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Cell Phones Reviews

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Sony Ericsson W810i

2 reviews

I purchased this phone back in 2006 for regular price (which I think was around $400 which isn't bad considering what most phones cost at full price). This phone is like a machine! It has been through a lot, including being dropped hundreds of times, even in puddles of...
Motorola Pink Razr Cellphone

7 reviews

This phone was my second phone out three during high school. Loved the fuscia pink which made it stand out.although it was very thin it went through a lot and stayed sturdy.
Motorola V361 Cell Phone

1 review

I spent months searching for the perfect cell phone this summer. I had an older model motorola, but Rogers offered me a new phone so I wanted to find something that had an mp3 player and camera, yet was cute and user friendly. Some of the other mp3 phones out there looked very...
BlackBerry 8703 e

4 reviews

So , I now have the curve and bold (one for bidness one for pleasure) and honestly like both of those better than this phone, but at the same time I never really had a complaint regarding this phone! It was mostly just my weird little things here and there like the keyboard on...
Apple iPhone 3G

21 reviews

I have had the Apple for about 2 years now and while it is OK .. it is definitely not worth the money you pay for it . I think I will try a new Android phone when I m up for a new phone !
samsung  SCH-U740 double flip phone

2 reviews

At first I LOVED this phone, it did everything it was awesome. Until that one day came. My dog got ahold of my phone, and he was able to totally chew the top part from the bottom part with no problems, and he is just a 8 month old puppy! The same phone I had I got a new one...
Metro PCS

1 review

I have been with this company for a couple of years, and their prices and service are amazing as long as you generally stay within your home area. I have unlimited everything on my phone and pay a flat rate of around $50 a month. They even offer call tones, and have introduced...
Blackberry Curve

29 reviews

i find blackberries just aren't worth it, the battery life just get terrible over time, although i was excited to get this since blackberries were becoming popular over time i learnt i would regret that
Samsung T229

1 review

This phone may not be the best looking, but it is definitly strong! I have dropped it, gotten it wet, and let my baby niece play with it so many times and it still works perfectly. And it was totally FREE!
LG Chocolate 2

3 reviews

i love my phone at first it seem to be the best one i had, after a month or two the speaker when and i know longer heard it ring. I contacted lg and they took it in for repair . once i got my phone back again it was doing great batterie last for a long period of time, but then...
LG Rumor

13 reviews

These were one of the best phones i ever owned, they had the option of slide out keyboard or front keyboard using t9, awesome! they held up, drops, tosses, whatever they were awesome
LG Keybo/EnV

5 reviews

I had this phone for years and out of all the phones ive had this was one of my favorite ones. this had options of inside keyboard or t9 on the front, always so quick to respond to texts uder 140 characters lol

1 review

Very strong cell phone,Trendy too!
Motorola W755

1 review

This sleek , stylish phone offers all features you could need. Its comes in your choice of black or purple. It has bluetooth, speakerphone, internet, you name it. There are numerous cute covers available for this phone.
LG VU Cell Phone

2 reviews

nowadays cell phones are practically disposable!! me, like many other consumers, change phones like we change our underwear. when it was time to upgrade my phone, i wanted to try a touch screen. i've had pretty good results with the LG line of products so i decided on the...
Samsung Slyde M540

2 reviews

Had this phone 5+ yrs ago, never let me down! Survived drops and bumps, battery held up awesome, easy to use and navigate through! BUT! But. It will call 911 if #9 is pressed in your pocket. Learned that the hard way on my midnight shift one night at mcdonalds. Heard squeaking...
samsung gravity

1 review

This phone is amazing. Its a great texting phone, and the camera is great. But the video camera is not that great.

1 review

So I know I didn't specify which phone I have and that is because I have had a couple Motorola phones and I absolutely love them. The only reason I have bought a new Motorola is because I got tired of the old one and wanted something different. I always get awesome reception...
Samsung Instinct (SPH-M800)

1 review

Originally touted as a rival to the iPhone, the item barely lives up to it. The screen is far too small, far too sensitive and hard to navigate compared to its apple counterpart. There are known issues with it in the US that have been patched and CDN customers have yet to see...
samsung behold

1 review

This phone is okay.....My first one shutdown with in 2 weeks of having it. So I had to send it back and get a new one. So far this one is ok i've had this one for almost 2 weeks. But I heard that the whold shutdown thing is a defect in the phone. And I guess it could be in...