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Diaper Creams Reviews

"Smooth as a baby's bottom", they say.  When your little one is suffering from uncomfortable diaper rash, you do not appreciate the reference.  But Baby's skin is temperamental and what works well for your mother-of-4 supermommy cousin might not be a fit for your tender tyke.  Search for a multipurpose balm that soothes irritation while healing; pick a simpler cream or petroleum jelly (eg. Vaseline) for prevention.

Our Tip: not every baby's bottom responds well to the moisture of a cream on irritated skin.  If you're struggling to get Baby's rash under control, try alternating cream treatments with a cornstarch-based baby powder to keep her dry.

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Made Of

1 review

I really like how this diaper cream is made of all natural ingredients and it smells good compared top let creams. It is a little oily, but does a good job treating diaper rashes. It is a little on the expensive side, however.
Skin fix baby bum cream

13 reviews

We don’t get diaper rashes very often in our home but when we do this is our go to product! It works so fast and doesn’t sting. The redness is gone normally after one use. We would recommend this to everyone!
PC White Petroleum Jelly B.P.

2 reviews

I bought this for my tattoo and I always use this on them . It doesn’t dry the tattoo but make sure to only use a little . If u use a lot of it the tattoo it will dry it out
Tiber River Cheeky Monkey Diaper Cream

1 review

I have tried a ton of diaper creams and Tiber River Cheeky Monkey is the best. It relieves diaper rashes so quick and protects delicate skin. It can also be used for face masks and on other skin irritation.
Live Clean (baby) Diaper Ointment

49 reviews

Absolutely love this brand!! I have used a number of diaper creams and this one is one of my favorites. With my youngest, we have used this since she was born and it has been great at clearing up any rashes quickly.
Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream 1.94 oz (50 ml)

2 reviews

Bought this after trying multiple products to get rid of my sons diaper rash with no success. I used this along with the wipes and within 2 days his rash was cleared up. We use it daily now for prevention. Smell is not full of perfume like some creams. Priced at about 15$ a tube...
Desitin Original Daily Defense Diaper Rash Cream

44 reviews

This diaper rash cream is AMAZING. If my daughter has even the slightest redness or irritation my husband or I will put a thick layer of Desitin on and by the next diaper change the redness is totally gone.
aleva Natural Soothing Diaper Cream

3 reviews

This is my favourite diaper cream for my daughter! It has no toxins or harsh chemicals in it and always helps if my daughter has any redness in her diaper area. It’s also not greasy and messy like most diaper creams that I know.

1 review

cette crème a pour but de reduire les rougeurs du nourrisson et d'apaiser la peau. Pour cela good job. Malgré sa forte odeur de poisson, je vous recommande a tous cette crème.
Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm

16 reviews

I kept trying all the diaper creams (penaten, desitin- even extra strength ones, Burt’s bees, store brands, sudocrem and doctors prescriptions) for my sons diaper rashes and skin issues he just had recurring rashes. I saw this and decided to try the skinfix and right away I...
Proshield Plus Dimethicone Ointment

1 review

I had received Proshield Plus Dimethicone Ointment Skin Protectant from a Doctor when my daughter was admitted to McMaster Hospital at 3 weeks old in their care she got a bum rash. This stuff works wonders!!! Put it on 1 time, next time you change their bum the redness, bumps...

1 review

This dipper cream is the best i have found and works miracles on thier little bottoms that are sensitive and irritated. All natural ingredients no chemicals. Clears up any dipper rash.
Penaten intensiv-lotion

1 review

This lotion is amazing. I use it on my kids after a bath every time. It is creamy and runs in without any residue or stickyness. The smell is amazing. I brought a bottle to work to help with cracked skin after frequent hand washing. It works really well. And the ladies I work...
bébé hibou Liniment

8 reviews

Le linimen de bébé hibou a litéralement sauvé les fesses de mes enfants. Il laisse un film huileux sur les fesses qui a pour effet de les hydrater, mais également de les protéger contre les irritations. Beaucoup plus doux que les lingettes et nécessite de moins frotter...

2 reviews

Of all the bum creams i used this one actually made a difference. i tried other creams, dr recommended creams, and nothing held a candle to this stuff.
Bum Bum Balm by Dimpleskins

9 reviews

Buy one for the diaper bag, one for at home and one for everyone you know expecting because it is THAT good! I mean it. The tin makes it perfect to bring anywhere you go and you can use it with both cloth and disposable diapers. Anytime our little had the start of a rash or...
substance rash cream

2 reviews

I’ve used this for my baby. It has worked so well. I love how we can also use it for dry skin. I would recommend this product for sure. The only thing is that it’s a bit expensive but at least you can use all of it!
Simply kids diaper rash cream

1 review

Pretty great diaper rash cream. It's good at preventing a rash, but not too good at helping releave and get rid of a diaper rash. It is very smooth and creamy feeling. It's not thick and tacky. The smell is mild. I like using it. The cost is very good compared to other leading...
CeraVa Baby

10 reviews

Love this for my kids, Ever since I found it i've used it on my two youngest since they were a couple months old, It keep their skin so soft and especially helps in the winter. 10/10 reccomend for your little ones
cheeky monkey diaper cream

1 review

I got it as a gift. Its all hand made in winnipeg using natural ingridients. It has nice soft texture, but u need to rub it in.and it works amazing. Any rushes i put it on and it heals it overnight.i even use it on my face if i feel that ill have a pimple