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Diaper Creams Reviews

"Smooth as a baby's bottom", they say.  When your little one is suffering from uncomfortable diaper rash, you do not appreciate the reference.  But Baby's skin is temperamental and what works well for your mother-of-4 supermommy cousin might not be a fit for your tender tyke.  Search for a multipurpose balm that soothes irritation while healing; pick a simpler cream or petroleum jelly (eg. Vaseline) for prevention.

Our Tip: not every baby's bottom responds well to the moisture of a cream on irritated skin.  If you're struggling to get Baby's rash under control, try alternating cream treatments with a cornstarch-based baby powder to keep her dry.

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Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream

106 reviews

This cream works great. You can use it on babies that have sensitive skin and not have to worry. We will be buying more of it. A small amount goes a long way.
Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention Tube, 2-Ounce (Pack of 2)

1 review

Perfect diaper ointment to use when cloth diapering. I had to purchase it online as it's not readily available but well worth it!! I love that it's all natural, safe to use on babies, and smells nice. And of course, completely cloth diaper friendly!!

374 reviews

I purchased this after receiving positive feedback from my friends and this product does not disappoint. My baby is enjoying it. The quality is good and effective.
Parent's Choice Extra Strength Diaper Cream

9 reviews

I use this cream for everyone in my family. I've used it for all of my kids for diaper rashes and I've even used it on myself when my lips are super dry. It's low cost and very effective.
Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Ointment, by Fougera - 2 Oz (6 pack)

1 review

my daughter gets really bad rashes in the summer, now that it's getting hot out she is getting rashes again, so i decided i would buy zinc oxide diaper rash ointment to see if it would help and it does....i was highly impressed with the results, you can barely tell that she...
Bag Balm Vermonts Original Moisturizing and Softening Ointment

15 reviews

At first glance, this almost seems like a too large container of petroleum jelly. Nope!! It's a miracle for cuticles (I rub onto my nails before bed, then add lotion on top) and calluses on your feet from running, sandals and just... life. It also help lashes grow if you apply a...
Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

74 reviews

This is the only creme that would get rid of my daughters diaper rash. I have tried every other creme you could think of but none really worked. After using this one her rash is pretty much gone by the next morning
PENATEN Original Medicated Cream

261 reviews

this cream is the only diaper cream I will use. It clears up my son's diaper rashes in less then a day, and he even knows now that when I grab it, he will get relief
Desitin Original Daily Defense Diaper Rash Cream

42 reviews

I have been using this stuff since my 19 month old was born. It works very well and I like that it has zinc oxide and that it forms a barrier to promote healing and soothe rash discomford. I also like that it is paraben free.
Anointment Natural Skin Care Baby Balm

1 review

This is a diaper balm made in Canada. It is made from all natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals on baby's delicate skin. I also use it on my toddler's skins to both prevent and treat ezcema. I love that it does only has a light scent. Great for cloth diapers because...
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment

23 reviews

This diaper ointment is great! It's thick so it leaves a nice protective barrier on baby. Before we were using this we were using another brand and my son developed a very bad diaper rash. Nothing was working, but then we tried this. Within a few days the rash cleared up. The...
Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream

14 reviews

Love this product and recommend it to everyone with little ones! I bought bum cream, after bum cream, when my little one had her first rash. And she cried, and she screamed... and it was just ... bad. I came across Baby Butz in a store and decided to try it next. I’d never...
Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Cream

76 reviews

I tried Desitin with my daughter however I did not feel this helped the diaper rash. It was suppose to work quickly and clear up, however it was a thicker paste and did not work that well. Will not recommend it to anyone I know.
Arbonne Baby Herbal Diaper Rash Cream

21 reviews

This is a good diaper cream. It has a mild scent and does the job it is supposed to do, but it isn't better than a natural based diaper cream I could pick up from the drugstore or a health food store for a fraction of the cost. I wouldn't buy this again.
Vaseline Baby Petroleum Jelly

320 reviews

I purchased this after receiving positive feedback from my friends and this product does not disappoint. My baby is enjoying it. The quality is good and effective.
Live Clean (baby) Diaper Ointment

47 reviews

its very effective. Whenever my baby gets rash, i use this and with in few mins.. the rash disappears. I love this product, my baby's skin is very sensitive and it works great on it.
Ella's Bontanicals - Bottoms Up Diaper Cream

1 review

We used this on our son after it was recommended by our pediatrician for sensitive skin...he had a really bad diaper rash with his first teeth and everything we put on made him scream, except this...it also acts as a barrier so is perfect for healing and preventing...the smell...
Lalabee Baby Bottom Balm

2 reviews

This cleared up my daughter's diaper rash right away. I like that it is all natural too and 90% organic ingredients. A little goes a long way. I only use it when she gets a rash and not every day.
Bug & Pickle Diaper Gel

1 review

I love this Gel! It is not really a diaper cream but I had to put it under this category! I love the smell and how it makes my daughters Diaper area feel and look! It is a soothing gel with aloe, lavender and yarrow! I have nothing much good things to say about it :)
L'il Goats Zinc Oxide Ointment

2 reviews

I was recommended this cream for my lil guy who gets major diaper rash. I have tried it when it's really bad and also when he is just a little red. Nothing it doesn't work at all. I found it was just a waste of money. My personal opinion is don't bother with it.