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Baby Miscellaneous Reviews

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Purex Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

218 reviews

Our grandsons have sensitive skin and Baby Purex is one of the few things we have found we can use that doesn't irritate their skin. The price point is great and it cleans their clothes and linens very well. The only downfall for us is that we have a hard time finding it in out...
Munchkin Miracle 360* cups

79 reviews

I would recommend this cup ! I’ve had it for my 3 kids, I love that it comes in different sizes and colours. I love that no matter where the child tries to drink from they can always get the juice. It’s easy to wash, I like that the top can come off and I can get between the...
OxiClean Baby Stain Remover Spray

73 reviews

This spray is a god send! Immediately after any of my baby’s clothes gets stained, I apply a few spritzes, rub it against each other and you can see results immediately! Throw the clothes in the wash afterwards and the item comes out like brand new! Worth every penny
Dr Seuss The Cat in The Hat

49 reviews

My oh my this book brings back memories , I read this when I was a kid, then read them to my own kids and then my grandkids. We to this day watch Dr Susses How the grinch stole Christmas, it's a family tradition that has been past down and hopeful ensure others to read and...
munchkin 360 sippy cup

45 reviews

This cup is great in terms of not leaking when it gets tipped over and left on the floor for a while. I've tossed it in my diaper bag and found that it did leak occasionally (thankfully only water). The fact that it has no spout is apparently good for baby's bite and recommended...
Baby Brezza Formula Pro

38 reviews

This product is convenient and easy for anyone to use. It is just a press of a button and you get the perfect quantity of formula at the perfect temperature. There are two things you should prepare yourself for; the price you will pay and the need to clean the device often...
Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack Peach

30 reviews

Great snack for on the go, in between meals. I keep a bottle in his bag pack at all times. Even mix them together for a toddler trail mix. So good had to hide them from the tweens.
Madammoselle Kid's Mini Love Shaped Hair Claws

6 reviews

Kids best friend! Best hair clips for honestly anything. It holds the hair in place because of the way the little legs are shaped. Awesome design! It’s inexpensive and pretty durable! Always happy with them and you should give it a try.
Safety 1st Nail Clippers

41 reviews

Just bought this nail clipper for my newborn because he was scratching all over his face. Was scared to cut at first but the nail clipper works out well and was perfect fit for my baby tiny fingers. Felt better using the nail clipper to cut the nails.
Purex Baby Soft Liquid Laundry Detergent

11 reviews

If I hadn't received a jug as a shower gift I probably wouldn't have purchased this, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't call this fragrance free either, but it's not a heavy scent and my baby doesn't have sensitive skin at all. I always spot clean first to remove baby...
Jamieson Baby-D Vitamin D3 400 IU Droplets

5 reviews

these drops are great we use them all the time as a family to give us that extra bit of vitamin d, but yes please check with your family doctor first before you buy this product.
Oral-B rechargeableKids toothbrush

2 reviews

This is good electric toothbrush for my kids they're really like it. . its rechargable .they love them. . I will buy more for my two kids. #ORAL-B! Your the best!!!!
Nuk First essentials cup like rim

2 reviews

Easy extra step between transitioning from sippee to regular cup. My son has no problems taking to them at all. I do wish the filter part was easier to remove for cleaning but other than that no complaints
Cerave moisturizing cream

2 reviews

I absolutely adore this❤ It leaves my skin so soft and moisturized🤩, I use this twice a day as I tend to get dry skin on my face sometimes, and what I like about this lotion is gentle with my combination skin😊 #cerave #beauty #betterfortheskin
Enfamil Dual Probiotic Infant Daily Drops

1 review

I absolutely love this probiotic. I feel like it has helped contribute to my daughters immune system in keeping her from getting sick as well as keeping her regular. She used to get constipated often.This helps keep her regular and her stomach never gets bloated. I would...
vtech wiggle and crawl ball

2 reviews

This is my 7 month olds favorite toy. It helped him crawl at 5 months. He is obsessed with this thing. It is a good teaching toy too. I love it. It has two sound options for the days when those darn battery operated toys are driving you crazy.

1 review

The momfrida nose frida is the perfect tool to keep your babies nose clear. You suck so control the suction, it doesn't go up the nose so there is no pain or irritation for baby and comes with a filter so you don't suck anything into your mouth.
Skip Hop Portable Owl Sound Machine

1 review

This portable sound machine is just adorable. It has a few different options for sounds which is great. You can bring it anywhere, I always use it for the car seat, as we drive a lot! The only down side is it has a timer, the longest one is an hour. Too bad there isn't a longer...
Crest Baby Training Toothpaste

3 reviews

My son loves this so much that he'll actually lick his toothbrush quite often. When I first bought it, he mentioned how much he loved the taste several times. This is important because he's really picky and finds minty flavours "spicy". It's a great toothpaste for babies and...
From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal

1 review

I used this journal in.my pregnancy and I absolutely loved it. It allowed me to document how I was feeling with a fill in the blanks as well as answering questions. It was amazing and truly helped me express my pregnancy, both the good and bad. The prompts were great and easy to...