute Winnie the Pooh design. The clear gel smells good and cleans my baby's teeth well. I received a free product in exchange for an honest review.
Bloom and Blossom Baby Pillow Spray

1 review

I bought this spray as we were having very sleepless nights with our teething 6 month old. He was barely sleeping even with stuff to help the teething pain. I saw this pillow spray advertised online and decided to try it. It is AMAZING! From the first night of use our little boy...
Ivory baby laundry detergent

2 reviews

I have super sensitive skin, Ivory laundry detergent is the only kind that doesn't make me break out in an intense rash. I also have a little one on the way and everything she has, has been washed in Ivory already
Aleva baby bottle dish soap

3 reviews

I got it in one of the sample and after giving it a try this product works great. It Removes all the fat of feed and its organic components make it more approachable.
Baby susher

1 review

Let me tell you, baby susher is life. I wouldn't have gotten through the first few months of being a mom without it. This is the best portable white noise machine that I have tried, and it will calm a baby from purple screaming, to perfectly fine in under 30 seconds. Seriously...
Similac Mom

57 reviews

Similac momo est la meilleure collation pour les futurs maman et les femmes qui alaite avec ça composition pleine de vitamine il peut même substitué un repas quand j'étais enceinte je portais toujours une bouteille dans mon sac en plus le goût est super.
hanes toddlers tshirts

1 review

i love my sons new hanes tshirts there soft nice fit and they fit comfortable on him there worth the money there my sons says pretty mommy meaning he approves of them
guzzie+Guss 3-in-1 Raincover

1 review

I previously used a stroller rain cover that I absolutely hated... it was frumpy, didnt fit right at all with the car seat insert and I couldnt see my baby when using it. When I purchased a new stroller I decided to get a new rain cover as well. I'm so happy I purchased this...
Jolly Jumper Snuggle Bag

1 review

I've been wanting to get outside for some exercise for so long now but with a baby in winter I didnt feel comfortable taking her out into the freezing cold when she constantly kicks her blanket off. I finally got around to purchasing one of these and its such a game changer! The...
Aleva naturals baby sun lotion 45

2 reviews

Firstly i had its sample only for three times use but after i use it on my baby i loved it.the spf it contains percent my son from having sunburn and i am glad with that and I bought full size package of it. Packaging is good. I apply it with combining lotio to it. Alone or...