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Baby Wipes Reviews

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Kirkland Baby Wipes

506 reviews

I've been using these wipes since my baby was born. We all love it because they arr fragrant-free and durable. The packs are large and for a great price!
Babyganics Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free

339 reviews

I love using these wipes knowing that they are free of harsh chemicals. I wipe anything from hands, face, bum and toys. I have a pack of these with me everywhere I go.
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

346 reviews

These are hands down the most durable natural baby wipe I have used. Most other brands have taken to falling apart during a diaper change, but these definitely hold up! And they're great for cleaning up spills and messy hands too!
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

211 reviews

these wipes are brilliant for baby's with sensitive skin my son was premature and i found these were the best on the market that didn't cause any irritation and left him feeling clean and happy
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Wipes

162 reviews

I use These wipes body soap and body lotion on my 2 month old. They smell good it doesn’t leave a rash on my daughter. I was Worried at first to use them in her that she would break out in a rash, but she didn’t. My husband and I use Dove soap so we wanted to get our...
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

73 reviews

I have been trying many different wipes and finally found Seventh Generation free and clear wipes that are perfect. My kids have very sensitive skin and we have had no reactions to the wipes. Which is a life saver. They do not fall apart and have the perfect amount of moisture...
Pampers Natural Clean Wipes

95 reviews

I bought these wipes because they were on sale. They are very thin compared to the Pampers Sensitive wipes. I have to use multiple sheets to clean my baby. The one I purchased is not scented which is great since I don't want my baby smelling weird. There are better and thicker...
Huggies Baby Wipes

128 reviews

They are the thickest wipes I've come across (so no fingers going through straight into the poop) they are also the only wipes that none of my 3 children have reacted too.
Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Baby Wipes

104 reviews

These are the only wipes I use for my boys! the are sturdy and don't clump or dissolve when used. My boys have very sensitive skin but they have never had an allergic reaction to these wipes. Would definitely buy over and over.
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes (Travel size - 30 ct)

46 reviews

I have a now almost 11 month old baby boy. We have tried several different brands of wipes, and I really like these ones. They are slightly more on the moist side than is my personal preference, but I love that it is a very natural product and did not bother my baby's very...
Pampers Baby Wipes

98 reviews

I don't have children but I use these wipes alot, I have them in my handbag everyday, in my desk at work, in my bedside drawer. I use them to give myself a quick refresh and absolutely love this brand.
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

56 reviews

I love these wiped the only kind I buy . Wouldnt trust anything thing else for my baby would recommend these to any one at anytime . Great value and great quality
Pampers Wipes Sensitive

38 reviews

When my son was a newborn, this is all we would buy. He had such sensitive skin and I didn’t want to irritate it more when it came to wiping. These were a lifesaver at the time. I would highly recommend them.
Water Wipes

41 reviews

WaterWipes is now my new favorite wipe! I received some free samples from #MomsMeet #ad and received enough to pass around to friends & family. They all loved them and gave rave reviews. I love that they are available in easy to carry around convenient packs. I throw a pack or...
Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes

28 reviews

The best wipes and the only ones we have found that don’t give our angel I diaper rash!! What a blessing it is to find wipes with no fragrance, or dyes. These wipes get used for everything from cleaning cutie booties to cleaning spills in the car!
Huggies Natural Care Baby Plus Wipes

32 reviews

I like these baby wipes. They clean effectively and my baby has never had any reactions to them. They do what they're supposed to do! I find they can be expensive but I believe they're worth it.
Huggies Simply Clean Wipes

51 reviews

I Have A 3 Year Old And A One Year Old 1 in Pull Ups Not Potty Trained And A 1 Year Old These Are They Only Baby Wipes That I Can Use As Both Are Senistive To All Baby Wipes Except Huggies For Simply Clean As The Other Brands Break Them Out And Causes Bad Diaper Rash. There Is...
Pampers Pure Wipes

16 reviews

My grandson was born with very sensitive skin just like his Momma. I wish we had had these wipes when she was a baby. We tried several different "sensitive" wipes for him but each one left him with a rash. When we tried these, they worked! We were so happy to finally find a baby...
Parents choice cucumber melon wipes

12 reviews

I have used the last 2 kids and they are well worth the money. They smell so good and they clean so good. I wont buy any other brand. you can use them to clean other things than just a baby
Parents Choice Sensitive With Aloe Baby Wipes

11 reviews

I have a 4 year old and I only ever used these wipes with her. Other wipes were too harsh but these wipes were the best for her. Even after her no longer needing them, we still use for hands, face etc. We also use for other things as well, like wiping counters if need be. They...