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Nursing Pads Reviews

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Gerber Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads

5 reviews

wonderful product that works.
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack

42 reviews

J'ai eu ce produit en cadeau et ce truc ma litterement sauver la vie sa ma fait du bien sa crée une sensation d'anti douleur et moi et le bébé était content .
NuAngel Washable Nursing Pads 100% Cotton - Natural - Made in U.S.A.

5 reviews

I was so excited to use these. I received a few from my chiropractor as part of a baby gift. I love how these minimize waste but they do NOT work. At all. They are not the least bit absorbent and leak horribly with the slightest amount of liquid. They also bunch up and do not...
NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads, 60 Pack

12 reviews

I was previously using Parents Choice Nursing Pads and wasn't 100% happy with them therefore I decided to try Nuk since it's a well known brand. It says on the box Nuk Ultra Thin Nursing Pads more absorbent than ever. They are extremely thin which was one of the main reasons for...
Medela Contact Nipple Shield

6 reviews

I had ongoing stuggles nursing my 3rd child. He didn't latch onto my nipple and my nipple were sore / beginning to blister. Thankfully the nipple shield was recommended to me! I had given it a try and instantly I was able to nurse and my breasts were no longer engorged. I...
Bamboobies Organic Bamboo Washable Nursing Pads, 4 Pair Multi-pack - Mixed Colors

4 reviews

I absolutely love these reusable nursing pads. They are soft and keep me dry. I love the idea of saving money on reusable pads by washing and reusing them instead of having to constantly purchase disposable ones.
Johnson's Disposable Nursing Pads

30 reviews

I've tried quite a few different types of nursing pads and these are by far my favourite. they're small and subtle but also very absorbent. they're comfortable and a good shape.
Avent 100 ct.Disposable Nursing Pads

8 reviews

I found these breast pads are not nearly as absorbent as other brands. I also hate that I have to buy "daytime" and "nighttime pads". The pads should be good for any time of day and be absorbent enough that I don't have to worry that I'm going to leak all over the bed while...
Bra Strap Cushions

2 reviews

I am a big chested woman, and I was tired of my straps digging in to me. Leaving red painful lines. So I tried these. They are very comfortable and I no longer got the painful lines from my straps diffing into my skin. I use these at least 4 days a week.
Bamboobies Organic Bamboo Fleece Overnight Washable Nursing Pads, 4 Pair Pack

3 reviews

Je dois vous dire que j'en ai achetée pour ma nièce qui vient juste d'avoir un nouveau bébé depuis peu. Elle aime beaucoup le Bamboobies organic pads. Elle les trouvent très pratique en plus elle sont b9nne pour l'environnement. Pour elle c'est simple elle les adorent.
Johnson's Nursing Pads

4 reviews

After nursing three children I have tried all the nursing pads out there and I always return to these. I like the feel of them, the fact that they are not individually wrapped and they provide adequate padding to last all day. Reasonably priced, every nursing mom needs this for...
Parents Choice disposable nursing pads

15 reviews

These are amazing! They stick well on my night dress so I don’t have to wear a bra or anything. It’s a life changing! I never had trouble with them or leak! I highly recommended this product!
Medela 100% Cotton Washable Nursing Bra Pads

4 reviews

I'm a leaky boober/over producer so I must either have a baby, haakaa, pump or pad on my nip at all times to keep my everything dry. I was going through disposable pads like crazy until I found these. The absorbency isn't as great as I'd like but I just have multiple pairs that...
Philips AVENT Disposable Day Nursing Pads

2 reviews

These nursing pads are quite good. They are very absorbent, no leakage issues. They stayed in place quite well. They were also quite comfortable. The shape was good and the material was soft. I'd only repurchase if my favorite brand wasn't in stock.
Pc nursing pads

2 reviews

These nursing pads are great. They're soft and fit nicely into shirts and bras. They have adhesive strips on the back so they stay in place which is great. I find their backing slightly plasticy but that doesn't bother me. They're folded in their packaging and sometimes you can...
Lansinoh disposable nursing pads - 100 counts

21 reviews

I did not leak while breastfeeding.. but when I began my weaning journey I started to leak.. a lot! These were perfect for the girls as they kept my clothes dry. One con is that the pads do shift throughout the night when I slept.. so one piece of advice would be to wear a...
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)

4 reviews

Love these nursing pads. I've tried other nursing pads and these seem to be the best. They really so keep you dry and last all day. I like how you just throw them away at the end of the night. I give birth on Monday and am definitely using these.
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

5 reviews

My fave brand of nursing pads. Very absorbent and comfortable. The material is soft. I have tried other brands and nothing compares! I recommend them to everyone :)
Avent Disposable Pads

1 review

My doctors office gave these to me as samples for my daughter and they work great. She said she felt confident wearing them and wasn't afraid of leakage happening.
Fuzzi bunz Cloth Nursing Pads Leak-Proof White [Baby Product]

1 review

I use these and I definitely love them. Especially when you have a heavy supply that's not being in use and you just place them inside your bra/shirt and it helps all the leaking! I'd definitely recommend this to any pregnant mothers or mothers who are breastfeeding. :)