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Pacifiers Reviews

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Philips AVENT freeflow pacifier

1 review

××× BENEFITS ××× • My baby loved them. It was preferred until we had to change level. • Easy to clean. • Good size, not too small or too big. • My baby kept them easily in the mouth. ××× DRAWBACK ××× • The outline is also made of plastic. I would have...
Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier

44 reviews

Although these come highly recommended and lots of people seem to like them just fine, my son didn't. He doesn't see to like to hold on to these paci's so we just won't be sticking with them. We're sure glad we bought a few different types to try out!
Pop & Go Pacifier

1 review

This Pop & Go from Doddle & Co. is the best pacifier that I’ve tried! It’s 100% silicone and is shaped naturally for your baby. You just pop it open to extend the nipple and just pinch the sides to close it. The pacifier stays clean and there’s no extra case to worry...
MAM Start Silicone Pacifier, 0+ Months

4 reviews

My son is finally hooked on a pacifier. He latches on to this pacifier so much better than any other. MAM has a glow in the dark option which is so nice when I am trying to find it in the crib in the middle of the night. We'll be sticking with these pacifiers until he's done...
Dr.browns lovey

1 review

The Dr.Browns paci are perfect for your little one starting as early as infants. We love the loveys attached to the paci. My daughter is learning to grasp the loveys and it’s easy to not lose track of your paci! I would recommend buying at least a couple to have!!
Philips Avent Ultra Air Pacifier

3 reviews

These are my babies absolute favourite pacifiers! In fact if I try to give him something else he will spit them out until I give him one! As a sidenote baby was a preemie, so maybe as a preemie he loves them more I don’t know.
Soothie soother

2 reviews

My son refused to take any pacifiers. When he was introduced to this one after heading into the NICU it helped keep him calm and sleep through the testing he had to go through.
Avent pacifier (glow in the dark)

1 review

These avent pacifiers are so awesome! My son loves them alot (that’s why we have so many at home), the are orthodontic, and the best part: they glow in the dark! We can clearly see where it is during the night and it helps the 3am cries. I’m so grateful these exist!
Tommee Tippee Pacifiers

11 reviews

My daughter has been using these since 2 days old. Started with the newborn size, and are currently on the 18-36 month size. She loves them. Never took another brand. They are a good price, and come with cute patterns. Easy to clean, and she’s never managed to damage one, no...
MAM glow in the dark pacifier

10 reviews

We tried several different pacifier designs with our baby and the one he took to from the beginning is the @MAM pacifiers, around 6 months I started purchasing the glow in the dark ones so they are easy to find. My baby is able to now find them in the crib and put it in his...
Tommie Tippie

2 reviews

Amazing brand of baby bottles and products. I even bought them for a friends baby shower gift and she went back to buy more. Great quality and the nipples are comfortable for most babies.
Nuk Fashion Latex BPA Free Pacifier

27 reviews

All 3 of my kids used these. I found them to be the most widely accepted shape for babies and I love all of the cute colours and designs available. They're super durable and easy to sterilize.
Nûby Snoozies™ Plush Pacifinder

1 review

These pacifier holders with a plush animal attached keep the pacifier from falling between crib railings at night. They are easy to grasp and hold for babies and best of all, make pacifiers easy for the baby to find at night without you getting out of bed!!!
Wubbanub Infant Pacifiers

32 reviews

This was the best thing we bought for our son. I loved it and so did he. The teddy part made it say to avoid being dropped on the floor and he always had it with him.
Tomee tippee pacifiers

1 review

I tried many different pacifiers and this was the only one that worked for my little guy. I also use the tomee tippee bottles when I pump. Love these products
The First Years Gumdrop Newborn Pacifier

2 reviews

This is the only pacifier we could find that my son now 3 years old would use as a baby! They are cheap and come in 1 piece and extremely easy to clean and very durable! We only had to buy replacements when he or we lost them or misplaced them, it is what the NICU gave us when...
MAM Soother

20 reviews

Even though I believe these are intended for newborns my 4 month old (who is small for her age) will only use this pacifier! I’ve had to stock up, but compared to many other pacifiers the price doesn’t break the bank. Also they have a variety of super cute colours and...
Doddle & co POP pacifier

2 reviews

I purchased this pacifier for my little one because the concept seemed great - less running to the sink to wash his pacifier. This product does not work. It pops out of his mouth every three seconds. As soon as he stops sucking , the pacifier is gone. It is quite annoying...
Philips Avent BPA Free Nighttime Pacifier

18 reviews

I purchased this 6-18 month version of this pacifier for my baby. He loves this pacifier. I thought it was pretty neat that it glows in the dark and my baby is actually able to find the pacifier on his own in the middle of the night. I have purchased 4 so far to keep it at my...
avent freeflow pacifier

3 reviews

I was hesitant to use a pacifier on my breastfed baby as people explain there could be nipple confusion. That being said when I tried this brand my baby loved it. We tried other brands and other types of Phillips pacifiers but this is hands down the best one for my child. It was...