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Diaper Creams Reviews

"Smooth as a baby's bottom", they say.  When your little one is suffering from uncomfortable diaper rash, you do not appreciate the reference.  But Baby's skin is temperamental and what works well for your mother-of-4 supermommy cousin might not be a fit for your tender tyke.  Search for a multipurpose balm that soothes irritation while healing; pick a simpler cream or petroleum jelly (eg. Vaseline) for prevention.

Our Tip: not every baby's bottom responds well to the moisture of a cream on irritated skin.  If you're struggling to get Baby's rash under control, try alternating cream treatments with a cornstarch-based baby powder to keep her dry.

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Grovia Magic Stick

4 reviews

We use this little magic stick for all sorts of things. Dry skin, eczema, chapped lips, insect bites, scrapes. This proprietary blend of essential oils makes quick works of life's bumps and bruises.
Baby Life zinc cream

1 review

Have used this exclusively on my last baby and 18 months and NO diaper rash. Ever. Great stuff. Great price. A little goes a long way.
Life Brand Diaper Rash Cream

5 reviews

This life brand formula of diaper rash cream is pretty comparable to penaten. I was prescribed this for my baby's eczema- and you know what? It worked on the mild patches. After only one application it took diaper rash away
Balmex Diaper Rash Cream ZINC OXIDE 11.3% with Activ Guard 4 OZ Tube

1 review

I absolutely love this cream. I have used it with all 4 babies. It does exactly what it states on the box. It reduces redness in just one diaper change. This is the only diaper cream I have found, (and I have probably tried them all) that soothes and reduces babys rash almost...

6 reviews

I tried this cream as a last resort when my baby had a rash that just wouldn't budge (it wasn't yeast). I cringed at the price a bit, but it worked overnight. It spreads really easily and I like the smell it has. It isn't white but that doesn't bother me. One thing I did like is...
Arbonne Baby Herbal Diaper Rash Cream

21 reviews

This is a good diaper cream. It has a mild scent and does the job it is supposed to do, but it isn't better than a natural based diaper cream I could pick up from the drugstore or a health food store for a fraction of the cost. I wouldn't buy this again.
Target Up & Up Diaper Rash Cream

4 reviews

This a great option if you want to save money and still get a great product. It goes on easily and works as well as all of the name brands. Helps diaper rash go away quickly.
Lovey's tushi stick

1 review

This is the closest canadian product to compare to my beloved California Baby diaper area spray. It smells similar but is in a stick/oil form. Super moisterizing! No mess/dirty fingers and cloth diaper friendly. I would like it to last longer before the smell fades but for a...
Barriere Silicone Barrier Cream

4 reviews

I am really happy with this cream, a little goes a long way. It is not greasy on my hands, it is easy to apply and my baby's but doesn't have any rash. I find it easier to use (with a tube), than putting my fingers inside a jar.
Baby Life: Diaper Rash Cream

7 reviews

I would recommend this product as it works better then any other rash cream I've tried. It's also affordable, works and comes in a good size container.
Tiber River Bottoms Up Cream

6 reviews

I will definitely be buying more of this when I get close to running out. I use it for eczema on my leg and it works wonders! I also love all the other tiber river products! Everything is just so awesome!
Bag Balm Vermonts Original Moisturizing and Softening Ointment

15 reviews

At first glance, this almost seems like a too large container of petroleum jelly. Nope!! It's a miracle for cuticles (I rub onto my nails before bed, then add lotion on top) and calluses on your feet from running, sandals and just... life. It also help lashes grow if you apply a...
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment

22 reviews

A go to for rash cream. A very thick cream that covers diaper rash with a thick coating and stays in place to protect broken skin from wetness and soothes until the next diaper change. The thickness of the cream keeps baby’s bottom protected the next time they fill their...
Abundance Naturally Baby Balm

3 reviews

I like using this on my son in more preventing diaper rash than treating it. I really like it though! It smells wonderful and keeps his bum nice and soft. I also really like that it's an all natural product.
Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream

14 reviews

Love this product and recommend it to everyone with little ones! I bought bum cream, after bum cream, when my little one had her first rash. And she cried, and she screamed... and it was just ... bad. I came across Baby Butz in a store and decided to try it next. I’d never...
"Baby Butz Cream" Review

1 review

I want to start off by Thanking Majda Ficko for thinking up this cream that is pure genius. As a Mom who tries to live a greener lifestyle & eliminate all these harsh chemicals from entering my home, this has been one of my many life savers. Baby Butz Cream is by far the...
Atlas Ihles Paste

4 reviews

Fantastic product! My daughter had a diaper rash we couldn't kick and our doctor recommended Ihles Paste. What a fantastic product. We use it once or twice a day now to prevent diaper rash as well and it hasn't come back. Highly recommend this and it's cheaper than standard...

14 reviews

I would buy this product again and again because this is the best diaper rash cream that I have ever used. This diaper rash cream is a must! I recommend it for everyone!
Thera Wise DpR Bio Active Diaper Ointment

1 review

I was given the DpR Bio Active Diaper Ointment (28g) to test out on my daughter. It's soothing, dries quickly, non greasy and there is no alcohol. It also contains no zinc oxide, beeswax, or petroleum based ingredients. Thera Wise states that they don't use them because they...
Parent's Choice Extra Strength Diaper Cream

9 reviews

I use this cream for everyone in my family. I've used it for all of my kids for diaper rashes and I've even used it on myself when my lips are super dry. It's low cost and very effective.