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Baby Wipes Reviews

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Kirkland Baby Wipes

545 reviews

I have been using these wipes on and off for my son for past 3 years and I don’t have any complaints except if they could these a bit more thicker would have been great. Also if they can change the scent a little, not a fan but would be nice to smell something better than this.
Babyganics Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free

345 reviews

These wipes are great. They wipes my little one perfectly and these wipes are easily available. These are parabenfree and good for the little one. I am happy with it
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

380 reviews

I love these wipes. Huggies has been my preferred brand for many years (10 years between oldest and youngest) and they never fail me. I love how these wipes are so affordable without skimping on quality. Definitely going to continue with them for my new little bundle when he's...
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

237 reviews

These are the only wipes I buy! They are strong, have a pleasant scent, and gentle on my nephew’s sensitive skin. You will not be disappointed with these wipes!
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Wipes

163 reviews

after the use of baby dove wash and lotion, I decided to use the wipes also and I love it. dove baby products never disappoint me. these works great for my baby's skin. I used the wipes and never had issues of redness, irritation for baby, the moisture content is great and...
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

79 reviews

Bought this for my daughter who was getting really bad rashes constantly from huggies wipes, made the switch and her rash was gone within a couple days. They’re soft and there is absolutely no smell to them which, I’m picky on, I don’t like certain smells and baby wipes is...
Pampers Natural Clean Wipes

98 reviews

I use wipes on my boys and this product is fantastic. I do not worry about it at all when I use it on my kids as it is avent free and paraben free. It retains its moisture and it has a simple snap lid to lock it in. I enjoy using this product and recommend it to all!
Huggies Baby Wipes

133 reviews

I got a HUGE box of these at my baby shower last year and we finally finished using them but not on my baby's bum! They were far to thin I always felt like I was wiping with my hand directly and it felt so soapy too! They started making my babies bum red so I stopped using them...
Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Baby Wipes

105 reviews

These wipes are ok. I feel as of I have to use more wipes than necessary since they aren't patterned. They aren't really good if you have to clean up the sticky, dry poop. They are ok for any other type.
Pampers Baby Wipes

107 reviews

I find these wipes to be thin and rough compared to competitor wipes. The moistness level is adequate. I use in a pinch or on the road to clean surfaces and babys hands and face.
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes (Travel size - 30 ct)

46 reviews

I have a now almost 11 month old baby boy. We have tried several different brands of wipes, and I really like these ones. They are slightly more on the moist side than is my personal preference, but I love that it is a very natural product and did not bother my baby's very...
Water Wipes

56 reviews

When my twins got diaper rash, I used water wipes. It was the best wipe without any chemicals. Between the water wipes and rash cream it would clear up in a day.
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

61 reviews

I love pampers wipes! I have Been using them for years. They are soft and gentle and i don’t have any issues with skin irritation. The wetness in every wipes remains up to the last piece. Highly recommended.
Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes

36 reviews

I had tried a few wipes and I finally found these and so glad I did. They are so soft to the skin and you can use them as face or hand wipes as well and without the harsh chemicals.
Pampers Wipes Sensitive

40 reviews

I like huggies wipes better. I found that the pampers brand burn when I wipe my bottom with them in comparison. They are not as sensitive as the huggies brand.
Huggies Simply Clean Wipes

57 reviews

I love love these baby wipes! I use them for everything from hands to bums to faces and even to wipe spills off clothes. They are so effective and are nice and thick and sturdy my go-to wipes
Huggies Natural Care Baby Plus Wipes

34 reviews

My family and I love this product. From baby bums and faces, it quick clean ups. We always have these wipes on hand for our everyday lifestyle. 10 out of 10

15 reviews

My oldest daughter suffered from outbreaks of yeast in all her sensitive areas. Even gentle wipes would make things worse and would hurt each time I wiped her. She screamed in pain because her skin was raw and only water and a pat dry towel would work. But the reality is, I...
Pampers Pure Wipes

17 reviews

I’m guilty of using a baby wipe or two for a quick wipe of my face either to remove make up or just as a quick refresh. I’ve used many brands over the years include sensitive and these don’t sting at all. They have also been great on our little one as well I’ve used up a...
Mamia baby wipes

8 reviews

They are great, they do exactly what their meant too. They are great on sensitive skin and effective at getting baby clean, whether it be hands, face or bottom.