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Breast Pumps Reviews

Unless breast-feeding your newborn is completely out of the question for you, a quality breast pump should be one of the first products you list on your baby shower gift registry.  For some, a breast pump is simply a tool of convenience to prepare feedings when you're away from baby.  For others who struggle with milk over- or underproduction, it can be a life saver. 

Pumps are available in single or double models and in a range of power sources: electric, manual, and/or battery powered.  Look for a brand whose replacement parts are readily available.  Major brands include Philips Avent and Medela.

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1 review

I was gifted the entire Nanobébé milk storage system and feeding set for my shower. My favorite part is the bags and the holder for them that goes in the freezer. It keeps them nice and organized. My baby is mostly EBF, but when I need a short break it’s nice to know he will...
Haakaa breast pump

8 reviews

I started my expressing journey with a manual pump that I could never get the hang of. Then switching to an electric! After a while I found I was wasting so much milk by not catching my let down off the one breast whilst expressing the other. A friend recommended I buy a haakaa...
Phillips Advent Single Electric Breast Pump

2 reviews

Wow. Just wow. So o started by using a manual hand help pump for expressing initially and was getting nowhere. I was lucky if I could express 1oz in 20 minutes. Something had to give. So I binned the manual and bought this electric pump, what an absolute game changer. Now I...
Medela Symphony double electric breast pump

1 review

Medela Symphony is a very powerful medical grade pump. I’ve rented it for one month and I loved using it. However it is not portable and it is very expensive if you want to buy it. I think there are alternatives for such a high price.
Medela pump style advanced Breast pump starter kit

1 review

Medela Pump in style of Advanced is great. It’s small and compact easy to use. It’s small enough you can fit it in the diaper bag. You can even use it in the car. Love it it’s a double pump and would highly recommend it to breastfeeding mothers.
Medela Breast Pump and Style

1 review

Purchased this pump on sale at Walmart and so far very pleased. The parts are easy to wash and the suction does the job. I purchased the backpack style and like its portability. The battery pack is also a great feature for traveling.
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

7 reviews

I purchased this breast pump while still in the hospital after delivering my first child in March. While on the pricier side, this pump was covered by my insurance (be sure to call your insurance company to see what they will cover - mine told me to basically pick whatever I...
Spectra s2 breast pump

9 reviews

I ordered the Spectra S2 Breastpump through my insurance after having used another brand for the first few weeks of human milk feeding. I absolutely love this pump. We’ve had an extremely rocky road with breastfeeding, and if it wasn’t for this pump, I would’ve been way...
Medals swing

3 reviews

Le tire-lait Medela swing m'a accompagné lors de mes deux naissances de bébés. J'ai tiré mon lait pendant 3 mois à chaque enfant et le système est une pure merveille. Il y a plusieurs vitesses ou niveau de succion et le prix de 200 $ en vaut pleinement la qualité du...
Medela Breast Pump Swing

15 reviews

Very easy to clean and still working perfectly after 2 children (2 & a half years apart). It was expensive and I sometimes wish I'd ordered the double pump but still very happy with it.
Spectra S1 Breast Pump

4 reviews

I feel like the most common question to new mothers is what breastpump should I get? I've been able to try the medela and spectra and hands down the spectra is my go to! It's very quiet, has a built in nightlight and easy to adjust. I pumped more milk with my Spectra and in a...
Medela Breast Pump Freestyle

32 reviews

I used the single medela pump and wasn't really impressed but this pump is amazing. The battery lasts forever, it's super portable, the parts are easy to clean I have zero complaints!!!

3 reviews

I have no tryed this myself but my friend has and loves loves loves it, For being a mom it works really good and very easy to clean. The price is average for what you get in package. she would buy again of had too
Evenflo advanced double electric breast pump

4 reviews

I used this religiously 4x a day for 3 months and it worked perfectly. It had a good suction and and effeective double pump system. The parts were easy enough to clean and reassemble.
Philips avent comfort double electric breast pump

2 reviews

I really enjoy this breast pump, I use it daily (about 6-8 times a day) because I exclusively express, as a preemie the latching was a struggle, so even though the hospital gave us the Medela to use for two weeks we went with the Avent instead. It's cushion pads add a more...
Medela hand pump

1 review

I needed to get the pump as I needed help feeding my newborn. The pump was super effective I thought as it pumped a lot of milk out but it destroyed my nipples. I had to stop using it and started using an electric pump. The electric pump is muh more gentle but very effective.
My First Years Double Electric Breast Pump

5 reviews

I bought this pump because I wasn't sure how often is actually pump and didn't want to pay a crazy amount. It's a good pump, it does the trick. Mine has a touch screen that you can adjust the suction and speed of the pumping. You can also record the volume of milk after each...
Philips Avent BPA Free Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

2 reviews

As mentioned this pump is super easy to clean with not too many parts to take apart. However, I much prefer my medela with all of its parts because it actually works. I was so hopeful that the Philips Avent double electric would do the job since it's considerably cheaper than...
Philips Avent "Natural" manual breast pump

14 reviews

This is a great hand pump for occasional use. I personally wouldn’t want to use it if I was exclusively pumping. It’s a little squeaky but it gets the job done. The downside is having several parts to clean and sterilize. And needing two hands to pump and pumping one side at...
The First Years Quiet Expressions Double Pump

1 review

I bought this pump because my baby was premature at birth thus I had to pump milk from the get go. The First Years Quiet Expressions Plus Double Breast Pump was a great pump for me. This Pump Is compact, portable, has a handle that was very useful during pump sessions, the...